Dining Nashville Airport

Best Dining & Shopping Options at Nashville Airport

Gateway to the Music City, Nashville International Airport (BNA) connects the capital and most populous city in Tennessee with the world. Whether you’re leaving from Nashville to one of 500+ destinations across North America or Europe, or simply transiting through, your time at Nashville International Airport doesn’t have to be boring when you have plenty top notch dining and retail options at your convenience. Dining at Nashville Airport is a joy.

Currently, the airport has 1 terminal with 4 concourses (A – D) and 42 gates. However, there will soon be the addition of a fifth free-standing satellite concourse in anticipation of a surge in air travel to Nashville in the near future. Although all concourses have excellent dining and retail options, if your flight happens to leave from Concourse D, you’re in for a treat because this state-of-the-art ramp has been the recipient of several awards within the airline industry, particularly recognising its stellar architecture.

Best Places for Food & Shopping at Nashville Airport

Quick Bites

8th and Roast Coffee Co

Catching an early morning or a red eye flight? Stay sharp with a piping hot cup of craft coffee. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they partner with fair trade farmers to source their coffee ethically as well. They’ve also got grab-and-go breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

Location – Concourse D, Gate D1

Noshville Delicatessen

In Yiddish, nosh refers to a snack or a light meal. At this New York deli, you’ll find just that. The staple items on the menu are Jewish classics like Matzah Ball, Reuben sandwiches, and traditional Challah bread. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the “we dare ya” sandwich. Most people grab-and-go but there’s also space to sit down if you want to savour your nosh slowly.

Location – A/B Rotunda Food Court

Freshens Smoothie & Yoghurt

If you’re looking for a healthy snack to keep you satiated, swing by Freshens for delectable smoothies and frozen yoghurts topped with freshly chopped fruit of your choice. We hear good things about their Orange Sunrise smoothie. They also serve ice-cream and salads.

Location – A/B Rotunda Food Court

Tennessee Tavern

Although it’s a bit of a tourist magnet, this Jack Daniels-themed bar serves copious amounts of liquor along with some quintessential American bar food, like smoked chicken wings and pulled pork sandwiches, served along with coleslaw and fries.

Location – Concourse B, Gate B4

Blue Coast Burrito

A favourite among frequent fliers passing through Nashville airport, Blue Coast Burrito serves fast food-style Tex-Mex fare. For about $10, you’ll get a small burrito, bottomless tortilla chips with queso, and free flow drink. If you go, do try their Spicy Beef Chorizo Tacos or Cabo Bowl with Tinga Chicken.

Location – Concourse C Food Court


If you’re pinched for time but need a sugar hit, then grab a frosty at Wendy’s before making a mad dash to your gate.

Location – A/B Rotunda Food Court

Sit Down Dining

La Hacienda

For a hearty lunch, head to La Hacienda for all the Mexican classics. Pair your burrito or taco with a margarita or two. If you missed visiting this family-owned Nashville establishment’s popular restaurant downtown, you can still visit their airport branch.

Location – Concourse A, Gate A3

Neely’s Bar-B-Que

Barbeque is to Tennessee what thin slice pizza is to New York. If you want to swerve the tourist throngs but still want a proper feast of succulent meat grilled with smokey barbeque sauce, Neely’s will have you sorted. Some of Neely’s signature dishes are Bar-B-Que Nachos and Bar-B-Que Spaghetti. You can also buy their famous barbeque sauces and seasonings on site, in case you want to take a taste of Nashville with you to your next destination.

Location – Concourse B, Gate B4

Dining Nashville Airport

Famous Famiglia

If the mention of New York thin slice pizza earlier got your mouth watering, the solution is not far. Famous Famiglia is a no-nonsense pizza and pasta place serving the carb-loaded deliciousness we know you’re after. They’re reasonably priced and you have the option to both dine in as well as take out.

Location – Concourse C, Gate C14


O’Charley’s is a chain restaurant offering traditional American staples like burgers and slow-roasted prime rib. However, they’re best known for their chicken tenders, which are known for being extremely value-for-money. If you’ve got a growling tummy but want to avoid overpriced airport food as much as possible, give these chicken tenders a consideration.

Location – Concourse C, Gate C9

Stage Café (also known as Gibson Café)

Your visit or transit through The Music City would be incomplete without experiencing the country music that Nashville is best known for. Luckily, Stage Café almost always has local musicians playing live. Order a juicy burger, pair it with local craft ale, and groove along to the country crooners. Waiting for a flight has never looked more fun.

Location – Concourse C, Gate C20

Tootsies Orchid Lounge

This one’s for those really long layovers. The airport branch of a well-known downtown country music venue, Tootsies is the go-to place for a leisurely Southern-style meal that lasts hours. You won’t even notice the time passing before you have to run to your gate to board your flight.

Location – Concourse C, Gate C7

Dining Nashville Airport



Your one-stop shop for innovative and branded travel and lifestyle products like electronics you might have forgotten (headphones, chargers, etc) to pack, articles to make your flight more comfortable (earbuds, neck pillow, etc) or suitable luggage for your upcoming trip.

Location – Concourse C, Gate C10

The ARTS District Market

If you forgot to pick up a souvenir in downtown Nashville or to buy a gift for your loved ones, then swing by this shop to pick up Nashville-themed food and memorabilia that have been custom curated to make your selection as easy as possible. They have travel essentials, books, clothes, food and drink. If you’re in Concourse B, check out Tennessee Trading Post instead for very similar offerings.

Location – Concourse A, Gate A3

Minute Suites

Located in swanky Concourse D, Minute Suites is a genius concept that we wish was more popular worldwide. Here, you can rent clean and well-furnished mini-suites by the minute, and use it to nap, get work done, read, shower, or even host a video conference call (post-pandemic things, amirite?).

Location – Concourse D, Gate D3

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