50 Best Places For Remote Working in 2021

It’s no surprise that the world of remote workers and digital nomads is growing at a rapid rate. With more and more yearning for an independent work environment coupled with the freedom to travel, remote working is on its way to the mainstream field. Not to mention, the ongoing pandemic has especially forced many to reconsider where they are basing themselves. Simply put, remote working is the future, and it’s on its way fast. That’s why we put together a list of the best cities to work from remotely in 2021.

Our core data of affordability and internet access has been gathered from the folks over at Nomad List with many other variables taken into account, including countries which offer specific Digital Nomad visas, and where to find the coolest co-working spaces and expat friendly communities. Whether you are already living a digital nomad lifestyle, or are aiming for one, this list has you covered. 

Best Places for Remote Working in 2021

50. Wellington, New Zealand 

Wellington is a bumping spot for 18-30-year-olds from all corners of the globe looking to work remotely and take advantage of New Zealand‘s stunning scenery and laidback Kiwi culture. Whether you’re a digital nomad backpacker, techie or online teacher, there’s a remote working scene for everyone in Wellington. Not to mention, there are more than 20,000 free wifi hotspots throughout the city to give you more than enough peace of mind. Think Wellington may fit the bill for you? Check out their Working Holiday visa here. 

How to get around Wellington

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49. Mexico City, Mexico

As a whole, Mexico has been amping up its expat scene over the past few decades, and Mexico City is no exception. The bustling capital is known for its welcoming atmosphere, affordability, good quality of life and well-connected expat hubs. For digital nomads, the process of staying in Mexico longterm is pretty straightforward, and there are plenty of unique neighbourhoods to make a home in. From Roma to Zocalo, there’s a corner of Mexico City for everyone and it can be yours for around $500/mo. Most importantly, the wifi is reliable, and there is a huge host of things to keep you busy in your downtime. 

How to get around Mexico

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48. Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

When looking for a good spot to live out your days as a digital nomad, Spain may not be the first place that comes to mind. However, the Canary Islands might surprise you, especially Las Palmas. This European digital nomad hotspot is known for its year-round tropical weather complete with stunning beaches and mountains, plus a thriving food and nightlife scene to keep you busy off the clock. According to Nomad List, $2,350/month should have you taken care of. 

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47. Prague, Czech Republic

In recent years the Czech Republic has gained a reputation for its lenient “Zivno” visa that caters to freelance/self-employed people outside the EU. Depending on your occupation and funds as a DN, the Czech Republic might be a good fit. After all, who doesn’t want to live in the cobblestoned dream that is Prague’s old town? In addition to being rich in charm and history; the capital is a practical option for expats as it is affordable, well connected and hosts a variety of other expats to connect with. 

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46. Lisbon, Portugal

Want to spend your afternoons working in one of Lisbon’s countless quirky coffee shops or how about cranking out some tasks seaside at Cascais? Lisbon is an obvious draw for digital nomads who are looking for a little bit of everything in terms of food, scenery, ease of living and culture. Fortunately, Portugal is now offering a temporary resident visa which allows digital nomads to stay in the country’s borders for more than a year. 

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45. Barbados

Barbados made headlines earlier last year when it announced its remote worker visa complete with a stamp allowing digital nomads to live and work remotely on the island for one year. This tropical Caribbean paradise is literally the dream workspace. Fill your off days with long walks on the beach, try out the infinite local rum choices or take up surfing; either way, the quality of life outside work is nearly unmatched. Take your pick from the island’s four main towns – Bridgetown, Holetown, Oistins and Speightstown. 

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44. Zurich, Switzerland

Looking for a place to settle down as a remote worker? Zurich may fit the bill. Switzerland is another nation that is consistently ranking high on the list of great places for expats and digital nomads. The alpine nation is famous not just for its chocolate, cheese and idyllic mountain villages, but also its thriving economy and extremely high quality of life. The fashionable city of Zurich is known for its stellar transportation, ease of access to the outdoors and comfortability for digital nomads. You can expect consistent, reliable internet of around 28 Mbps, some of the best air quality in Europe, incredible healthcare, social systems and many other perks. 

