Best Pizza in Norway 2020

The 25 Best Pizzas In Norway In 2020

Due to the country’s rocky, mountainous coast, you’ll find that Norwegian cuisine is largely based on raw, natural ingredients. And, while you should absolutely indulge in some local flavour while you’re visiting, there’s nothing quite like indulging in the best pizza in Norway after a long day of exploring.

The best part? The best pizza in Norway rivals even the best pizza you’ll find in Rome or along the canals of Venice. Really, we’re not joking. Norway’s absolutely overflowing with great spots where you can indulge in a tasty pie. From deep-dish delights all the way through to a meat lover’s dream that’s topped with reindeer, you’ll find it all here.

Drooling yet? Same. Now, it’s time to explore the spots all over the country where you can get the best pizza in Norway. Here are 25 quality spots designed for indulgence. Bon appétit!

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25th. – Lillehammer

While the name suggests that all this place serves up are tasty burgers, they’re also home to some fantastic pizza pies. Sure, you’re going to be tempted to order a thick, juicy cheeseburger. And, you should. But, share a pizza with a friend too. They’ve got everything from Margherita to Texas Beef and even an option for the veggies.

24th. Olivia Zachariasbryggen – Bergen

Olivia is an authentic Italian food in modern and cosy surroundings. It’s upscale Italian dining right in the heart of Bergen. And, the flavours are just as authentic and enchanting as the atmosphere. Takeaway pizzas have Sicilian influences and are loaded with the same flavours you’d find on the actual streets of Sicily.

23rd. Hell’s Kitchen – Oslo

Hell’s Kitchen truly does feel as if it belongs in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. The pizza here is not only some of the best pizza in Norway, but it’s reminiscent of the kind of pizza you smell walking along the streets of New York City. The menu’s simple, with some 15 pizzas to choose from. But, they’re all packed full of flavour that’ll leave you drooling.

Best Norway Pizza 2020 Oslo

22nd. Nonna Lina Pizzeria Ristorante Café – Ålesund

Nonna Lina is hailed as a small piece of Italy found in the heart of Ålesund. And, after one bite of their tasty pies, you’ll also be able to see why this spot serves some of the best pizza in Norway. They’re all made with real Italian ingredients, Italian recipes and with the passion of a team who certainly knows what they’re doing.

21st. Vesuvio Café og Pizza – Oslo

This takeaway pizza spot does up Neapolitan pizza in a way you won’t find elsewhere in Norway. On top of a perfectly thin crust sits just the right amount of sauce. Then, they throw on some fresh toppings, and the result is undeniably tasty. It’s easily one of the best pizzas in Norway in 2020, especially for those who are on-the-go.

20th. Lizzi/s Pizza – Drammen

At Lizzi’s, everything is homemade. From the crust to the rolls and even the preparation of the fresh toppings, they take care each morning to ensure they’re providing their guests with only the finest food. They’ve been serving some of the best pizza in Norway to hungry locals since 1983. So, they’ve had time to perfect their already tasty recipe.

19th. Steinovnen Bar & Pizzeria – Ålesund

If you’re a fan of thick-crust pizza then you’ll love the Steinovnen Bar & Pizzeria. These wood-fired pizzas come oozing with piping hot cheese and a fluffy crust that’s not too thick yet not too thin. And, their options are pretty creative. Order a Nebraska, Cinco de Mayo, or stick with something classic like a Margarita. They’re all delicious.

Best Pizza in Norway 2020

18th. Gausel Pizza – Stavanger

It’s the light and fluffy dough that seems to wow visitors to Gausel Pizza. Home to some of the best pizza in Norway for 2020, you’ll find that this no-frills spot is the perfect place to order some homemade pizza to go. They’ve got over 20 specialty pizzas to choose from, so there’s definitely something on the menu that’ll tantalise your tastebuds and soothe your cravings.

17th. Lofthus Samvirkelag – Oslo

While this spot does serve some high-quality pizza, you’ll find that the menu is a unique mix between Italian and Norwegian cuisine. The crust is perfectly thin and the pizzas are loaded up with just enough ingredients to where nothing overpowers anything else. And, you can order reindeer. Yes, reindeer. Get the reindeer carpaccio pizza and enjoy the flavourful journey.

Best Norway Pizza 2020

16th. Arte Pazza Filetto Ristorante – Oslo

The roots of this restaurant trace all the way back to Sicily and Tuscany. So, there’s really no denying that they serve some of the most authentic pizza in Norway here. It’s Italian cuisine at its best whether you order the pasta or the pizza. We’re pretty partial to the pizza, however, so you’re definitely going to want to devour a round of Capricciosa.

15th. Mano Pizza – Stavanger

Mano means “hand” and pizza is a craft. That’s why this place says they make it all by hand the traditional Neapolitan way. They combine fresh Tuscany tomatoes and a light, airy dough to craft what is easily the best pizza to sample in Norway in 2020. Order by the size (up to one metre) then pick your style. The Profumata comes with smoked mozzarella, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, basil, parmesan and profumata sauce.

14th. Grano Trondheim – Trondheim

Grano is an Italian takeaway pizzeria, panificio and salumeria in Trondheim. And, while their pizza is the reason why most people keep heading back, they’re all pretty well-known for their world-class service as well. Flavours taste authentic and they never skimp on toppings. If it’s warm enough outside, definitely snag a spot on the outdoor terrace.

