The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Auckland

There’s no denying that the craft beer craze is alive and well in New Zealand, and you’ll find that the best craft beer bars in Auckland rival those found in other popular beer-crazed cities around the world.

The growth of craft beer brewing in the last decade across New Zealand has been absolutely explosive, as people began to keep an eye out for slightly more exciting taste profiles and unique places for a night out.

Craving a cold brew? Check out any one of the seven best craft beer bars in Auckland for delightful beers ranging from the hoppiest of hops to the creamiest of stouts.

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1. Hallertau

Looking for Auckland’s best beer garden? You’ll find it at the famous Hallertau Brewery. This craft beer bar has long been one of the leading pioneers in the craft beer scene in Auckland. And, seeing as they brew their own beers on-site, you’ll get the chance to sample local Auckland brews that you won’t find anywhere else.

2. The Lumsden

Serving nearly 15 different craft beers on tap and offering a relaxing, sunny terrace on which to enjoy them on makes The Lumsden one of the best craft beer bars in Auckland. The brews here are all pretty intriguing, suck as the gin and tonic ale that they once offered. They’re pretty big on showcasing only independent breweries, so this is the place to go if you’re looking to discover a brand new brew.


3. Vultures’ Lane Craft Bar

While it’s smack dab in the heart of Auckland, Vultures’ Lane Craft Bar feels a bit more like a hometown English pub than anything else. 22 rotating taps and 75 different bottles to choose from means you’re not strapped for choice here. And, the bar’s vibes are pretty great any day of the week. You’ll find helpful staff and friendly locals ready to welcome you with a cold one.


4. The Beer Spot

The Beer Spot is one of the best craft beer bars in Auckland for a few reasons. But, the main reason is the fact that they offer 40 different beers on tap. Yes, 40. On top of offering quite the delectable variety of craft beers, they host a different food truck each week. So, you’ll have to head back each week just to try the new brews and munch on whatever’s pulled up outside.

New Zealand Craft Beer Bars

5. 16 TUN

Mouthwatering bar snacks are just the tip of the delicious iceberg at 16 TUN. Chicken wings and tacos aside, you’re going to fall in love with the variety of craft beers you can choose from at this bar. They only serve New Zealand beers here. So, if you’re visiting from out of town, this is the place to truly immerse yourself in the Auckland craft beer culture. The bar itself is decked out in copper and gives off fairly elegant vibes, making it the perfect spot for date night.

6. Save Ferris Craft Beer Parlour

It doesn’t matter what you order from the 12 rotating taps they’ve got here. You’re going to be too busy playing all the arcade games to even realise what you’re drinking. This trendy 80s bar is filled with quality craft beer from New Zealand and tons of pinball machines and other 80s arcade games to keep you entertained. Tasty beer, quality vibes, and video games…what more could you want?

7. The Chamberlain

Tap takeovers are one of the coolest things you can enjoy at The Chamberlain. Local breweries sometimes take over the 14 different taps at this local beer bar. So, you’ll have a chance to sample some super-secret microbrews. However, even on a normal day, the beer here is good and so are the vibes.

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