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43. Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain gets a good rap for digital nomads for a few reasons – it boasts low crime rates, high quality of life, and is incredibly affordable for a biz hub in the Middle East. Especially when compared to its Dubai and Abu Dabi neighbours in the UAE. Manama is the nation’s super modern and sleek capital and has a thriving digital nomad scene. It’s not only very well connected to the rest of the regions, but it’s also one of the most important trading centres in the Middle East. According to Nomad List, you can find an apartment smack dab in the city centre for no more than $800/mo and enjoy a dinner for under $6.

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42. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town sometimes gets a bad rap for its droughts, iffy wifi and occasional safety concerns. However, it still manages to reel in digital nomads by the thousands. Despite having a few drawbacks, Cape Town boasts an incredibly connected expat and digital nomad scene from all corners of the globe. The scenery doesn’t hurt, either. Situated right on the water, surrounded by mountains and chockfull of colourful markets and quirky neighbourhoods, Cape Town is all about the atmosphere. 

How to get around Cape Town

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41. Melbourne, Australia

Often coined the culture and arts capital of Australia, it’s no wonder the Victorian gem is a favourite among tourists, locals and digital nomads alike. You’ll find a whole host of things to do whether you’re up for lounging on the beach, hiking a mountain, sipping Australian wine or diving into Melbourne’s food and drink scene. Moreover, Melbourne boasts one of the best coffee and cafe cultures in the world. More practically speaking, Melbourne is famous for its world-class public transport, ease of living and an infinite number of cafes perfect for getting work done plus a great public wifi setup. 

How to get around Melbourne

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40. Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan’s capital city is an unbelievably great option for remote workers. High quality of life? Check. Safety? Check. Reliable, fast wifi? Check. Affordability? Double-check. No matter your remote occupation, Taipei is a great option. It’s loaded with quirky coworking spaces, affordable accommodation and is a great gateway to explore the rest of Asia in your downtime. Another perk is that it hasn’t been completely overrun by tourists, meaning most of the local culture is still incredibly preserved, and your life there will feel more authentic. 

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39. Medellín, Colombia

Don’t be so quick to write Colombia off for its Narcos and Escobar roots. The thriving Andean nation is much safer than you think and is quickly making its mark in the remote worker world. Strewn across lush green mountains with more barrios than you can count, Medellin is a great choice as a hub for digital nomads. Not only is it one of Colombia’s most accessible, affordable and up and coming cities, it’s also very well connected to the rest of the region. This means when you aren’t spending your days working in one of the cities many cafes, you can explore all the rest that Colombia has to offer. 

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38. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest; you vibrant, quirky, historically rich melting pot of a capital, you. When it comes to thriving cities for remote workers in central Europe, Budapest is a cut above the rest. The internet zooms at 34 MBPS, coworking spaces abound, and the overall cost of living shouldn’t set up back more than $2,000/month. Often referred to as the “Paris of the East” it’s no wonder that Budapest is also a cultural hub just dying to be explored. 

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37. Aruba 

Aruba, whose national slogan is “One Happy Island” has launched a remote worker visa which they’ve aptly coined the “One Happy Workcation” program. The Dutch Caribbean island is famous for its pristine beaches and lively locals who are sure to make you feel right at home. To qualify, you’ll need to prove that you are employed by a foreign company or are self-employed to ensure you won’t be taking any Arubian jobs. Fair enough, right? They’ve even sweetened the deal with several wifi stations throughout the island and hotels that are offering packages to fit your office needs. Plus, for an island nation, the cost of living is extremely reasonable.

Read more about the One Happy Workcation initiative here. 

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36. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is an assault on the senses in all the right ways. It’s loud, it’s exciting, it’s chaotic and rough and yes, a bit challenging at times. Bangkok offers almost 10 million residents so you’ll find everything from NYC skyscrapers with a bustling business centre to infinite food carts and buzzing markets to ancient temples and sprawling ruins. Thanks to the low cost of living, you can explore it all and more in your off time. Thanks to its huge reputation as an expat hub in recent years, there are loads of coworking cafes, 20 MBPS internet and well-connected networking groups. 

