Steak Puerto Rico

The 7 Best Places For Steak In Puerto Rico

Nothing beats a night out at a great steak house; the good news is that the steak in Puerto Rico is some of the best you’ll eat. Big, juicy and oh-so tasty.

With such endless choice and so many world-class options, we decided to pick the best of the best, with seven must-visit places on the island. It’s a delicious mix of gourmet steakhouses and casual bistecca restaurants.

Best Places For Steak In Puerto Rico

1. Sage Steak Loft

This classy steakhouse is located in the first level of O:live Boutique Hotel and is a must-visit for a gourmet feed on date night. They cook up some of the very best steak in Puerto Rico, including Wagyu and Tomahawk cuts with Bearnaise or Rioja jus.

They don’t over complicate things, because when you have their produce and technique you simply don’t need to.

2. Vaca Brava

Vaca Brava is a fantastic local Puerto Rican restaurant in San Juan that’s the literal definition of a meat lover’s dream come true. Tender and juicy grilled meats come in various cuts, served on a rod with rice, fried plantain and fries. There’s also tasty Angus sirloin steak with a creamy mushroom sauce.

Its cosy atmosphere and friendly staff are the cherry on top.

3. El Jibarito

There’s nothing fancy here, just amazing quality beef cooked to perfection. El Jibarito is the place to come for Puerto Rico steak that’s so tender it melts in the mouth, with a perfect smokey flavour. It’s been a local favourite since opening in 1977 and still excels with its menu of local eats and grilled skirt steak.

Want something else to share? They also serve up amazing wings stuffed with shrimp, crab or ham and cheese.


Make your way to the scenic mountain town of Ciales for this amazing steakhouse. It serves up grilled steaks and other meats, in huge portions that are perfect for sharing. Add rice and beans, tostonesmofongo, and more to finish off your feast.

For a serious feed, order the Cowboy steak with fluffy white rice, bacon and some rich creole beans.

5. Santaella

Want a memorable night out at one of the top restaurants in Puerto Rico? You’ll find all that and so much more here. Chef José Santaella uses fresh local ingredients as his inspiration and gives traditional criollo recipes a unique and moderne twist.

There’s Cuban skirt steak with housemade chimichurri, or a juicy Angus filet mignon with a droolworthy portobello and red wine creamy sauce.

6. Rare 125

The only tough thing about Rare 125 is trying to pick which of their incredible cuts of meat to choose from – there’s their famous Tenderloin Au Poivre with a blue cheese crust (*drools*), filet mignon, Tomahawk rib eye and so much more.

All the meat is grilled with high heat, seared and nicely charred for full flavour.

Steak Puerto Rico

7. Oceano

This sleek ocean-side eatery is a seafood paradise with dishes such as grilled swordfish, and a colossal shrimp mofongo, but their Angus steak is also outstanding. It comes with malanga gratin & a red wine guava sauce and is so tender.

It might be seafood-centric, but it’s also one of the best spots for steak in Puerto Rico.

Steak Puerto Rico

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