The 50 Best Coffee In America

The 50 Best Coffee Stores In America

Coffee culture has swept across America in the last couple of decades, to the point where every mall, street corner and small town has some sort of caffeinated outlet.

While everybody has their favourite blend and brand, we wanted to inspire people traveling the 50 states of the USA to seek out that really special coffee experience. Our team of experts set out to find the best of the best with help from our readers.
We set out to find the tastemakers, the small roasters, the passionate underdogs, the family business and the people who live, sleep and breathe coffee. Because without them, where would we be? Still sipping on something not worth sippin’ on, that’s where.
Time for a little road trip to work your way through these 50 great American success stories…

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1. Turbo Coffee – Florence, Alabama

Tucked away in the back of Florence’s Greasy Hands Barbershop, you’ll find Alabama’s hippest coffee coven.

Not only do they make insanely good coffee, they serve fresh, made in-house cold-pressed juices, acai bowls and superfood smoothies, as well as making their own paleo treats and tasty granola.

Turbo Coffee features a new roaster every three months, so there’s always something new to try. Don’t visit Florence without getting your caffeine kick here

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Coffee America

2. SteamDot Coffee & Espresso Lab – Anchorage, Alaska

Pull up seat at the ‘pour over’ bar in SteamDot coffee for the hands down best espresso you’ll get in Alaska.

They specialise in single cup, artisan coffee that goes back to the basics – freshly roasted and absolutely delicious. Don’t be alarmed by all the fancy glass Chemex methods, as staff will helpfully guide you towards the perfect cup.

Even the filter coffee is made to order. Perfect.

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SteamDot Coffee & Espresso Lab

3. Peixoto Coffee Roasters – Chandler, Arizona

Coffee here comes from the owner’s family farm in Brazil, Fazenda Sao José da Boa Vista.

At Peixoto (pronounced pay-sho-tow), they grow their own coffee, import it and roast it especially for the store. A true crop-to-cup experience that tastes incredible. It’s a sustainable family business that is an absolute delight.

You can also buy bags to take home, but with the coffee store looking as good as it is, you’ll be tempted to take a seat.

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Peixoto Coffee Roasters in America


4. Blue Sail Coffee – Conway, Arkansas

Blue Sail Coffee founder, Kyle Tabor, created this store with the idea that “coffee connects community.” It certainly rings true here, as cosy leather sofas heave with locals while chatting to the friendly baristas.

Their coffee is ethically sourced from around the world – think the Congo, Burundi, Colombia and Brazil. Word to the wise: their cold brew is STRONG. In the best possible way.

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Blue Sail Coffee

5. Sightglass – San Francisco, California

Located in San Francisco’s SoMA neighborhood, Sightglass is a production roastery, dynamic open coffee bar, and community gathering space all in one.

Their flagship store on 7th Street has a fun Affogato bar, for when you want something sweet with a kick. Stylish and reliable, it’s a true SF staple.

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Sightglass Cafe in America

6. Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters – Lakewood, Colorado

Owner Andy Spranger is a two-time US Brewers Cup Champion, Runner-up in the World Brewers Cup Championship and 2013 US Aeropress Champion, so it goes without saying that the coffee here is on another level. Welcoming vibes, with the cafe located within the actual wholesale roastery.

Their coffee also comes ready to purchase, in the beautifully designed bags that are inspired by Colorado.

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Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters

7. J.René Coffee Roasters – West Hartford, Connecticut

An artisan cafe in New England that’s a staple of coffee excellence in the community for over 11 years, J.René Coffee Roasters is hip place where you can take part in cupping classes, have the chats and sip happily away on an amazing brew.

They view the coffee store as an open ‘Third Space’, where people can connect within the community, so there’s always interesting events taking place.

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J.René Cafe Roasters

8. Little Goat Coffee Roasting Co – Newark, Delaware

Ethically sourced and roasted fresh daily in-store, the coffee here is the best you’ll find in the entire state of Delaware. Little Goat Coffee makes sure their roaster is in pride of place in full view of customers, and staff will talk you through the process while you order.

They also provide beans to many restaurants and cafes across the state, but we suggest going straight to the source for the very best cup.

