The 25 Best Places For Pizza In Hungary

Are you on the hunt for the best slice of pizza in Hungary? Whether Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged and more, Hungary is home to some great pizza joints. Maybe you are a local looking to find a great pie nearby or a traveller in need of a quick slice, either way, we’ve got you covered. Take your pick from any of these eateries for the best pizza in Hungary.

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1. Digó Nápolyi Pizza- Budapest

Head to Budapest’s Digó Nápolyi Pizza for some of the best slices in the city. Napoleon is their speciality and always keeps guests coming back for more. In addition to delicious pizza, they also have incredible service. We recommend you try their margarita with robust tomato sauce and fresh basil.

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2. Kemencés – Budapest

Kemencés is home to some of the tastiest pizza in the country. They take their time with their pies so the crust is always perfectly crispy with the sauce and cheese ready to rock your tastebuds. We recommend you try their picante pizza.

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3. Pepito Pizza Bar – Debrecen

If you are looking for a scrumptious slice of wood-fired pizza, head to Debrecen’s Pepito Pizza Bar. In addition to a traditional wood fire oven, they offer a huge variety of pizzas which mean you never run out of things to try! Order one of their classic margaritas and save room to try their speciality pizza fritta.

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4. Manu+ – Budapest

Another wood fire oven favourite, Manu+ is a must when in Budapest. They specialize in all Naples-style pizza meaning the crust is always airy and perfectly crisped. Don’t leave without trying their pizzicare topped with fresh cheese, spicy salami and juicy cherry tomatoes.

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5. Pizza Manufaktura – Budapest

Do yourself a favour and head over to Budapest’s Pizza Manufaktura, which is the sister restaurant to Manu+ above. At Pizza Manufactura you’ll get delicious authentic pizza fast and with a smile. Best part? It hasn’t totally been tapped by tourists yet which means it’s still a hidden gem. Be sure to try their paprika pizza.

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6. Rustica Pizza – Szeged

If you are looking for a life-changing slice in Szeged, pop into Rustica Pizza. They do sauce better than anyone else by only using San Marzano tomatoes. In addition to a fresh and robust sauce, the meat is melt-in-your-mouth good and the service is unbeatable.  Try their Hungarian pizza.

7. IGEN – Budapest

Paperthin prosciutto, flaky crust and rich sauce are what IGEN does best. Whether you keep it simple with a margarita or spice things up with something different, they’ve got you in mind. They only use fresh high-quality ingredients which means you are guaranteed a delicious pie every time.

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8. Pizzica – Budapest

Pizzica is exactly the kind of street food everyone is after. This walk-in shop gets Roman pizza right with thick slabs of dough topped with a hearty amount of fresh toppings. Whether you get a loaded meat option, classic pepperoni or margarita, you’ll be bak for more.

9. Ciao Pizzéria e Ristorante – Pécs

Go to Italy without ever leaving the city at Pécs Ciao Pizzeria. This Italian eatery specializes in regional food all the way from Sicily to Naples and beyond. Treat yourself to a delicious feast of pizza and perhaps throw in some gnocchi and wine.

10. Vegazzi – Budapest

Vegans, Vegazzi is the place for you. This speciality pizzeria does plant-based pies better than anyone around. Enjoy any one of their delicious pizzas made with 100% vegan ingredients like vegan mozzarella and fresh produce. It’s closed temporarily while moving to a new location, so keep an eye out for their new store soon.

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11. Pizza Dellarosso – Veszprém

This Veszprém classic gets pizza right with fresh quality ingredients and well-trained cooked. If you’re looking for quality pizza that’s never lacking in flavour, they’ve got you taken care of. Come hungry and order any one of their speciality pies for a delicious feast.

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12. Il Terzo Cerchio – Budapest

Il Terzo Cerchio is a pizza hotspot in the heart of Budapest. They specialize in Tuscan style dishes and are famous for their pizza. Stop by and enjoy a couple of glasses of wine with one of their delicious pies.

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13. Little Italy – Budapest

Little Italy is exactly what it sounds like – a little slice of Italy in Hungary. We recommend trying their classic pepperoni pizza topped with cheese and perfectly thin salami. Be sure to save room for dessert, too. They’ve got tiramisu that’s to die for.

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14. Padrino Pizza – Eger

Take a bite out of any of Padrino Pizza’s hearty and flavourful pies. This Eger favourite is known for its insanely good pies topped with fresh cheese, perfectly seasoned meats and rich sauce piled on top of thin buttery crust.

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15. Tímár26 – Pécs

Treat yourself to one of Tímár26’s incredibly tasty pies. They’ve got everything from old school pepperoni to meat lover style pies so you can take a bite from all the classics. Grab a friend and slide into a booth at this Pécs fave!

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16. Belli di Mamma – Budapest

If you are a looking for a truly gourmet pizza, head to Bella di Mama. This Budapest staple is known for its deliciously airy crust and Naples style pizza. They allow the dough to rise for two days to ensure a bubbly crust that’s light as air. Be sure to try any one of their pies with their robust tomato sauce.

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17. Tar Pizza – Debrecen

Treat yourself to a hearty pie at Tar Pizza. Their pizzas are cooked in a wood fire oven where they are crisped to perfection before being topped with fresh ingredients. This Debrecen fave is famous among tourists and locals alike for their speedy service and mouthwatering pizzas.

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18. Local Korner – Budapest

Pop into Budapest’s Local Korner for a tasty pie. Just a hop away from Dohány Synagogue, it’s ideally located and great for exploring the rest of the city after your delicious meal.

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19. D’Alíz Pizza & Caffe – Győr

Head to D’Aliz Pizza & Cafe in Győr for a scrumptious slice of Italian pie. Take your pick from any of their diverse menu items. We recommend the salami tartufo or the parmigiana.

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20. Rossita Pizzeria – Miskolc

Do yourself a favour and slip into Miskolc’s Rossita Pizzeria. They offer a wide range of delicious pies. Take your pick from quattro stagioni, ungherese, bolognese and more at this local pizza joint.

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21. Rodeo Fogadó – Szentgotthárd

Rodeo Fogadó is a Szentgotthárd favourite for their thin yet dense dough and creative toppings. Whether you’re looking for classic pepperoni or prosciutto and jalapenos, Rodeo has it all.

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22. Arany Csillag Pizzéria – Balatonfüred

Head to Arany Csillag for pizza that is tasty, creative and extreme. Want an orange on your pie? No problem. Full-on caesar salad as a pizza topping? Right away. Want 5 types of meat with a whole tomato? Coming right up. At Arany, pizza is done your way so get creative and come ready to eat.

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23. Felicita Pizzeria – Miskolc

Felicita Pizzeria is known as being one of the best in the country for quality, flavour and service. Whether you order pepperoni or one of their more unique pies, you’re guaranteed quality and freshness every time.

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24. Sörpatika – Szombathely

What goes together better than pizza and beer? At Sörpatika they combine the two perfectly in a pizza joint slash bar setting. Splurge and order one of their large pies with a few pints and indulge yourself.

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25. Pizza Via – Debrecen

Quality, freshness and rich flavours are what Pizza Via in Debrecen does best. They’ve been wowing the citizens of Debrecen and otherwise since 1999 with their handcrafted authentic pizzas and speedy service. Order their classic cheese pizza for the pie of your life.

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