best pizza in the netherlands

The 25 Best Pizza Restaurants In The Netherlands

Are you craving a hearty pizza made with rich, fresh ingredients in The Netherlands? While The Netherlands doesn’t exactly have a reputation for flavourful Italian fare, there are plenty of great pizza joints if you look hard enough. That’s why we took the guesswork out for you and found the very best pizza in The Netherlands. If you are looking for an authentic pie made of freckled crust, sumptuous tomatoes and fresh toppings – this list has you covered. Here’s where you can find the best pizzas in The Netherlands.

Best Pizza In The Netherlands 2020

1. La Perla – Amsterdam

Nestled in Amsterdam’s charming Jordaan neighbourhood, La Perla is the place to be. Their ingredients are imported weekly from Italy, so you know you are always going to have a fresh, authentically flavoured pie. On top of that, they bake their pizza in a woodfired oven where the crust is crisped to perfection.

It’s no wonder this is the best place to get a slice of pizza – we recommend calling ahead for a table.
best pizza in the netherlands

2. Old Scuola – Rotterdam

Tucked away in an old industrial building in the centre of Rotterdam, you’ll find Old Scuola. This traditional pizza joint is the place to be for anyone looking for a delicious pie. They use their own house recipes made from local ingredients for mozzarella, burrata and so much more, which means your dish is always fresh. Treat yourself to a glass of wine, too!
best pizza in the netherlands

3. Fuoco Vivo – Amsterdam

Fancy a sourdough pizza? That’s what Fuoco Vivo does best. Their sourdough yeast and unique dough techniques are what really makes the pizza mouthwatering. Additionally, they make as many other ingredients in house as possible – that includes sausage and cheese. Stop by and treat yourself to one of Fuoco Vivo’s delicious pies.
best pizza in the netherlands

4. La Lanterna – The Hague

The Hague’s ‘La Lanterna’ is a local fave for its charming atmosphere coupled with delicious pizza. Whether you are looking to treat yourself to a giant feast or are out for date night, La Lanterna is the place to be. Grab their classic Napoletana and a capricciosa. Don’t forget to save some room for dessert.
best pizza in the netherlands

5. Angelo Betti – Rotterdam

Ask any local where to go for great pizza and gelato, and they’ll send you to Angelo Betti. This local favourite serves a variety of 30 pizzas made with fresh ingredients and doubles as a gelateria. Grab yourself a few pies and some cups fo gelato at Angelo Betti.

best pizza in the netherlands
image: Peter Filkweert/Facebook

6. Pizza Heart – Amsterdam

Pizza Heart is the late-night pizza delivery you’ve been looking for. Thin, crispy saucers of dough are smothered in rich tomato sauce, gooey vegan mozzarella and deliciously fresh toppings. Even better? The delivery is lightning fast which means your pizza will be delivered piping hot.
best pizza in the netherlands

7. De Pizzakamer – Amsterdam

This small and cosy pizza joint is one of Amsterdam’s most charming Italian eateries. You’ll find all the Italian classics here served on a perfectly crisped crust with just the right amount of salt and char. If you’re there when the weather is nice, we recommend grabbing a spot on the terrace.
best pizza in the netherlands

8. O’Pazzo – Rotterdam

O’Pazzo is a Mariniersweg favourite known for its traditional woodfired pizzas that are crisped to perfection. In addition to a wood fire oven, they also have an old school Neapolitan recipe that they put to great use just for you. Thought it couldn’t get better? Their atmosphere is unbeatable and seriously cosy.
best pizza in the netherlands

9. MangiAncora – Amsterdam

If you are looking for a stone-baked pizza that is authentic, flavourful and made fresh every time, go to MangiAncora. This pizza spot is a fave among the Italian community in Amsterdam for its authentic tasting pies and fresh ingredients. It’s so authentic in fact, that the bricks of the oven were imported from Napoli. Doesn’t get any better than that.
best pizza in the netherlands


10. De Pizzabakkers – Amsterdam

With a name like ‘De Pizzabakkers’ or The Pizzabakers in English, you know you’re going to get a good slice. At any one of the five De Pizzabakkers locations, you’ll find delicious pizza made with fresh ingredients and slow techniques. be sure to grab a glass of prosecco too, while you wait.
best pizza in the netherlands

11. Sugo – Rotterdam

You can find Sugo throughout The Netherlands but don’t let the fact that its a chain dissuade you. These pizzas are the real deal. Their speciality is a long rectangular pizza cut into thick strips known as ‘pizza al taglio’. It would be a crime not to treat yourself at least once.
best pizza in the netherlands