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Little Goat Coffee Roasting Co

9. Downtown CREDO – Orlando, Florida

With three locations in Orlando, our fave is the original CREDO headquarters in College Park, which feels like someone dropped a direct-trade espresso bar into your living room.

They operate an interesting name-your-price model, where you decide how much to pay for the coffee.

They source direct-trade coffee from smaller farms, which is roasted locally. These guys go above and beyond for the community too, regularly hosting informative and inclusive events and talks.

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Downtown CREDO


10. Refuge Coffee – Clarkston, Georgia

In the town where the UN resettles a few thousand refugees every year, it’s uplifting to know that places like Refuge Coffee exist. Their funky red coffee trucks serve amazing coffee and specialty drinks all over Atlanta, as well as offering mentorship and job training for refugees.

Not only is it a multi-ethnic gathering place where everyone is welcomed, the coffee is purely perfect. You’re in luck if there’s a few homemade pastries on the menu, too.

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Refuge Cafe


11. The Curb Kaimuki – Honolulu, Hawaii

What began as a coffee truck is now an achingly cool store in the diverse neighborhood of Kaimuki.

You can get Japanese-style iced coffee, fresh espressos, cortados and all sorts of buzzing brews that will keep you ticking over.

The food menu is tasty, but for a real treat order the “The Original Jammer” – Double Espresso, 5 grams of Chocolate, 4 oz. Milk, shaken and served over ice in an 8 oz jam jar.

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The Curb Kaimuki Cafe in America

12. Caffeina Roasting Company – Boise, Idaho

This small-batch coffee roaster in Boise sources all its beans from free market coffees, small farm, certified organics and fair trade farms.

Unlike many other coffee stores, there’s also a strong focus on craft beer here, with an industrial, brewery-like vibe, and the store stays open until 9pm. Their signature espresso is a blend of Indonesian, African and South American beans, with sweet macadamia nutty notes.

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Caffeina Roasting Company Cafe

13. Fairgrounds Coffee – Chicago, Illinois

A stand-out coffee store in Chicago, Fairgrounds serves a 50/50 ratio of both coffee and tea, but it’s the coffee that will have you coming back to either of their two Illinois locations. The stores are beautifully designed, and super Instagrammable.

They even have eight rotating cold brews on draft, as well as their own matcha tea bar, if that’s more up your street.

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Fairgrounds Coffee

14. Mile Square Coffee – Indianapolis, Indiana

Located in the iconic Indianapolis City Market, in Downtown Indianapolis, Mile Square Coffee is so good that you’ll happily walk three blocks out of your way every morning just for their brews.

They serve light to medium craft coffees that are locally roasted in Indiana and the greater Midwest. Adventurous types will love the house-made specialties, such as their nitro cold brew or smoked bergamot chai latte.

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Mile Square Coffee

15. Horizon Line Coffee – Des Moines, Iowa

Horizon Line Coffee is a coffee bar and roastery located in the Western Gateway neighborhood of downtown Des Moines. The sun-drenched café is a delight to chill in with a cup (or two!) or their ethically sourced coffees.

They also serve non-alco coffee cocktails, and coffee tasting flights of coffee from one particular region, co-op, or coffee farm, brewed three different ways: a double shot of espresso, cold brew, and a pour over.

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Horizon Line Coffee

16. Oddly Correct – Kansas City, Kansas

Their mission? “To freak out your morning cup.” What this means is that Oddly Correct aim to break people out of their rut and engage them with quality coffee.

We can safely say it’s working, as it’s a hotspot for people all over the city. The coffee changes regularly, with three blends to choose from each week and they also have house-made biscuits and breakfast sandwiches.

Keep an eye out for DJs spinning tunes some mornings…

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Oddly Correct Cafe

17. Quills Coffee – Louisville, Kentucky

This award-winning third-wave coffee shop in Kentucky has some seriously good coffee vibes going on. With several locations to grab your coffee from, as well as selling wholesale, these guys know the suss.

As well as serving quality espresso and pour-overs, you can also sip on a delicious White Russian Coffee Mocktail. They also do incredible waffles. So be sure to save some room.

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Quills Coffee


18. Congregation Coffee Roasters – New Orleans, Louisiana

Just a short ferry ride across the Mississippi from the French Quarter, you’ll find this funky coffee store that perfectly mixes city cool with Southern charm.

