The 7 Best Places For Fried Green Tomatoes In Alabama

dish first gained a mainstream name for itself after the popular 1991 film of the same name. A novel actually inspired the film, and was set in the famous Whistle Stop Cafe, modeled after the Irondale Cafe, both of which absolutely makes the list of some of the best fried green tomatoes in Alabama.

Fried green tomatoes are a local staple in Alabama. In fact, they might even be considered that state dish. Ripe green tomatoes are covered in a savoury batter and then fried to a golden perfection. This is typical of Southern cuisine where they fry everything from okra and pickles to mushrooms. However, no place does fried green tomatoes quite like Alabama.

Salivating yet? We bet you hard. And, we don’t blame you. Head to any one of the seven places on this list to sample some of the best fried green tomatoes in Alabama.

Best Fried Green Tomatoes In AlabamaHow do these rankings work?

1. Lulu’s – Gulf Shores

If you’re travelling through Alabama, it’s worth stopping off at the Gulf Shores just to take in the delightful surroundings and stunning views. While you’re there, head over to Lulu’s, a waterfront hangout boasting some of the best fried green tomatoes in Alabama. They’re always perfectly crispy, and they serve them with their very own special Wow Sauce. We’ll leave the taste testing up to you, but you’ll definitely be wow’ed.

Best Fried Green Tomatoes in Alabama

2. The Whistle Stop Cafe – Juliette

It’s easy to get confused as to where the “original” Whistle Stop Cafe existed. The location where the present-day Whistle Stop Cafe is was used for filming of the popular 1991 film. Now, it operates as a full-time cafe where they serve some of the best and most mouthwatering fried green tomatoes in Alabama. The batter is perfectly seasoned and crispy and the tomatoes are always ripe.

Alabama's Tastiest Best Fried Green Tomatoes

3. Irondale Cafe – Irondale

Welcome to the absolute original cafe that inspired the film Fried Green Tomatoes. Irondale Cafe and their out-of-this-world fried green tomatoes are famous nationwide for their superb taste and balanced flavours. They’ve been serving local Southern fare to hungry diners since 1928, and they once reported that they serve between 600 to 800 slices of fried green tomatoes each day.

Best Fried Green Tomatoes from the Movie

4. Fried Green Tomato’s – Hoover

With a name like Fried Green Tomato’s, it’s pretty easy to guess what this Hoover restaurant serves up. Expect nothing less than superb Southern food here. Alongside their famous fried green tomatoes, you’ll also find savoury Southern sides such as fried okra, turnip greens, creamed corn, cornbread, and some tasty coleslaw. If you’re new to American cuisine, this is a great spot to dip into the Southern side of things.

5. Commerce Kitchen – Huntsville

Pass through Huntsville to sample some delicious fried green tomatoes at Commerce Kitchen. Here, they do things a little differently. The restaurant itself is upscale and classy, so Southern cuisine gets a fine dining twist. Their signature plate is served crispy and golden and then topped with aioli and hot sauce. The latter seems to be a customer favourite, but you could eat the fried green tomatoes alone and they’d be just as tasty.

6. Johnny’s Restaurant – Homewood

Southern comfort food gets a seasonal spin at Johnny’s Restaurant in Homewood. While their seasonal menu changes to incorporate only the freshest ingredients, you can always count on at least one scrumptious staple: fried green tomatoes. They’ve perfected the balance between tomato and batter. And, their chicken pot pie is also delicious. It pairs well with any side you order.

7. Felix’s Fish Camp – Spanish Fort

If you’re tired of sampling all of the regular ‘ole fried green tomatoes then head on over to Felix’s Fish Camp. There, they use their famous fried green tomatoes as a base for their world-famous crab cakes. You can order them solo as a side, but it’s best to go ahead and try their crab cakes as well. Both are served with their Comeback Sauce, which is tangy and tantalising.

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