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35. Lima, Peru

Similar to its Colombian neighbour, Peru has been moving up in the remote worker’s scene in recent years. Lima, the nation’s capital, is particularly popular among digital nomads for its foreigner-friendly visa options, wonderful cost of living and plethora of coworking spaces to make your days as productive as possible. For a one-bedroom studio in the city centre, you’re looking at around 300-400 bucks, and monthly expenses generally sit around $1,000/month. Plus, Lima is a great jumping-off point for the rest of Peru and the surrounding nations, including Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Ecuador. 

How to get around Lima

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34. Santiago, Chile 

Speaking of Chile, the Chilean capital of Santiago has become quite a hotspot for digital nomads. Not only are its central location and affordability big draws for people looking to work abroad and travel at the same time, but it’s also home to one of the best standards of living on the continent and is considered to be South America’s happiest country. When it comes to getting around, Santiago is extremely walkable and well connected via public transport. There are also a huge variety of insta-worthy cafes throughout the arts district perfect for sipping some brews while working. You will need a bit of Spanish to get by, but the low rent, ease of visa and networking opportunities way make up for it. 

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33. Quito, Ecuador

While not nearly as well known as other South American hubs like Peru, Medellin, Santiago and Buenos Aires, Quito is just as good an option for remote workers. Home to colourful Ecuadorian streets, vibrant markets and a super charming old town, you’ll never get bored. The Ecuadorian capital is also home to several coworking spaces and a very connected expat group to get you settled right in. Fun fact; Quito is the second-highest capital in the world soaring at 9,350 feet. Don’t worry though, the hardly $1,400/month cost of living far outweighs any initial dizziness. 

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32. Madrid, Spain

Spain’s capital may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of ideal spots around the globe to work remotely but hear us out. Madrid has incredible walkability, general safety, good air quality, and tons of well-known coworking spaces like Impact Hub, The Shed and Colabora. In addition to an average internet speed of 20 Mbps, the city is chockfull of free-wifi spaces and charming cafes perfect for “long days at the office.” Additionally, it’s a great base for exploring the rest of Spain. After all, you can reach Barcelona, Valencia and the Canary Islands without really lifting a finger. 

How to get around Madrid

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31. Porto, Portugal

First and foremost, Porto is gorgeous. Intricately tiled buildings galore, charming cobblestoned streets, warm and welcoming locals plus wine, wine and more wine. Not only is it stunning, but it’s a nice reprieve from the bustling barrios of Lisbon and has a slow, laidback atmosphere about it. Spend your days working from the cities many cafes or hit up bumping coworking spots like Porto.io or OPO Lab; then, enjoy a sunset dinner on the river or pay a visit to the countless surrounding wineries. When compared to Lisbon, you’ll also save quite a few bucks. A one-bedroom studio in the centre will run you about $600/month. 

How to get around Porto

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30. Tel Aviv, Israel

The cultural hotspot of Tel Aviv is easily one of the most vibrant cities on the Mediterranean. Not only is it home to incredible weather, a delightful food scene, stunning beaches and cultural experiences; it’s also one of the best spots to work remotely. The internet sits around 15 Mbps on average, the safety, walkability and quality life rank very high, and the city is loaded with free wifi. Comparatively, rent can run a bit steeper than others on this list with a one-bedroom costing around $1,500/mo; however, the rich history, reliable internet and tranquil way of life make it a great choice for digital nomads. 

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29. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

If you’re looking for a bang for your buck, year-round balmy sunny days and incredible quality of life; Ho Chi Minh City is the place to be. This vibrant city in southern Vietnam is famous among expats and locals alike for its great affordability, variety of local markets and ease of living. Whether you’re looking for consistent coworking spaces or just want reliable internet and a variety of work cafes, you’re covered. In fact, there are even co-living initiatives such as Spiced.