The cafe owners play their own vinyl collection, and you can also snack on tasty house-made pastries. But in all honesty, it’s the coffee that will lure you in again and again.

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Congregation Coffee Roasters

19. Tandem Coffee Roasters – Portland, Maine

Photo-worthy pies and delectable coffee is the name of the game at Tandem Coffee Roasters. They have several varieties of roasts with African, and Central and South American beans, and you’re welcome to watch the roasting process.

Their latest location is in a space that was once a gas station, then a laundromat – now a beautiful place to sip coffee and eat delicious baked goods. The dream? You’ll be living it here.

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Tandem Coffee Roasters

20. Ceremony Coffee Roasters – Annapolis, Maryland

Ceremony Coffee Roasters knows what they’re doing – excellent coffee, made fresh and served in a rustic, cool space.

They are consistently pushing the boat out with their seasonal specials too, with a particular fave being the ‘Gingersnap’. Basically, it’s gingerbread in a cup – coffee with rich molasses, cinnamon, clove and ginger, topped with steamed oat milk.

Their single-origin beans are also available delivered in subscription packages, just incase you get a craving outside of store hours.

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Ceremony Coffee Roasters in America

21. Longfellows – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Longfellows is an independent community-driven coffee shop in the heart of Cambridge, nestled in Lamplighter Brewing Co. (so yep, you can come here for coffee in the AM and a beer in the PM).

They source freshly roasted coffee from Barrington Coffee in Western, MA, and have a wide range of treats from other local food companies. Classic French Press always comes steaming and delicious, and they do a mean Peppermint Cold Brew.

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Longfellows Cafe in America

22. Foster Coffee Company – Owosso, Michigan

Foster Coffee Company gets their beans from local roaster, MadCap Coffee Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As well as having expertly made coffee, they also make all their syrups, chai, and almond milk from scratch. Impressive.

Oh, and be sure to pop down for their ‘Pieces and Puzzles’ events on the second Saturday of every month. You can play board games, puzzles, card games, or strategy games in a relaxed environment over a delicious cup of coffee. Bliss.

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Foster Coffee Company
Photo credit: IG: @themattesons

23. Five Watt Coffee – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Their South Minneapolis shop features all the best things you could want from your local coffee store – genuinely friendly staff (who’ll quickly remember your order) and consistently perfect coffee.

Try the speciality drink, The Kingfield: vanilla, Big Watt coriander bitters, espresso, milk and black Hawaiian sea salt. Plus, it’s dog friendly! Always a bonus.

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Five Watt Coffee

24. BeanFruit Coffee Company – Pearl, Mississippi

A specialty coffee store located in the Jackson, Mississippi Metro Area, they serve fresh roasted coffee with a focus on single-origin coffees.

Why the single-origin focus? They want their customers to be aware of what beverage they are drinking, where it came from, and how it affects coffee farmers around the world. Plus, they’re the only Fair Trade Certified roaster in the state of Mississippi.

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BeanFruit Coffee Company

25. Comet Coffee – St. Louis, Missouri

These self-proclaimed coffee nerds do single origin coffee hand-brewed to order that never lets you down. A chilled out space with two Missouri locations, they have solid espresso drinks, and a wide variety of pour-over coffees made to order.

They also bake the most deliciously buttery croissants, and offer a rotating range of regional and national roasters on the menu.

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Comet Coffee in American

26. Big Creek Coffee Roasters – Hamilton, Montana

A wholesale coffee roasting shop and tasting room, this is the place to go in Montana if you’re a dedicated coffee aficionado.

Their coffee is hand roasted in small batches using a state of the art Diedrich Coffee Roaster, so you can rest assured you’re in expert hands here. Take home a bag of beans and the gear necessary to make your own perfect cup at home.

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Big Creek Coffee Roasters

27. Crescent Moon Coffee – Lincoln, Nebraska

This super local coffee store has been going strong for almost 20 years. They specialise in single origin and locally roasted coffees, loose leaf teas, espresso specialty drinks, craft beer, wine and cocktails.