13th. Caminito – Oslo

This cosy neighbourhood spot that is the perfect place to enjoy a quick, tasty pizza but without all of the formality of a serious restaurant. Sure, they also offer other menu items such as coffee and sandwiches. But, it’s the fresh, tasty pizzas that are the real showstopper here. Order a pepperoni pizza and grab a seat at the window to enjoy people-watching in Oslo.

12th. Cin Cin Café – Oslo

Cin Cin is the kind of place you’d go if you’re looking to treat yourself to a full evening of fine pizza and quality cocktails. You’re gonna want to plan a whole night out here as they serve lots of wine and beer alongside their great pizzas. Count on live music and quality service and it’s easy to see why locals love this thin-crust pizza joint so much.

11th. San Marino Pizzeria – Bergen

San Marino is mostly used as a takeaway pizza stop by the locals, but if you’re in Bergen exploring then you should absolutely spend some time here enjoying your meal. The pizza is unique as it’s baked, which adds a whole slew of unique flavours you won’t find anywhere else in Bergen or even throughout the rest of Norway.  The Baked Torino comes with tomato sauce, cheese, and marinated lamb. So delicious.

Best Pizza in Norway 2020

10th. Una Pizzeria e Bar – Trondheim

The pizza here is pretty straightforward. It’s made with fresh ingredients and lots of love. Do you really need anything else? Settle into the cosy, welcoming atmosphere here and relax for a bit as you treat yourself to real Italian pizza and other delicious Italian dishes. Order the Parma pizza for a real treat if you’re looking for something out-of-the-ordinary.

Best Pizza in Trondheim Norway 2020

9th. Den Gode – Oslo

Den Gode is the perfect spot for an evening hangout with friends. Here, you can order a round of tasty cocktails and then enjoy playing games as you devour slice after slice of some pretty world-class pizza. The pizzas are thin, crispy and made for sharing. But, they’re honestly so mouthwatering that we bet you aren’t going to be able to share.

Best Pizza in Norway 2020

8th. Hoggorm – Bergen

Hoggorm is one of the hippest restaurants in Bergen. So, if you’re a foodie travelling through Norway, it warrants a visit regardless of whether or not you’re craving a hot pizza pie. However, their pizzas are so creative that you’ll absolutely want to. Pair a glass of natural wine with their Volcano & Chipotle pizza. It comes with spicy sausage, chipotle and dill.

7th. Casa Inferno – Tromsø

Welcome to Hell. Here, it’s tasty and full of piping hot pizza pies that are absolutely dripping with cheese and flavour. The theme here is actually pretty intriguing, and they stick to their guns when it comes to the hellish decor. However, none of the overshadows the fine flavours you’ll enjoy when you bite into one of their pizzas. From the Siciliana to the Calabrese and even the Inferno, it’s all delicious.

6th. Kafé Spesial – Bergen

This vegetarian-friendly spot in Bergen gets pretty packed with students on the weekend, so if you’re craving pizza you’ll want to head in early. Grab a seat at the bar, order a local beer and prepare to go on a flavourful journey unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted. Their super thin-crust pizza is crispy, tasty, and topped with just the right amount of ingredients.

5th. Mamma Pizza – Oslo

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more authentic pizza spot in Norway as at Mamma Pizza, they import their meats and tomatoes straight from Italy. However, authentic ingredients aren’t the only secret to success here. They also make their dough fresh daily and let it rise for a whopping 36 hours. It’s doughy, spongey, and oh-so-flavourful.

Best Pizza in Oslo 2020

4th. Aroma Restaurant – Fagernes

Numerous locals believe that Aroma is home to the best pizza in Norway and even perhaps some of the best in Europe. The pizza here features a thin New York-style crust that impresses even New Yorkers. It’s hand-crafted and baked to a perfect crisp. And, they’re pretty generous with their toppings; they’ve even got one option that’s piled high with fries.

3rd. Oska Pizzeria – Trondheim

Is Trondheim the new pizza capital of Norway? We’re not sure just yet, but Oska Pizzeria is certainly putting the city on the map. The spot’s a bit unique as they serve both pizzas and kebabs. So, if you come with a serious appetite you’ll be able to sample the best of both. Go big and order the Oska, which comes with lots of sauce, ham, onion, cheese, minced meat and pepperoni.

Best Pizza in Trondheim Norway

2nd. Villa Paradiso Grünerløkka – Oslo

There’s no arguing that Villa Paradiso is home to the best pizza in Oslo. But, they also rank super high on any list of the best pizza in all of Norway, too. It’s due to the authentic flavours you’ll find in their Neapolitan-style pizzas. It’s the most traditional Italian-style food in the country as they use imported ingredients to ensure flavours are authentic. You’re absolutely ordering seconds here.

Best Pizza in Norway 2020

1st. Yonas Pizzeria & Catering – Tromsø

You can ask a few locals where to find the absolute best pizza in Norway and more than a few will tell you that it’s at Yonas Pizzeria. This Tromsø hotspot specialises in pizzas with pretty unique toppings. Take the Brygga Special, for example. It’s loaded up with Italian meat, mushrooms, pineapples, leeks, Hungarian pepperoni, peppercorn and garlic dressing. Now that’s a pizza.

Best Pizza in Norway 2020

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