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The 7 Best Places For Fried Chicken In Charleston

Let’s be real, there’s just something about fried chicken that’s universally delicious.  Traditional plates of crunchy thighs, trendy versions of chicken and waffles and gourmet bites… These places all have one thing in common: the best fried chicken in Charleston.

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1. Jestine’s Kitchen

Jestine’s Kitchen serves up ‘Southern food with lots of soul’, and they do it to perfection. There’s so many good things to eat here, it’s tough to pick just one. Order the Chuck ‘n’ Cluck which has both meatloaf and fried chicken drumsticks for a real treat.

The lines outside tell you all you need to know (you can even get a t-shirt that says “I survived the line at Jestine’s Kitchen.”)

Fried chicken drumsticks

2. Martha Lou’s Kitchen

This iconic little pink restaurant is a Charleston institution. From fried chicken to lima beans and mac & cheese, the menu here is full of comforting soul food. For many a local, this is the only place that matters when it comes to the best fried chicken in Charleston. Juicy,  and full of flavour.

3. Husk

This exciting Southern hotspot has an open, collaborative kitchen, where chefs freely interact with their guests, and personally deliver food to tables. The menu changes daily, but fried chicken is always on the menu. Thank goodness too, because it’s so good. It’s tender and meaty and juicy, with tasty local veggies on the side.

fried chicken Charleston

4. Boxcar Betty’s

Boxcar Betty’s is on a mission to bring high-end fried chicken sandwiches to Charleston, and oh boy are they succeeding. They brine the chicken before frying it ’til crunchy and golden. Try the classic Boxcar with pimento cheese, peach slaw, house pickles and spicy mayo or create your own with toppings such as Kentucky beer cheese, pickled green tomatoes and bacon jam.

fried chicken Charleston

5. Leon’s Oyster Shop

Yep, Leon’s Oyster Shop is all about delicious fried chicken and fresh oysters, two of the best dishes there are. Take your pick from flavoursome dark meat (leg and thigh) or juicy white meat (breast and wine), both with a crunchy coating. P.S. Did we mention they have frosé on tap?

fried chicken Charleston

6. Early Bird Diner

For some of the finest made-from-scratch diner fare in Charleston, you can’t go wrong with a feast here. The chicken and waffles at Early Bird Diner are some of the best in town, with thick fluffy cinnamon waffles and a hefty chunk of pecan-fried chicken on top. Come early for breakfast or as a midnight snack – they’ll be open.

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7. Mrs Rose’s Fine Food & Cocktails

This funky restaurant has a Southern-inspired menu of classic comfort food that has a modern twist. The decor is eclectic and is the cutest backdrop for that incredible buttermilk-soak and golden fried chicken that’ll you be gobbling down. It comes with baked mac and cheese with a house biscuit.

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