Best Filipino Restaurants In Texas

The 7 Best Filipino Restaurants In Texas

Sure, Texas might be famous for its iconic BBQ or even some of the tastiest burgers and chicken wings in the country. But, you’ll also find that this foodie state is filled with some of the best Filipino restaurants in the United States.

Featuring dishes from all over the Philippine archipelago, the best Filipino restaurants in Texas serve up different, delicious variations of some of the country’s tastiest dishes. This means that you can count on everything from lechón and longganisa straight on through to adobo.

Ready to eat your way through the best Filipino restaurants in Texas? We’ve got you covered. Check out our picks for seven of the best spots for this fine, fabulous cuisine in the Lone Star State.

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1. Kabayan Filipino Store & Cafe – Lewisville

You can visit this restaurant for a full Filipino meal. Or, you can stop by to load up on all your favourite Filipino products and snacks. Because it’s both a store and cafe, it’s one of the best places in the DFW area for Filipino fare. Come here hungry. And, whatever you do, be sure to save room for some halo-halo, a sweet concoction of crushed ice and condensed milk. It’s as mouthwatering as it sounds.

DFW Filipino Restaurants

2. Flip n’ Patties – Houston

Filipino-inspired gourmet Akaushi burgers, anyone? Flip n’ Patties offers a variety of traditional Filipino dishes. But,  their hand-crafted burgers showcase a variety of flavours, all combining to create a unique explosion of tradition and creativity. Get the signature burger, which comes with Akaushi beef, stuffed portabella shroom, bacon, and delectable sauces. You’ll be back for seconds, no doubt.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Texas

3. Kanto Filipino BBQ – Corpus Christi

Kanto is a great place to stop off after splashing in the sea, whether you’re craving rice bowls, slider and fries, skewers or even more traditional Filipino dishes. You’ll notice that they put their own spin on classic Pinoy plates. But, it’s this unique fusion between traditional flavours and modern cooking techniques that makes it one of the best Filipino restaurants in Texas.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Texas

4. Be More Pacific – Austin

Aside from its “punny” name, Be More Pacific’s food makes it easily one of the best Filipino restaurants in Texas. Settle in for some of the best craft cocktails in Austin and then order from their impressively vast menu. Everything here is made fresh to order, from their tosilog to their adobo and even the kare kare. The result? It’s fresh and full of all of your favourite Pinoy flavours.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Texas

5. Best of Filipiniana – Houston

While there’s a lot to love about this Houston Filipino restaurant, they’re pretty well-known for the fantastic lunch buffet they offer both during the weekdays and on the weekends. However, their a la carte menu is just bursting with flavourful Pinoy delicacies as well. First, start with some Banana Q. Then, move on to some empanadas and then chicken or pork asado. It’s a feast you won’t soon forget.

6. Cocina Elena – Grand Prairie

The DFW area seems to have some of the best Filipino restaurants in Texas and Cocina Elena is no exception. Numerous locals have said that eating here tastes like eating at the finest restaurants in Manila. And, that’s saying something. You’ll find that it’s all in the preparation here. From the homemade skinless longganisa to the tocino and lechon kawali, it all seems to be prepared according to tradition.

7. Salu-Salo Filipino Cuisine – Arlington

DFW locals love heading to this Arlington spot for both the fantastic Filipino food but also for the superb service. Order some sisig or stick with a good old-fashioned binagoong baboy. It doesn’t matter, really, as it’s all full of impressively authentic flavours. And, the best part is that they also serve some snacks and other Filipino products as well. So, you can stop by for lunch and stock up on all of your favourite traditional snacks at the same time. It’s a win-win!

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