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28. Marrakech, Morocco

Who wouldn’t love to live in a city chock full of French and Arab culture with more historic charm than you can imagine? Marrakech is just that. Renowned for its colourful architecture, buzzing souks in diverse cultural influence, it’s no wonder Marrakech is on many a bucket list for digital nomads and tourists alike. Thanks to its diverse economy, high quality of life and simple visa requirements, it’s slowly making its way into the digital nomad scene. Curious if you qualify to stay long term? Read all about that here. 

How to get around Marrakech

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27. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Situated in the heart of Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of culture, history and insanely good food. Even better, it’s surprisingly affordable, is home to super friendly locals and is loaded with comfortable accommodation that’ll really bring your new home together. While there may not be a ton of large coworking spots, there are an infinite number of cafes that function as a coworking space and are 10x as charming. Plus, the internet stays at about 17 Mbps, a one-bedroom shouldn’t set you back more than around $600 a month, and dinner should run about $5, tops. 

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26. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul has a huge reputation for being the most influential tech hub in Asia and possibly the world. Thanks to this, you’ll never be left wanting for super-fast internet and insight into the digital world. While employment prospects for westerners are pretty slim, if you’re a remote worker, you’re in huge luck if you can afford the slightly higher cost of living. In addition to being the beating heart of South Korea, Seoul is loaded with some of the best food east Asia can offer and a lively local culture that just can’t be beaten. A one-bedroom in the city centre should put you around $1,000 in rent, and your total cost of living should hover around $2,500. 

How to get around Seoul

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25. Tokyo, Japan

If you’re not as concerned about the cost of living and are more about a work hard, play hard lifestyle, Tokyo is for you. This vibrant, bustling city is fantastic for its stellar transport, incredible nightlife, mind-blowing cuisine and general atmosphere that will leave you breathless. In addition, Tokyo is known for its high level of safety, reliable internet (28 Mbps) and kind locals. Thanks to its massive size and melting pot of cultures from all over the world, there are tons of coworking spaces to choose from. If you play your cards right, you can land a one-bedroom studio in the city centre for around $1,500.

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24. Antigua and Barbuda

Last fall, the dual-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda announced that they are now welcoming remote workers under their brand new Nomad Digital Residence Program which is just a fancy way of saying ‘digital nomad visa.’ Thanks to this, as long as you can meet their income requirements and prove that you are self-employed, you can live it up in the Caribbean for two years. Spend your days working from white sand beaches and spend your evenings sampling the local rum varieties; then, on the weekends hit up a hiking trail or a cooking class. The world, or, two islands at least, are yours. Curious about how the digital nomad visa works? Read more here. 

St John’s, Antigua

23. Bermuda

Speedy 18 Mbps internet, jaw-dropping beaches, zesty local food and year-round balmy weather that screams “paradise” are just a few things to look forward to when working remotely in Bermuda. This gorgeous Atlantic island is one of the best spots to work remotely, and don’t just take our word for it, Bermuda boasts one of the largest populations of expat workers per capita in the world. The pristine island nation offers a year-long residency certificate that is geared toward remote workers meaning you can live out your beachside zoom call dreams in one of the Atlantic’s most beautiful islands. 

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22. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is one of the world’s most sought after travel destinations for tourists and long term remote workers alike. When it comes to expats, Dubai puts up some pretty impressive numbers, too. Each year, the Emirate gem reels in more than 200,000 expats looking to live the luxe life and indulge a little bit. Is the price tag pretty steep? Well, yes. But Dubai is easily one of the most luxurious cities in the world. Not only that, Dubai is regularly ranked as one of the best places to live around the globe and boasts an incredibly high quality of life. If you’re prepared to pay the price of around $2,000 for a studio in one of the Middle East’s most interesting cities, Dubai might be the right fit for you. 

How to get around Dubai

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21. Krakow, Poland

Krakow is one of Central Europe’s most bumping digital nomad spots. Thanks to its rich history, endless things to do and well-connected expat community, it’s a huge draw for remote workers who want to land in Europe. Easily the biggest perk about Krakow is its affordability and internet speed which averages at around 27 Mbps. Despite being one of Poland’s largest cities, Krakow maintains a small-town charm thanks to its tight-knit neighbourhoods.

