Best Greek Desserts

The 7 Best Greek Desserts To Try In Greece

Have you just booked a spring break trip to a Greek island or are you planning a vacation to Athens? If you’re travelling to Greece then one thing’s for sure – you’re about to indulge in some of the best food of your entire life.

From gyros and Greek lamb to moussaka and even delightful aperitifs, Greece should be at the top of any foodie traveller’s bucket list. However, it’s not all about the savoury meat and anise-flavoured liquor. The best part of any Greek meal is dessert.

Prepare your stomach and get ready to tantalise your tastebuds – here are the seven best Greek desserts to try next time you visit Greece.

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1. Greek Baklava

40 layers of fluffy filo pastry pile onto each other to form a thick, buttery Greek baklava. At least 40 layers, we mean. If that wasn’t drool-worthy enough, then just think about how they slowly bake the pastry to a golden crisp and then cover it with melted butter, almonds, and cinnamon and cloves. There’s a reason it’s one of everybody’s favourite Greek desserts.

Best Greek Desserts

2. Galaktoboureko

Also known as a Greek custard or milk pie, galaktoboureko is one of the best Greek desserts to try if you’re looking for something that’s not as pastry-like as Greek baklava. Master chefs and Greek grandmas all around the world make galaktoboureko by sprinkling melted butter on top of creamy custard and then topping it with a thin pastry layer. The final topping? A syrup bath.

Best Authentic Greek Desserts
Image: Spruce Eats

3. Loukoumades

We’d describe loukoumades as sweet, fluffy honey puffs, which we feel like would suffice as an enticing enough description. But, these delicious Greek doughnuts are also usually served drizzled in hot honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and chopped nuts. We didn’t think it could get any better than “fluffy honey puffs” but it just did.

Greek Donuts Fried Doughballs
Image: My Greek Dish

4. Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

What’s more enticing after a big meal than a refreshing spoonful of creamy Grek yogurt? A cheesecake made out of that fresh, creamy yogurt. Honestly, we’d count plain Greek yogurt with some honey as one of the top Greek desserts, but it’s hard not to drool over a deliciously rich cheesecake, too.

5. Ekmek Kataifi

Ekmek Kataifi is one of the best Greek desserts to try if you’re visiting Greece and interested in history. It was originally prepared by people who lived in the Byzantium capital of Konstantinoupolis. The base is a Kadayifi pastry, which is somewhat similar to Greek baklava. Sandwiched in the middle you’ll find a delectably creamy layer. On top is a whipped creme that’s usually sprinkled with crushed pistachio or almonds.

Image: Eat Yourself Greek

6. Halva

While Greeks traditionally consume Halva during religious periods, travellers can enjoy it year-round. Depending on where you go to in Greece, you’ll find that they serve halva in a variety of different flavours, with the tahini being some of the most famous and well-loved. The Greek dessert itself is crumbly, sweet, and very rich.

Greek Desserts to Try in Greece
Image: Greek Boston

7. Glyko Kerasi

Super classic and incredibly tasty, this is one of the most authentic Greek desserts you’ll ever taste. That is if you can find someone with a centuries-old recipe who will make it for you. Actually, sweet and sour cherry preserves are pretty easy to make, and quite refreshing when enjoyed with fresh-baked bread and a post-meal coffee.

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