7 Best Melbourne Steaks

The 7 Best Steaks In Melbourne

Food and coffee culture in this city has a way of spreading across the world, which makes sense given the originality and quality of the restaurants here. The best Melbourne steaks are no different, with some seriously creative places cooking up a storm.

From casual steakhouses to high end dining and everything in between, you’ll find a juicy steak here that’s exactly to your liking.

So grab a mate and get ready to eat yourself into a food come with these seven tastiest Melbourne steaks…

Best steaks in MelbourneHow do these rankings work?

1. Steer

The theatre starts at Steer when they bring out a board featuring multiple cuts of meat, so that you can choose the specific steak you want. That’s the moment you know this is going to be a delicious steak experience and you start licking your lips in anticipation.

Steer steaks in Melbourne

The steaks are then cooked to perfection and served up beautifully. The onion rings are one of the main talking points…

The onion rings

2. Macelleria

Macelleria is a restaurant that is genuinely obsessed with the provenance and traceability of their food, promoting an ethical approach to the dining industry.

They use Cape Grim beef which comes from the north-western most tip of the Tasmanian mainland and hosts the world’s purest air. As you can imagine, it’s amazingly tender. They also serve Australian Wagyu if you want a real treat.

The do amazing burgers, various other cuts of meat and dabble in the odd bit of fish, but you are here for one reason and that’s the steak. Absolutely world-class.

Macelleria Steak

3. Meatmaiden

The key to their steak is a dry-ageing meat cabinet in which premium produce is hung for up to 40 days to pack in maximum tenderness and flavour.

One of their signature dishes is a 1.2kg Tomahawk rib-eye steak, which is made for sharing. That juicy cut along with their sides is one of the nicest steaks you will ever taste.

What really rounds the experience off to perfection is a carefully curated wine list and cocktails that are as good as any in the city. Easily one of the best Melbourne steaks you will ever eat.

Meatmaiden Steaks

4. San Telmo

When it comes to steaks there are certain countries that take things to another level. Argentina is one of them, and might possibly have the best steak in the world.

This restaurant in Melbourne is Argentinian and are so passionate about their steak that they imported a bespoke 2.5 metre Parrilla charcoal grill. This means the meat dishes here are as authentic as it gets.

The restaurants is always buzzing with customers who are regulars and know just what they are about to eat. Huge steaks, great cocktails and a fabulous wine list make this a place not to miss at any costs.

San Telmo Steaks

5. The Railway Club Hotel

Melbourne’s original steak pub, they have constantly been refining and improving their offering as the years go by. After over 40 years they now serve what is easily one of the best Melbourne steaks.

You can choose your own meat from the Railway Club Hotel’s display fridge and watch it cooked to perfection in their open kitchen. Juicy, dripping with flavour and sear-grilled, this is one good steak.

Do make sure to keep some room for their fabulous desserts too.

The Railway Club Hotel steaks

6. France-Soir

The French have always led the way when it comes to cooking techniques and styles. No matter how much the culinary world evolves the simple fact is that they are the original pioneers and setters of so many standards.

The cooking here is super traditional; you could easily be sitting in Paris as the room buzzes around you. They’ve been in business for 32 years and seem to get better and more popular by the day.

Classic streak with all the trimmings and great red wine. What more could you want in life?

Best Melbourne Steaks

7. A Hereford Beefstouw

This is a restaurant where everything revolves around the beef. They source the very best quality and just let the steak do the all talking.

The beef is served with fresh, seasonal and cool climate produce, offered in a relaxed slick and polished Danish style room.

With restaurants now also in both Adelaide and Melbourne, once you step foot in here once you’ll be planning your next visit.  One of their signature dishes is the 1.4kg Tomahawk Steak with a side of lobster tail. Now this is living!

A Hereford Beefstouw Steak

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