Best Eco-Hotels In Costa Rica

The 7 Best Eco-Hotels In Costa Rica

Eco-tourism is one of the leading travel trends for 2020. The environment has moved from a fringe issue for many to become one of the most important factors in planning a trip. Travellers are beginning to demand more eco-friendly options from their vacation providers.

Following the establishment of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, more and more travel companies, hotels, and brands are striving to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. And, Costa Rica is leading the charge. The government has put in place a campaign called the Certificate for Sustainable Tourism campaign. Instead of awarding stars to high-performing properties and lodges, they award leaves. 

With sustainable tourism and eco-friendly travel spots becoming such a big deal, we’ve brought you the best eco-hotels in Costa Rica where you can plan your stays for 2020.

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1. Luna Lodge

You’ll have to make your way to the remote Corcovado National Park to visit Luna Lodge, but it’s well worth the somewhat trying journey. Aside from offering guests the chance to hike breathtaking waterfalls and wake up to the sound of monkeys, it’s incredibly eco-friendly. They turn the electricity completely off at night and use solar energy to heat the on-site pool. You’ll also likely enjoy the delightful organic vegetables that come straight from their local garden.

Best Eco-Hotels In Costa Rica

2. El Silencio Lodge & Spa

El Silencio sounds like a true retreat, and that’s because it is. It’s one of the best eco-hotels in Costa Rica for a few reasons. It’s only about two hours outside of the capital city of San Jose, making it a great spot for a weekend getaway. Located in somewhat of a dense, jungle-filled cloud forest, the eco-lodge works hard to support the environment while also offering great career opportunities to locals in the community.

Best Eco-Hotels In Costa Rica

3. Arenal Observatory Lodge

If you’ve done any research whatsoever into Costa Rica then you’ve likely come across the famous Arenal volcano. It was once the world’s most active volcano, but now it lies dormant and acts purely as a majestic backdrop for visitors to the area. In terms of sustainability, the eco-lodge goes above and beyond. They sustainably manage 270 acres of land, use natural and biodegradable products, use refillable containers for shampoo, and so much more.

Eco-Friendly Lodges in Costa Rica

4. Lapa Rios Rainforest Lodge

Lapa Rios Rainforest Lodge is one of the best eco-hotels in Costa Rica for travellers looking for the perfect mix of luxury and sustainability. To begin with, it’s located on the Osa Peninsula, which is Costa Rica’s most biodiverse destination. You’ll be able to relax amongst rainforests, waterfalls, and seaside views. Then, you can take the guided tour where the staff will teach you about the importance of maintaining Costa Rica’s natural habitats.

5. Drift Away Eco Lodge

Guanacaste garnered a spot on our list of one of the best places to take a modern sabbatical. And, the Drift Away Eco Lodge located here is a great place to take such a break. The entire focus of this eco-lodge is to leave a positive impact on the local community. And, the effort shines through in everything they do. You won’t find any single-use plastics here and they all work to conserve energy on a daily basis.

6. Harmony Hotel

Harmony Hotel is hailed as the “perfect place to get in tune with your natural rhythm.” This unique, boutique hotel offers guests the perfect mixture between low-key luxury, personal wellness, and the natural settings of the Costa Rican wildlife. Not only that, but the property recently received a five-leaf rating from Costa Rica’s prestigious Certificate for Sustainable Tourism.

Best Eco-Hotels In Costa Rica

7. Dantica Cloud Forest Lodge

A cloud forest lodge seems like the perfect kind of eco-hotel in which to stay when visiting Costa Rica, right? Absolutely right. Immerse yourself in local surroundings as you awaken in a cloud forest morning after morning. This place is a true eco-hotel in every sense of the word. They offer solar-heated water, ethanol chimneys, biodegradable cleaning materials, and much more.

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