The 25 Best Food Trucks In Texas To Try In 2020

In terms of foodie states, it’s hard to argue the fact that Texas reigns supreme. It’s absolutely up there with New York and California. From mouthwatering BBQ to over-stuffed tacos and even some of the world’s best ice cream, the state offers up any kind of culinary delight you can imagine.

However, what’s so special about this foodie destination is that, along with some of the country’s trendiest, most romantic, and downright best dining establishments, you’ll find a pretty strong food truck culture in the Lone Star State, too. And, sure, Austin is widely known for its food truck scene, but there are a lot of other quality restaurants on wheels outside of River City.

Practice your Texas slang and then prepare to put those eatin’ pants on. You’re fixin’ to sample some of the finest food truck food in the country. Check out our picks for 25 of the best food trucks in Texas to try in 2020.

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25th. King Kups – McKinney

There’s a reason why King Kups is one of the best food trucks in Texas, and it all comes down to the mouthwatering and authentic Mexican cuisine they serve. Nachos and fries and piled high with ingredients and flavour. But, you’re definitely going to want to try their elotes, which is a Mexican street food served in a cup that’s filled with sweet corn, chilli powder, cheese, cream and lots of flavours.

Best Food Trucks In Texas

24th. The Melt On Wheels – Houston

It seems that every city nowadays has its go-to grilled cheese truck. However, this Houston food truck serves up some of the best of the best. Their melts are easily the most creative and unique in the state. Order their Sweet Bacon, which comes with candied pecans, honey bacon, mascarpone cheese, Havarti cheese and a drizzle of chocolate on top of the cinnamon sugar crust. We’re not drooling, you are.

23rd. Boteco – Austin

Craving Brazilian food in Austin? There’s no better place, food truck or not, than Boteco. The 6th Street trailer serves up a modern take on authentic Brazilian cuisine. It doesn’t really matter what you order, you can plan on embarking on a flavourful journey that’s going to end with you ordering seconds. Their Brazilian barbecue skewers, however, are especially delicious. Order one and then graze your way through the rest of the menu.

22nd. Chicago’s Taste & More – Dallas

If you’re from Chicago and are craving a slice of home, head on over to Chicago’s Taste & More where you can treat yourself to famous Chicago hot dogs, dipped Italian beef and so much more. They import authentic Vienna beef products for a superior taste. Then, they load them up with toppings that range from relish and tomatoes to sauerkraut and grilled onions.

21st. Coronado’s Sweet Heat BBQ –  New Braunfels

Texas is filled with some of the country’s best BBQ. But, you’ll find some of the smokiest, most succulent, and mouthwatering BBQ at this tiny food truck in New Braunfels. At Coronado’s, it’s clear they know what they’re doing. From the preparation to the plate, it’s all infused with a dose of local, authentic flavour. Don’t believe us? Stop by to sample their Sweet Heat Rib plate.

Best BBQ Trucks in Texas

20th. Three Little Pigs – Austin

Asian-inspired meat and pork plates are the stars of the show at this Austin food trailer. Chef Raymond Tatum has years of experience with numerous different kinds of cuisine and it really shows in the unique flavour combinations you’ll find in his plates. Take the Pork Belly Slider, for example. It features a maple soy glaze, sliced green apple, and fried onion with a side of sesame coleslaw. Unique? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely yes.

19th. LIT BBQ Co. – Houston

At the risk of sounding pretty cliché, the BBQ here is, dare we say…lit. Joke’s aside, LIT BBQ Co. is a pretty unique spot in that it’s the only halal Texas-style BBQ joint on wheels in the state. From their top-of-the-line smoker, they grill some of the most mouthwatering BBQ in Houston. While everything on the menu is out of this world, definitely order something with brisket. Loaded brisket nachos, anyone?

18th. Patrizi’s – Austin

After stopping by the Vortex Theatre, check out Patrizi’s, easily one of the best food trucks in Texas, especially if you’re a fan of old-school Italian dishes. Robust homemade dishes extend to include standard Roman fare and lots of fantastic pasta. The food truck itself is charming and cute. In short, it’s the perfect mixture of traditional Italian flavours mixed with the trendy charm of an Austin food truck.

