Where to Find the Best Pizzas in Anaheim

The 7 Best Pizzas In Anaheim

In Orange County, it’s pretty hard to come up with a list of the best pizzas in Anaheim

There are so many great pizza places to try, all with their own unique flavours, that it’s almost a crime to rank the top seven.

However, there are certain places that definitely do stand out. Whether you’re just in town for a quick visit or you’re a local looking for a new place to try, here’s where you can find the best pizzas in Anaheim.

Best Pizzas In AnaheimHow do these rankings work?

1. The Pizza Press

With a theme that uses the old printing press as a base, The Pizza Press urges customers to “create their own story.” You’ll get to publish your own pizza, so to speak, which means that you’re truly able to take part in constructing the perfect dish for your tastebuds.

If you simply want to choose a pre-made pizza, their menu items are creatively titled using publishing themes. Choose from customer favourites, which include The Tribune and The Times.

Pizza Press Famous Anaheim Pizza Places

2. Pizza Boy

Pizza Boy serves one of the best pizzas in Anaheim, in part due to the fact that a slice will cost you less than $2. With a variety of toppings to choose from and a create-your-own pizza option, this is a great place for travellers who want to customise their meal.

If you’re staying in the area and are looking to get pizza delivered to your Airbnb, then definitely check out Pizza Boy. They’re a better alternative to the traditional Papa John’s and Dominos.

Best Pizza Delivery in Anaheim

3. Cortina’s Italian Market

This family-owned market serves up some of the best pizzas in Anaheim, and they’ve been doing so since 1963. Locals and travellers alike rave about the quality of the pizza here, along with the sheer variety of menu options.

You can dive into a dish of their chicken Italiano, which comes topped with smoked mozzarella. Or, opt to taste a bit of the East Coast and try their New York thin-crust cheese pizza.

4. Marri’s Pizza

Travellers love that Marri’s is super close to Disneyland, make it the perfect place for dinner after a day exploring the park. Frequent guests even suggest ordering the extra-large pizza so that you have some to take home for the following day!

One of the best parts about the pizza at Marri’s is that they use a pretty thick crust. It’s a nice break from the Napoletana thin-crust pizzas in the area, and it’s always light and fluffy.

Best Pizzas in Anaheim Delivery

5. Ecco Pizza Shoppe

Even though the pizza here is marketed as being somewhat Napoletana, they make their crust in such an interesting way that it seems as if they’ve invented an entirely new type of pizza.

Pizzas here feature a super-thin, cracker-like crust that’s intriguing, to say the least. Try their Diavola, which comes topped with fresh chillies and thin slices of Calabrese salami and then topped with chilli oil.

It’s worth noting that the Anaheim location is currently moving, so that means you might have to head to Irvine or Costa Mesa to get your Ecco fix.

The Best Pizzas in Anaheim

6. Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana

If you’ve travelled all over Italy and are looking for a taste of Naples right in the heart of California, then try a piece of pie at Fuoco. 

The pizza oven they use here was imported straight from Italy, and it infuses such an authentic taste into every pizza they bake. Furthermore, the ingredients they use always taste extra fresh, which makes it worth the short drive up to Fullerton.

Where to Find the Best Pizzas in Anaheim

7. California Pizza Kitchen

While it’s true that California Pizza Kitchen does serve pretty good pizza, this one made this list for pure novelty value. You can’t travel to Southern California, or California in general, and not try California Pizza Kitchen, okay?

While you’re not going to feel flooded with authentic flavours from ingredients flown in straight from Italy, the pizza is good and it’s worth trying at least once. It’s like going to In-N-Out, which is a California travel staple for international visitors as well.

California Pizza Kitchen Tourist Pizza in Anaheim

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