The 7 Best Places For Pizza In Milan

The 7 Best Places For Pizza In Milan

Milan is one of the classically beautiful Italian cities and a place with a real sense of style, fashion and with locals who live life to the full.

Being Italy, it is of course also known for its great food – in particular, pizza. But where to start in a city with so many choices? We’ve done the hard work for you and found the 7 best places to eat pizza in Milan.

The Best Pizza In Milan

1. Piz 

Piz is a simple, buzzing room where all the attention is focused on the quality of the pizza. The staff are super fast and attentive and the pizza couldn’t taste any better.

Piz In Milan

2. Pizza AM

You’ll find thinner bases here that are perfectly crispy; with such a focus on high quality ingredients you really don’t need to add many toppings. Keep it simple and you’ll experience pure perfection.

Pizza AM In Milan

3. Pizzium Via Procaccini

A multi-award winning spot that’s always in the news as being one of the very best pizza spots, not just in Milan but in the entire country. It’s always busy so get in early to secure a table.

Pizzium Via Procaccini In Milan

4. Dry

Dry do a modern take on the classic Italian pizzeria, with world class cocktails and slick service combined with pizzas that are simply delicious.

Dry Pizza In Milan

5. Pizzeria Da Zero

Big fluffy crusts that are perfectly chewy and SO delicious. Choose from some quality suggestions of their own menu or create your own masterpiece.

Pizzeria Da Zero

6. La Taverna

One of the very best Milan Pizzas. While every component is absolutely perfect, it is their rich and tangy tomato sauce that takes things to a whole new level.

La Taverna Pizzeria

7. Gino Sorbillo 

With four locations in the city, you’re never too far away from one of these simply perfect charred Neapolitan pizzas. Pizza toppings are designed around 10 Italian regions, so you can taste the speciality ingredients from across the country.

Pizza Milan

When you’ve finished eating you can walk around the city and check out the 7 most Instagrammable spots in Milan.

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