Best Craft Beer Bars In Raleigh

The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Raleigh

The Triangle is famous for its craft beer breweries, so it comes as no surprise that the best craft beer bars in Raleigh are truly a delight. Full of fun, flavour and oftentimes even great food, beer lovers are sure to find something they love here.

Serving up North Carolina local brews to some of the country’s tastiest IPAs and milky stouts, the best craft beer bars in Raleigh offer a wide variety of cold ones to suit any taste preference you’ve got.

Interested in checking out the craft beer scene here in Raleigh? Be sure to visit these seven spots. Even though the city’s full of so many more great places for a craft beer, these are amongst the best of the best.

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1. Raleigh Beer Garden

At what is actually a true garden-style bar, the Raleigh Beer Garden is actually one of the best places in the city for travellers and visitors to dive into the local beer culture. On the first floor, you’ll be able to enjoy over 100 different types of beers from North Carolina breweries. And, on the second floor, you can explore over 200 other brews from national and international breweries. If you love choice, this is the spot for you.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Raleigh

2. House of Hops

Serving over 300 bottled and canned beers on top of their 24 rotating taps, you’ll find the House of Hops to be just that, a true house full of hops. The bar itself is quiet and cosy, not as overwhelming as some other larger craft beer bars in Raleigh. Nearly everything is from North Carolina, with a few superb beers from Colorado and Charleston on tap as well. Stouts, porters and sours are all fair game.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Raleigh

3. Boxcar Bar + Arcade

Looking for a great craft beer bar where you can also enjoy a fun night in with friends or your partner? In Raleigh, there’s no better spot than Boxcar Bar + Arcade. With 50 arcade games, over 175 console games and 24 different beers on tap, there’s no way you’re not going to enjoy an evening here. Down a special White Ale, sample a Double IPA or savour a Sweet Stout as you game it up.

Bar and Arcade in Raleigh North Carolina

4. State of Beer

State of Beer is a truly unique spot. In one sense, they’re one of the best spots for craft beer in Raleigh. And, they’re also a great stop for gourmet sandwiches. A bottle and sandwich shop? We’re in! And, as they put it, “from collaborations and tap-takeovers to fan favourites and rare finds” their tap list is constantly evolving. There’s no way you’ll be able to avoid pairing a tasty sandwich with their delectable selection of beer.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Raleigh

5. Tasty Beverage Company

In terms of taste, The Tasty Beverage Company never disappoints. They seem to serve some of the most scrumptious beers in the state. So, if you love beer but love fantastic flavours even more, definitely head in for a visit. For example, they’re currently serving a Vanilla Hazelnut Imperial Stout, a Sour Cherry Pineapple and an American Imperial Double Stout that tastes like horchata. We’re drooling already.

6. Lonerider

Specialising in “ales for outlaws,” Lonerider is the perfect place for travellers interested in tasting some truly local fare. Treat yourself to one of their six tasty year-round ales or be adventurous and try one of their rotating options. Honestly, they’re all equally delicious, so it’s really just about finding something that suits your tastes. If you’re not sure, ask one of the knowledgable staff and they’ll help you settle on something.

7. North Street Beer Station

Sample some 500 different types of craft beer at the North Street Beer Station. This local hotspot serves up easily one of the biggest varieties of craft beer in the city, if not the state. And, the bar itself is pretty fun as well. You can relax or chat with friends and locals as you try everything from bottles and cans to a flight of some of their tastiest, most unique brews.

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