How to get around Krakow

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20. Kyiv, Ukraine 

If you can handle a cold winter and don’t mind learning a bit of Ukrainian, Kyiv is for you. This vibrant capital city is perfect for every type of remote worker looking to explore a unique culture over a long stay period. Not only is the wifi solid but there are loads of coworking spaces, and Kyiv has great connections to the rest of Europe, making it a practical option for those who want to indulge in budget travel. Next up, is Kyiv’s affordability. A studio in the city centre shouldn’t set you back more than $500 and dinner no more than five bucks; giving you plenty of extra cash to spend exploring the region. 

How to get around Kyiv

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19. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Fancy spending your days working beachside with a margarita in hand with gorgeous year-round weather? Playa del Carmen has it all and then some. This cosy Mayan Riviera heaven is known for its well-connected expat community and ease of living. Plus, affordable accommodation from swanky upscale apartments to charming beachfront homes and a thriving start-up culture. Even better? Playa del Carmen is a great connection for exploring the rest of Mexico, even though the killer sunsets and powdery beaches will make you never want to leave.

18. Vilnius, Lithuania

Right out of the gate, Lithuania is one of the leaders in Europe for internet speed averaging at 45 Mbps, and while this alone makes it a huge pull for digital nomads, there’s much more to it than that. Vilnius not only has incredibly reliable and fast internet perfect for your hours long zoom meetings or hefty downloads, but its also home to a thriving tech-scene, is incredibly affordable and loaded with things to do in your free time. 

How to get around Vilnius

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17. Malta

Malta has been attracting remote workers thanks to its high standard of living, low crime rate and tax perks. Whether you’re after affordability, fast internet, or just looking for a change of scenery; Malta has you covered. The Mediterranean nation also maintains an island atmosphere while still having a convenient connection to the rest of Europe. And, despite its size, there are tons of things to do on your off days from baroque cathedrals to rugged cliffside shores. 

How to get around Malta

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16. Thessaloniki, Greece

Who doesn’t dream of living in an ancient, picturesque city in the heart of the Mediterranean? Complete with vibrant food, friendly locals and stunning scenery, In Thessaloniki, you’ll get all that and then some. Here you’ll find reliable internet speeds of 15 Mbps, a high level of safety and a low cost of living. When it comes to your office space, Thessaloniki has loads of charming cafes perfect for an afternoon of work along with the famous co-live and co-work space, Coho.

15. Shanghai, China 

Despite China flying largely under the radar in most remote worker circles, Shanghai offers a whole world of opportunity. The ultra-modern city is surrounded by stunning landscapes, ancient city walls and loads of history within the city and region. Peppered throughout you’ll find loads of accommodation on the cheap and hundreds of working spaces from buzzing coworking spots to every type of cafes you can imagine. Thanks to its massive size, there is an infinite number of neighbourhoods to choose from with affordable rent that shouldn’t set you back more than $700 a month.

14. Austin, Texas

Fancy living and working in a city coined the “Music Capital of the World?” Austin, Texas, is constantly topping charts for best places to live and work in the USA, and that includes remote-working. The Lone Star capital is home to some of the best live music in the world, an insanely great food scene, and great mixup of outdoor activities. When it comes to the internet, you’ll never be let down – the average speed sits at 66 Mbps. Then, there’s the coworking situation. Thanks to the huge influx of digital nomads, there are tons and tons of coworking spaces to choose from. Don’t want to pay for office space? Hit up any one of the cities insta-worthy cafes. 

How to get around Austin

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13. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of Europe’s most culturally rich cities loaded with rich history and some of the continent’s best food. Straddled on the border between Asia and Europe, this bustling capital is a colourful crossroads in and of itself. Thanks to its affordable variety of accommodation, i.e. $300 studio in the city centre, ease of internet access and freelancer-friendly visas, it’s a huge hit for remote workers. If you’re looking for a city that provides a great social life, a wide variety of cultural attractions and all the perks a remote worker needs like wifi connectivity and coworking spaces, Istanbul has you set. 

