Pizza In Lithuania

The 7 Best Places For Pizza In Lithuania

You might not think of Eastern Europe when it comes to authentic Italian food, but the pizza in Lithuania is impressive. From gourmet Neapolitan pies to casual slices you can eat on the, you’re in for a real carb-loading treat here.

Dig into our top picks, from Vilnius to beyond.

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1. Jurgis ir Drakonas – Kaunas

For authentic Neapolitan pizza in Lithuania, Jurgis ir Drakonas never fails. This growing pizza chain has several locations across the country and are true pizza pioneers. All of the pizzas here are made from real Italian 00 flour, with imported Italian salami and sausages and proper Parmigiano Reggiano. With a perfectly charred crust from the wood-burning oven, you’ll think you’re in Naples.

2. Užupio Picerija – Vilnius

We named this Vilnius pizzeria among our list of the 50 best pizzas in Europe for 2019, so you can expect good things. They do things the traditional Italian way here, and are even certificated from Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN). With toppings such as fresh, creamy burrata and prosciutto San Daniele, every bite is divine.

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3. Brooklyn Brothers – Vilnius

This funky pizza joint serves up proper New York-style, thin crust pizzas whole and by the slice. The pies here can rival those in Brooklyn: a thin crust that’s easy to fold over in your hand, rich tomato sauce and lots of cheese. One word: delicious. There’s three stores in Vilnius, and one in Kaunas too, so you can get your pizza fix easy-peasy.

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4. Pizza Verde – Utena

With legit Naples-style pizza made from slow-rising dough and baked in a wood-fired oven at 450-500 ° C, the pies here are truly droolworthy. Big, fluffy and chewy crusts and a super light base makes this some of the tastiest pizza in Lithuania. There’s lots of toppings to choose from too, such as pancetta or ricotta cheese.

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5. Pas Francesco – Klaipėda

Locals can’t get enough of this cosy Old Town pizzeria, which serves up Italian pizza with toppings such as fresh mussels, prawns, parma ham and buffalo mozzarella. The base is wonderfully light and the pizza is well priced. Basically, Pas Francesco ticks all the boxes.

Pizza In Lithuania

6. Bonocosì – Vilnius

This fantastic pizzeria is all about Pizza al Metro, a Neapolitan style of pizza with its own unique dough and shaped into metre-long strips and cut into squares.

Top picks include the sausage and spinach or four cheese pizza. How can you resist Gorgonzola, mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Emmental? The black truffle pie is also a crowd favourite.

Pizza In Lithuania

7. Basilico – Vilnius

For real Italian flavours and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Basilico is the place to come. They let the dough rise for as long as possible to result in a light and airy base that’s easy to digest and tastes delicious. Add on homemade tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and all sorts of gourmet toppings and you have a superb feast.

Pizza In Lithuania

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