The 7 Best Dubai Pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Dubai

The food scene has exploded in this city over the last couple of decades and Dubai pizza is now right up there with some of the very best in the world.

With chefs flocking from all over the world and importing the very best of ingredients straight from Italy, some of these pizzas are every bit as good as you would eat in Naples or New York.

So grab a friend, work up a serious appetite and get ready to eat the very best Dubai Pizza that you have ever tasted….

1. Pitfire Pizza

Usually, pizzas here are a mix between two classics – what they describe as “New York meets Neapolitan”.

That means their pizzas are made with Italian Caputo OO flour but then mixed to a New York Style dough recipe. The end result? An absolute masterpiece with wonderful spongey crusts and a light and fluffy interior.

Pitfire Pizza in Dubai

2. Margherita Pizzeria

Classic in name and classic in style. Margerita Pizza have restaurants across the middle East (Saudi, Qatar, Lebanon and Egypt) where they aim to bring really top quality pizza to a whole new audience.

Their restaurants are friendly and have really great service. The second you walk in you’ll smell that wonderful scent of baking dough and molten cheese.

Margherita Pizzeria

3. Russo’s New York Pizzeria

Russo’s is one for those of you who prefer a thinner pie that’s more American in style. Great toppings (it’s hard to look past the classic pepperoni) and super friendly service make this a perfect spot to bring the family.

If you eat a whole one of these you’ll be doing well but you’ll probably need to be rolled out of the place.

Russo's New York Pizzeria in Dubai

4. Jamie Oliver Pizzeria

Jamie Oliver is one of the best known chefs in the world and his focus is always on using the very best ingredients and cooking them in the simplest yet most delicious way possible.

You should only be thinking about one thing when you come here and that’s a simple but unbelievably delicious pizza done right.

Jamie Oliver Pizzeria

5. Freedom Pizza

Their big focus is knowing where all their ingredients come from and sourcing only the best they can.

Their multigrain crust is what tends to make their fans love them. You can also factor in all natural herb-infused sauce, all-natural cheese and even hormone free chicken or their organic produce. Certainly the cleanest and healthiest pizza in Dubai.

Freedom Pizza in Dubai

6. 800 Degrees

800 Degrees started off in the USA and has since expanded to Japan and the UAE. They now have three restaurants in Dubai and focus on a traditional Napoli-inspired pizza.

The 800 degrees refers to the temperature the oven is at – the perfect temperature for pizza that cooks in under two minutes. Delicious toppings straight from Italy round things off.

800 Degrees in Dubai

7. Rossovivo

Rossovivo aims to be as a traditional as possible. That means leavening the dough for at least 12 hours and then cooking the pizza within minutes so that it remains light and crispy.

It even means they went as far as importing clay bricks from Campania and building on-site an authentic Forno Tradizionale Napoletano. This place is the real deal.

Rossovivo Pizzas

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