Best Pizzas in Portland Maine

The 7 Best Pizzas In Portland, Maine

Pizza in Portland, Maine? It’s some of the best in the entire country. From small hometown diners to places prepping pies the size the state, you’ll find everything you’re looking for right here.

With so many options, in fact, it’s hard to narrow down the best. What’s a weary traveller to do? We’ve got you covered. Here are our picks for the seven best pizzas in Portland, Maine. Prepare to enter foodie paradise.

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There’s no denying that OTTO is home to some of the best pizza in Portland, Maine. Heck, they might even serve some of the best pizzas in all of the state of Maine. Even the locals agree. It’s been a staple in the local pizza community since it opened in 2009, famous for everything from their dough and sauce to delectable toppings.

Best Pizzas in Portland Maine

2. The Pizza Joint

The Pizza Joint has been slinging pies ever since 1977. So, it’s easy to see that they’ve had time to perfect their recipe. And, boy, is it near perfect. They’re pretty liberal with the toppings without going too overboard. Flavours are balanced and everything is delightfully cooked to perfection. Oh, and they’ve got six sizes to choose from depending on whether you’re looking to share or not.

3. Portland House of Pizza

Casual digs, tasty Italian food, and the option to easily take-away to enjoy at home all make Portland House of Pizza one of the absolute best spots for travellers in Maine to enjoy quality, tasty pies. Order it fresh and hot to enjoy on-site or take it away to ensure you’ve got something truly scrumptious to indulge in back at your Airbnb or hotel after a long day of exploring the charming city of Portland.

4. Slab

As the name suggests, Slab serves, well, slabs of authentic Sicilian pizza. The full name of the restaurant is Slab Sicilian Street Food. So, expect to be able to enjoy a variety of other unique treats here. Their billowy slabs of mouthwatering pizza, however, are the main show of any evening spent dining here. If you’re lucky enough to visit on a day when they have live music, it’s a total experience from beginning to end.

Portland Maine Best Pizza

5. Pizza Villa

Greek-style pizza is the specialty at Pizza Villa. They’re easily some of the best pizzas in Portland, Maine, in part for their full flavour and in part for their creativity. They’ve got a connected bar, too, which is perfect for enjoying some of the spot’s finest beers along with your fresh, hot, cheesy pizza.

Where to Eat the Best Pizza in Portland Maine

6. Micucci’s Grocery

With a name like Micucci’s this place nearly screams authenticity. The grocery store is charming and quaint, making it easy to miss it on any long list of the best spots for pizza in Portland, Maine. However, their Sicilian-style slabs of pizza are so mouthwatering and delicious that there’s no way you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings with just one.

7. Lazzari

Lazzari is one of the more modern places for pizza in Portland. The restaurant feels trendy and inviting, making it a great spot to dive into pizza as you relax amongst your surroundings. Here, you can indulge in wood-fired pizzas along with a pretty extensive menu of other Italian dishes, appetizers, and more.

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