12. De Houtoven Pizzeria – Hilversum

Get your pizza fix at one of the best pizzerias in the nation – Houtoven Pizzeria. Crisped woodfired pizza made with fresh ingredients with flavour in every bite is what you’ll find here. We recommend starting with their pizza funghi for a deliciously creamy meal.
best pizza in the netherlands

13. Napoli – Rotterdam

One of the most popular Italian restaurants in Rotterdam is Napoli. This place is always bumping and ready to serve delicious, authentic Italian fare. While they serve a large variety of traditional Italian food, their pizza is where it’s at. We recommend ordering their ‘Il Vecchietto’ made with buffalo mozzarella, pecorino, ricotta, tomatoes and rosemary.
best pizza in the netherlands

14. Il Pecorino – Amsterdam

A five-minute ferry ride across the River Ij from Central Station will land you at Il Pecorino. This adorable riverfront pizza joint is a favourite for its mouthwatering pies and freckled crusts. We recommend grabbing a traditional pepperoni for a real feast.
best pizza in the netherlands


15. Da Portare Via – Amsterdam

Da Portare Via is the place to be for traditional pizzas served in a quaint and charming setting. Known for their tasty desserts and wide range of pizzas, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Go big and start with their ‘Tartufo’ made with black truffle and mascarpone.

best pizza in the netherlands
image: Nick Sherman/Flickr

16. O’Panuozzo Neapolitan Pizzeria – Utrecht

In a sea of Utrecht’s city centre eateries, cafes and restaurants, you’ll find O’Panuozzo. This understated pizza joint is one of Utrecht’s best-kept secrets and deserves to be enjoyed by everyone. You’ll find that the atmosphere is warm and friendly and they serve a large variety of pies to choose from.
best pizza in the netherlands


17. Da Gianfranco – Rotterdam

Hop into Da Gianfranco for some of the best pizza in the Netherlands. Their pizzas are made with fresh ingredients, old recipes and crisped to perfection in a wood-fired stone oven. Even better? They also serve a wide range of classic Italian dishes, including desserts. Perfect for an evening pizza feast with a bottle of wine.
best pizza in the netherlands


18. De Italiaan – Amsterdam

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a seat at De Italiaan on a Summer day. Its breezy sun-drenched terrace and drool-worthy pizzas make it a local fave that cannot be missed. Spend a sunny afternoon devouring any one of their amazing pies. We recommend the ‘Crudo’ made with tomatoes, mozzarella and prosciutto.
best pizza in the netherlands

19. Pizzeria II Vesuvio – The Hague

Pizzeria II Vesuvio serves up some of the best slices in The Hague. Not only that, but they also offer a wide range of vegan options and can substitute vegan cheese on all pizzas. Whether you are looking for classic meat lovers or a plant-based alternative that’s equally delicious, they’ve got you taken care of.
best pizza in the netherlands

20. La Roma – Amsterdam

This unassuming pizza place slash steakhouse serves some of the best slices in The Netherlands. Treat yourself to one of their delicious pies such as a classic margarita or salami. Grab a Peroni, too.

best pizza in the netherlands
image: Georgina Walsh/Facebook

21. LaLotta Pizza e Pinsaria – Utrecht

At LaLotta Pizza e Pinsaria, they are all about serving quality pizza that is as healthy as it is tasty. They make their pizzas with nutrient-rich wholegrain cruse and topped with a reasonable serving of fresh toppings and cheese. Here you can have a pizza feast with half the carbs and grease – it’s a win-win.

best pizza in the netherlands

22. Gusto – Rotterdam

At Gusto, they prioritize local organic produce above all else. Keeping a seasonal menu, they strive to only serve the freshest pies at all time. Since the menu is seasonal, you’ll always have something new to try. If available, we recommend the ‘Quattro Formaggi’

best pizza in the netherlands

23. Vincenzo’s – The Hague

While relatively new to The Hague, Vincenzo’s has quickly gained popularity as one of the best pizza spots in town. The crust is always freckled just enough with the right amount of fresh ingredients served in an authentic setting. Their old school Italian interior just makes the place all the more charming.
best pizza in the netherlands

24. La Pizza – Rotterdam

La Pizza expertly tosses together insanely good meats, fresh veggies and robust tomato sauce to create a delicious pie 100% of the time. Take your pick from all the classics such as margherita, pepperoni and four cheese, either way, you’ll definitely be back for more.

25. Pizza Beppe – Utrecht

At Pizza Beppe they are all about tradition. They follow old-world Italian pizza recipes that bring loads of character and flavour to every pie. We recommend feasting on any of their traditional pies and polishing it off with a dessert.

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