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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Taichung

You might think that Taipei is home to all the top brews in Taiwan, but Taichung is actually full of a lot of great specialty coffee shops. The third-wave of coffee has absolutely crashed down onto this city. From cosy stores to sleek, modern cafes, here’s where every caffeine addict needs to stop by for a cup or two in the city…

Best Coffee Shops In Taichung

1. The Factory Mojocoffee

Mojocoffee is, as they put it, about “more than just coffee.” It’s about the experience that begins all the way on the coffee farm. From picking the right beans to drying them correctly all the way to the way in which the barista prepares the coffee, they’re dedicated to excellence. And, it shows. It really doesn’t matter what you order here, it’s all great. Just know that the atmosphere is so relaxing that you’re going to want to stay the whole day.

Best Coffee Shops In Taiwan

2. Hausinc Cafe

Form expertly-sourcing some of the world’s finest beans to pulling the perfect shot and getting the temperature of your latte just right, you can expect perfection from start to finish when visiting Hausinc Cafe. They’re passionate about coffee here, and it shows. Their single-origin beans are some of the tastiest in the country and they serve them alongside some of the best sweet treats in Taichung. Maple bacon scone, anyone?

Best Coffee Shops In Taiwan

3. Coffee Stopover

The mission at Coffee Stopover is to simply share ideas about coffee, to dedicate themselves to the spirit of specialty coffee in a way that’s not expensive nor pretentious. Here, it all starts with a conscientious cup of beans and turns into a flavourful experience full of quality. Plus, they even help other coffee shops design their own proprietary blends. So, they know a lot about all of the flavours in each bean.

4. Tamp Temper Taichung Coffee

Tamp Tamper is a stand-out amongst the sea of new cafes, serving up single-origin coffee from far-flung places such as Costa Rica and Ethiopia. If you’re a true coffee aficionado, you’ll absolutely be able to taste the difference in quality, regardless of what you order.

5. Solid Bean Coffee Roasters

If you’re looking for a minimalist, hip coffee store in Taichung where the coffee itself is just as much of a star, then this is the perfect place. Solid Bean are all about slick vibes with expertly roasted beans. The best combination? We certainly think so, anyway. Add in the fact that there’s nitro coffee on tap and it’s dog friendly and it ticks all the boxes.

coffee Taichung

6. The CURVE Coffee

The CURVE Coffee knows more than a thing or two about good beans: owner and master roaster and barista Thomas Wen is one of the most knowledgeable coffee fiends in the country. Roasting beans from Africa, Central and South America, Asia on a  Diedrich roasting machine to the perfect medium, each cup here is the perfect balance of aroma and acidity. You’ll spot the coffee roasted here on site, too!

coffee Taichung

7. ORSiR

If you love simply brewed coffees done perfectly (you can choose between light or dark roasts), then you’ll be in your element here. It’s popular with both locals and visitors, who flock here for a taste of beans sourced from single estate coffee farms from around the world. There’s plenty of space to kick back and relax too, so grab some homemade treats and settle in for an afternoon.

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