17th. The Naughty Texan – Buda

The Naughty Texan is all about serving Central Texas some of their tender, slow-smoked BBQ. Truly, until you’ve tried the juicy meats here, you haven’t sampled the best of Texas BBQ. The truck is a spin-off of an Austin favourite, D & R Bar-B-Que. So, if you’ve tried it and loved it, then you’re going to go absolutely crazy for the brisket and pulled pork here, too. Need an event catered? They’ve got you covered.

Best Food Trucks In Texas

16th. Coco Shrimp – Fort Worth

Coco Shrimp has currently now got two locations. And, while they do have a brick and mortar location, their food truck is still a great place to stop off for delicious, tantalising coconut shrimp on-the-go. They hand batter their shrimp in sweet coconut before frying it to crispy perfection. The result is a unique fusion of sweet and savoury; it’s one that’ll tantalise your tastebuds long after the last bite.

15th. Zatar Truck – Arlington

In a food truck scene that’s dominated largely by BBQ and tacos, it can be hard to find quality Mediterranean food in North Texas. Zatar changes that, serving up the area’s best Mediterranean dishes, including gyros, kebabs, and lots and lots of falafel. The owner of the truck is pretty savvy and it’s clear he works hard to produce only the very best of the best. The gyros feature some of the freshest flavours outside of Greece.

14th. Santi’s Tacos – San Marcos

Located just south of Texas State University, Santi’s Tacos is a great spot for students to indulge in some authentic Mexican street food for cheap without having to sacrifice quality or flavour. It’s home to some of the best street tacos in San Marcos, if not arguably the entire state of Texas. They recently upgraded from a food truck to a small, freestanding building. But, the vibes and flavours are all the same.

Best Taco Trucks in Texas

13th. The Box Street Social – San Antonio

The Box Street Social is a unique concept. They take the ease and accessibility that comes with food truck culture and mix it together with a menu that’s full of chef-driven fare. World-class food fuses with the laidback vibes of a food truck to create a unique environment that’s always a delight to indulge in. From pulled pork sandwiches to chicken and donuts, it’s all tasty here. And, they’re currently looking to expand into a brick and mortar store.

12th. Four Brothers – Austin

For some of the most mouthwatering and authentic Venezuelan food outside of Venezuela, head straight to Four Brothers. This Austin food truck serves up a delightful array of arepas, cachapas, tequeños and even tres leches tortas that will all blow your mind. Despite their local success, the family who owns the truck has been able to stick true to their roots. Things just seem to get keep getting better and better over time.

Best Food Trucks In Austin 2020

11th. Wokker – Houston

Fusion food is a pretty hot food trend for 2020, but at Wokker they’ve been combining Asian flavours with Southern country influences for years now. Expect traditional comfort food dishes and Texas BBQ but with a fiery Asian flare. Case in point? Their brisket egg rolls or the crispy, spicy tamarind ribs. And, they definitely don’t skimp on the portions here, so expect to leave absolutely stuffed.

10th. The Mighty Cone – Austin

While the name suggests that this might be a tasty ice cream truck, it’s actually a spot where you’ll find spicy, fried meats and vegetables all rolled up into tasty tortilla cones. It’s one of the best food trucks in Texas to try in 2020 if you’re interested in indulging in something a bit unique. The Green Pig, for example, comes loaded with slow-roasted pulled pork, tomatillo salsa verde, fresh avocado and crema. Omg yes, please.

9th. Dallas Grilled Cheese Company – Dallas

While you’ll find that the Dallas Grilled Cheese Company has physical locations now too, they’ve still got a mobile unit they fire up in order to deliver cheesy melts to the masses. As the cheesiest restaurant in Dallas, expect nothing short of fantastic flavours that melt in your mouth. And, sure, they serve soups, salads, and appetizers. But, their sandwiches are where it’s at. Get the Cattleman’s Grilled Cheese, which comes with juicy smoked brisket, muenster, smoked gouda and yellow cheddar.

