Best of Auckland

Best of Auckland: Ultimate Insider’s Guide with Dani Robinson

We’re bringing you the best local secrets with some of the world’s top bloggers, influencers, and travel journalists in our new City Insider series. From where to find the perfect brew to that little-known bar that plays the best tunes, vintage record stores and green outdoor spaces, consider this your checklist for an amazing city break in Auckland.

We’re diving into all the best spots in Auckland, with a quick-fire interview with Dani Robinson telling you their favourite places and expert tips. Dani Robinson is an Auckland-based lifestyle, fitness and business influencer who’s platform shares an insight into her everyday life and how she juggles her work, travel and social life as well as providing tips of how to live a healthy, fit and fulfilled life.

Best of Auckland: Ultimate Insider’s Guide with Dani Robinson

1. Favourite Overall Restaurant?

The Blue Breeze Inn, Ponsonby.

2. Best Restaurant for Date Night?

XuXu Dumpling Bar – dumplings and cocktails are the perfect combo

3. Local Foodie Secret?

Probably not much of a secret but Catroux Cafe in Westmere is constantly feeding me with their amazing and healthy cabinet food!

4. Best Burger?

Anything from Burger Fuel

5. Best Place for Coffee?

Odette’s Eater

6. Best Pizza?

Firecracker from Garnet Station in Westmere!

7. Best Place for Vegetarian/Vegan Food?

Gorilla Kitchen

8. Best Place for Brunch?

Odette’s Eatery – go every Saturday for brunch!

9. Where to Get an Amazing Budget-Meal?

Eden Noodles on Dominion Road

10. Bar for Drinks with Friends?

Dr Rudi’s or The Cav

11. Best Cocktail Bar?

Parasol and Swing – yummiest Gin cocktails!

12. Bar/Club for a Big Night Out?

Anywhere in the viaduct!

13. Best Place for a Sweet Treat?

Duck Island

14. Unmissable Thing to Do in the City?

Walk up Mt Eden for sunrise or sunset

15. Favourite Place for a Staycation?

So Hotel

Best of Auckland


16. How to get Around the City Like a Local?

You definitely need a car in Auckland! Or grab an Uber

17. Favourite Outdoor Space for Chilling Out?

Auckland has some beautiful beaches on the North Shore

18. Best Market in the City?

The silo markets

19. Top Workout in the City?

Studio Box or Playground Fitness

20. Must-Visit Independent Store?

Ruby Boutique – amazing New Zealand designer

Best of Auckland

21. Best Things to do with Kids in the City?

Go up the Sky Tower

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