So, something for everyone, really. The store also hosts regular open mic nights, and is a great spot to spend an evening with a cup of coffee – or something stronger.

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Crescent Moon Coffee

28. Vesta Coffee Roasters – Las Vegas, Nevada

Vesta prides itself on sustainably sourced green coffee from around the world, and it certainly lives up to its aim.

With coffee sourced from Columbia, Kenya, Guatemala and Ethiopia and an industrial-chic style store, you’ll be hard pressed to leave this place. The perfect cafe to give you a kick when in Vegas.

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Vesta Coffee Roasters

29. Union Coffee Company – Milford, New Hampshire

With a stellar reputation as one of New Hampshire’s best coffee shops, Union Coffee Company is a go-to choice for both locals and visitors alike. They serve traditional espresso-based drinks in addition to a variety of drip coffee.

Their house guitar is available for the casual picker (it’s not as annoying as it sounds) and the free wifi will keep you productive.

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Union Coffee Company

30. Royal Mile Coffee Roasters – Haddon Township, New Jersey

Royal Mile Coffee came into play when the owner had a life changing cup of ice coffee on a trip to Austin and the result is a spectacular shop that is worshipped by locals.

Named as one of America’s best new coffee roasters, Royal Mile is now sold in WholeFoods stores across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This mom and pop roaster is only open for tasting events on Sundays, but it’s worth the trip.

You can also buy online bags of Ethiopia Gera, Peru Cafe Femenino and Colombia Hacienda Cincinnati.

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Royal Mile Coffee Roasters in America

31. Cutbow Coffee – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Cutbow Coffee is founded by industry veteran Paul Gallegos, who has roasted over 70 million pounds of gourmet coffee over the course of a 30 year career.

The store is named after the cutbow trout in honor of Paul’s late father, an avid fisherman of the waters in northern New Mexico. They run their roastery, tasting room, and coffee bar with a passion that is infectious.

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Cutbow Coffee

32. Toby’s Estate Coffee – Brooklyn, New York

A small batch roaster located in Brooklyn, New York who travel the world sourcing coffee, celebrating quality and complexity. They also believe in sourcing incredible single-origin coffee from farmers they respect.

Their large team of baristas past and present are the lifeblood and passion of the business.

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Toby's Estate Coffee

33. Not Just Coffee – Charlotte, North Carolina

In 2011 Miracle and James Yoder opened the doors of Not Just Coffee to the city of Charlotte, pledging intentionality and passion for every cup and every customer. Their philosophy is to believe as much in their talented baristas as in expensive equipment.

Add in a focus on running an ethical business as well as a great end product and you really do have the perfect blend.

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Not Just Coffee

34. Mighty Missouri Coffee Company – Bismarck, North Dakota

This local fave started out in 2012, when they began roasting coffee in Bismarck. The brand has now grown to have two shops, an online business and a wholesale business. For a real treat, watch out for their espresso cart for a magical shot of their magic blends on the go.

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Mighty Missouri Coffee Company

35. Bent Tree Coffee Roasters – Kent, Ohio

Bent Tree Coffee Roasters was born from a love of coffee in the Summer of 2011. They’re an artisan coffee roaster located in historic downtown Kent, who start out with Arabican green coffee beans and carefully roast them to perfection.

The end result? Simply terrific coffee.

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Bent Tree Coffee Roasters

36. Elemental Coffee – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Their claim to serve “coffee in its purest form” is a big one, but one that they stand over every single day. They are brave enough in their conviction to know that coffee can taste completely different from one day to the next.

Elemental Coffee themselves say that ‘our commitment to embracing individuality and capturing characteristics at their most raw, unprocessed and genuine core – that defines who we are as a company and as a roastery.”

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Coffee America

37. Never Cafe – Portland, Oregon

A coffee shop that look just as pretty as their coffee tastes. Try their signature drink, the “Holy Grail” which they describe as “immortality is here and it tastes like gold. The feel better benefits of turmeric and ginger mixed with fresh flavors of honey and orange blossom. This is what infinity tastes like.”

We’ll take three.

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Never Cafe in America

38. Little Amps Coffee Roasters – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The founders lived in Oakland, California and watched the small coffee roasters making what they describe as “coffee like we’d not had before”. They’ve brought that passion to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and the result is an outstanding experience.