Best Food Trucks In Dallas

8th. Nelson’s BBQ – San Antonio

Nelson’s BBQ serves up what is easily some of the best BBQ in the entire state of Texas. And, that’s saying a lot. They fit a steel smoker inside of this food truck, which is fired up all day long. You can smell the BBQ from miles away. Let it draw you in and then go wild ordering one of everything off the menu. Can’t decide? The Nasty Nate sandwich is a fan favourite. It combines fried bacon, brisket, and a slab of mac & cheese to create one mind-blowingly delicious treat.

Best Food Trucks In San Antonio

7th. Micklethwait Craft Meats – Austin

Food truck or not, Micklethwait Craft Meats serves up the best BBQ in Texas. What’s so special about this place is that they serve more than just Texas BBQ, and they do it really well. Try their rotating sausage menu or the pulled lamb. However, whatever you do, be sure to save room for their savoury Southern sides. Then, treat yourself to the richest, tastiest buttermilk pie you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating.

Best BBQ Food Trucks In Texas

6th. Easy Slider – Dallas

Fresh, creative mini burgers are the specialty here. As the name suggests, Easy Slider is famous locally as the first gourmet slider truck in the DFW area. They use only Certified Angus beef to craft their savoury sliders and it shows in the final flavours you get in each bite. And, we’re not kidding about the creativity. The Nutty Pig features Angus beef, bacon, creamy peanut butter, green leaf lettuce, tomato, and red onions.

Best Food Trucks In Dallas

5th. Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ – Austin

As one of the best food trucks in Texas, everything this taco place puts out is irresistibly tasty. Due to the savoury fusion of BBQ and traditional Tex-Mex, everything is bursting with unique flavours. The breakfast tacos, for example, starts with a potato, egg, and cheese base. Then, you can throw some bacon, chorizo, brisket, or pulled pork on top. Smother it with their delicious tomato Serrano salsa and you’ve just about reached foodie heaven.

Best Food Trucks In Austin

4th. Philly’s Phamous Cheesesteaks – San Antonio

Listen, we’re not looking to start any fights, but it could definitely be argued that Philly’s Phamous Cheesesteaks serves some of the most delicious cheesesteaks outside of Philly. And, dare we say…it could even compete with a few spots in Philly, too. They’re massive and just dripping with meat, toppings, and, if it’s your style, ooey-gooey cheese. Order the San Antonio for a little local flare that’s just as tasty as the original.

Best Food Trucks In San Antonio

3rd. The Blasian Asian – Waco

It can be hard to find Cambodian food in Texas. But, at Blasian Asian, they provide you with the chance to visit Cambodia without ever leaving the Waco city limits. Dishes here are about as unique as it gets. They’re bursting with flavour in every bite whether you order the yellow noodles, grilled pork skewers or even the lemongrass beef. There’s no way you’re not heading back for seconds here.

Best Food Trucks In Texas

2nd. Carnitas Don Raul – San Antonio

If you’ve happened to stumble across the Netflix documentary The Taco Chronicles then you’ll without a doubt recognise the Michoacán carnitas made from husband and wife team Martin and Michelle Muñoz here. If you’re not familiar with the food truck, head straight here. The carnitas and all of the fresh flavours inside of them are straight from Michoacán. But, expect to enjoy other delightful food such as tortas and quesadillas, too.

Best Food Trucks In Texas

1st. Churro Co. – Austin

It’s hard to resist the sugary, tantalising allure of Churro Co., easily one of the best food trucks in Texas for travellers with a sweet tooth. Their from-scratch churros are dripping with flavours that you’ve likely never tasted before. And, that’s not even beginning to talk about all of the mouthwatering toppings you can cover them with. Date Night, for example, comes with churros that have been tossed in popcorn sugar, topped with vanilla ice cream and then finished off with a  caramel drizzle and a dash of sea salt. Simply divine.

Best Food Trucks In Texas

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