Pizza In Split

The 7 Best Places For Pizza In Split

With such close proximity to Italy across the Adriatic Sea, Croatia’s second-largest city has its fair share of creamy pastas and charred pizza, as well as local Croatian cuisine. When it comes to the pizza in Split, you’re in for a real treat.

Wander along the promenade and through cobblestone streets for a feast at some of our top picks of Split pizzerias…

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1. Pizzeria Bokamorra

This stylish pizzeria and cocktail bar is well known as being one of the top places to eat in Split, gaining a strong reputation since opening in 2019. The pizzas here are proper Neapolitan style, with thick, chewy crusts that have just the right amount of blister and char. Try the truffle pizza, or the Porco Mio which comes with a side of lardo for adding on top to melt on the pizza.

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2. Pizzeria Gušt

Wander away from the main streets and you’ll find this authentic pizzeria, with their custom wood-burning oven in pride of place in the middle of the restaurant. Watching the dough get shaped and flung is part of the fun, as is eating the tasty end product. It’s no-frills, and all flavour. Just how proper pizza should be.

3. Konoba Pizzeria Feral

For a taste of local ingredients and quality Mediterranean food,  Konoba Pizzeria never disappoints. All of their food is homemade using local products from nearby farms, fish markets and bakeries, and the olive oil they drizzle on the pizza comes from the owner’s own olive grove. It’s no wonder it’s so popular with locals and tourists alike.

4. Galija

Galija is a super popular, long-serving restaurant where pizzas are still made using the original recipe from 1980. The flames of the woodburning oven haven’t gone out in decades, and it’s a true local spot that’s off the beaten track. With fresh dough and gourmet local ingredients, the pizza here is a real treat.

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5. Gourmet Bar Basta

Anyone who’s ever eaten at Basta raves about two things: the scenic waterfront location and the incredible pizzas. They stick to traditional Italian methods here, resulting in a pie that will transport you straight to Naples. The base is light as air, the crusts have a nice amount of char and there’s all sorts of toppings you can add. Must-eats include the Mortadella.

Pizza In Split

6. Merlin Bistro

If you like your pizza with a nice thin and crispy base and lots of toppings, then you’ll be a huge fan of Merlin Bistro. This warm and welcoming local restaurant has a tempting menu full of Croatian specialties, but the pizza is an essential dish to order. One bite of that crunchy crust and gooey cheese and you’ll agree.

Pizza In Split

7. Velo Misto

Settle in at Velo Misto for breathtaking sea views, top notch service and mouthwatering food. It’s tough to pick just one highlight from the menu here, but the pizza is divine. Take a seat on the terrace and get ready for a feast of woodfired pies with toppings such as gorgonzola cheese, local Dalmatian prosciutto or fresh vegetables.

Pizza In Split

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