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Little Amps Coffee Roasters

39. Dave’s Coffee – Charlestown, Rhode Island

The lines are always busy here, so that should tell you all you need to know. Locals rave about the place and come from far and wide for their favourite coffee.

Throw in the delicious baked goods and you’re in for a real treat. An absolute classic.

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Dave's Coffee

40. Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer – Charleston, South Carolina

A locally owned business in the heart of Charleston, Kudu Coffee aim to offer their guests a higher quality of beverage. Unusually for a cafe that’s main beverage might be coffee, they also have a large selection of wonderful craft beers.

Interestingly, they’ve removed WiFi with the intention of stimulating conversation among guests who visit.

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Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer

41. Pure Bean Coffeehouse – Rapid City, South Dakota

Mark Royalty and Nick Reid started Pure Bean roasters out of Mark’s garage in 2013 and it has been gaining strength since then. They say that “because of the effects of convection heat in the roasting process, the acids that often lead to upset stomach are greatly reduced”.

A relief for many of their super loyal customers, no doubt.

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Pure Bean Coffeehouse in American

42. 8th & Roast – Nashville, Tennessee

Pride themselves on sourcing their brans from a global network of fair trade farmers and have a simple mission statement as a company to “educate, inspire, and serve”.

They also offer a subscription service for their most loyal customers, ensuring you’ll never be without their beans.

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8th & Roast Cafe

43. Giant Leap Coffee – Houston, Texas

Giant Leap Coffee sources their coffee locally (from Amaya Roasting) and this combined with their range of spectacular treats means it’s the sort of place you visit once and then come back for life.

Coffee so good that you’ll more than likely stay for that second cup.

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Giant Leap Coffee

44. Caffe Ibis – Logan, Utah

They’ve set high goals for themselves with a mission that states “to be unbeatable for quality and freshness, while supporting social and environmental stewardship”. The business has always been family owned though, with a focus on being green and also treating their suppliers fairly all the way back to the source.

We’re big fans.

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Caffe Ibis

45. Uncommon Grounds Coffee & Tea – Burlington, Vermont

A proud family business for over 20 years who have been roasting the best coffee from around the globe, they make sure to only source beans grown in a responsible way.

Their Probat L12 sits right out in the front of the store, so that you can see the beans being roasted right in front of you.

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Uncommon Grounds Coffee & Tea

46. Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters – Arlington, Virginia

They pioneered their Nitro Cold Brew coffee on tap but their love for coffee extends to all types. With 14 years of roasting experience, their main aim with the business was to try and “breath new life into an old craft and make coffee approachable”.

They’ve sure succeeded – a super spot for a cuppa.

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Commonwealth Joe Cafe Roasters

47. Peregrine Espresso – Washington

Peregrine Espresso was founded in 2008 by Ryan and Jill Jensen, who met when working at rival cafes but then decided to follow up with their own after getting married.

Their staff complete at regional and national Barista or Brewers Cup competitions, so you know that you’re only getting served the best of the best. Coffee that’s made with love – literally.

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Peregrine Espresso

48. The Black Dog Coffee Company – Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia

The coffee company is interestingly named after the spirit of a dog. Bear, the beloved and famous Black Dog of Black Dog Coffee, was born on Jan 1, 1999. and passed away peacefully on July 8, 2012 but his spirit lives on through his owners.

They were on a mission to find the best cup of coffee going and that ended up with them making it themselves. They say the secret is “in the bean.”

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The Black Dog Coffee Company

49. Ruby Coffee Roasters – Amherst Junction, Wisconsin

The launched their micro-roasting business in 2013 in the garage of the founder’s home and it has all been go-go-go since then. As well as serving great coffee in the store, they also roast on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and ship with UPS so you can get your coffee super fresh.

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Ruby Coffee Roasters in America

50. Paramount Cafe – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Part of the attraction here is arriving into a 100-year-old theatre to get your coffee. Their coffee is roasted in Northern Colorado by Jackie’s Java with their beans hailing from Brazil and Columbia.

Paramount is locally owned and operated by Renee & Jon Jelinek, who are both Wyoming natives.

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Commonwealth Joe Cafe Roasters

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