How to get around Istanbul

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12. Saint Petersburg, Russia

The charming European atmosphere and unique local culture far outweigh the brutal winters you’ll be met with in Saint Petersburg. Not only does it provide excellent access to the rest of Europe, but it’s also an ideal base to explore more of Russia. It’s not just the ambience that makes it a huge pull for remote expat workers; it’s also the affordability, internet speed, and high safety standard. An apartment in the city centre shouldn’t set you back more than $400, and dinner should put you around $10, tops.

image: Visit-Petersburg/Facebook

11. Vancouver, Canada

More craft beer than you can handle, beach yoga galore and majestic mountains await in Vancouver. While it is a bit pricier depending on your line of work, the pros far outweigh the cons. Not only is the city extremely developed and well connected, but the tech scene here is also one of the fastest emerging in the world right now. Thanks to its close proximity to Seattle, Portland and Silicon Valley, there are more than a few opportunities to be had at this Canadian coastal gem. Begin by checking out how Canada’s points system works here. 

How to get around Vancouver

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10. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Despite its tongue twister of a name, Ljubljana is extremely convenient and practical for foreign remote workers. Located just a few hours from some of Croatia’s most stunning beaches; vibrant Italian cities and Slovenia’s majestic countryside; it’s a prime location for a home base in Europe. In the capital city, you’ll find loads of affordable accommodation that shouldn’t make you cough up more than $500 bucks per month. Best perk for remote workers? According to Nomad List, the average speed in Ljubljana is 50 Mbps. 

How to get around Ljubljana

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9. Hanoi, Vietnam

Crazy rich history, unbelievable food and mega-affordable accommodation are a few things to look forward to at Vietnam’s capital. Hanoi is loaded with cheap coworking spaces; plus a well-connected digital nomad community, and loads of comfy accommodations to make it feel like home. Spend the day coworking at UP or COGO or hit up one of the many cafes perfect for afternoon productivity. When you aren’t working, there are an infinite number of local dishes that will literally warm your soul. Plus, tons of nearby sites to explore such as the Temple of Literature and Hoan Kiem Lake. See more about the monthly cost of living here.

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Considering taking your digital nomad gig to South America? Argentina may be the best choice. Buenos Aires has been one of the best-kept secrets for remote workers for ages. Not only does it have a strong start-up sect, there are also a variety of affordable neighbourhoods and foreigner-friendly visas. Thanks to the rise in digital nomads opting for Buenos Aires, there has been a huge boom in coworking spaces. We’ll admit, with internet speed hovering at 20mbps, it’s less about the speed and more about the amenities; like a convenient timezone, stellar USD conversion and tons of bucket list destinations within arms reach. 

How to get around Buenos Aires

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7. Singapore

Singapore is constantly topping lists for one of the best places for expats to live in the world. Thanks to its stable economy, favourable business environment and melting pot of opportunity for remote workers; it’s not hard to see why. Depending on your career, Singapore is an excellent gateway to the Asian market. It’s more costly than most counties that are remote worker-friendly; but the 93 Mbps internet, high level of safety and endless career opportunities far make up for it. 

6. Berlin, Germany 

Famous for its gorgeous Bavaria region down south, vibrant beer scene and bustling art mecca – aka Berlin; it’s no wonder Germany is a massive pull for tourists and expats alike. Thanks to Germany’s comparably lenient freelancer visa, it’s a great option for those digital nomads to relocate longterm. Moreover, Germany’s standard of living, economic security and quality of life is one of the best Europe has to offer. Learn more about the freelance visa, or “Frierberufler” here.

How to get around Berlin

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5. Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Over the past decade or so, Chiang Mai has become something of a rite of passage for digital nomads worldwide. It’s the perfect makeup of affordability, visa flexibility, fast internet speed and overall atmosphere. You can network your tail off here in the incredibly diverse and connected expat community, take advantage of the countless coworking spaces or just do your own thing in your super affordable accommodation. After all, a studio in the centre will only set you back about 300-400 bucks. Then, there’s everything else. Chiang Mai is the perfect entry into Thai culture and a great hub for exploring the rest of the region. 

4. Bali, Indonesia

By now, everyone knows that the Indonesian province of Bali is a mecca for digital nomads. Countless coworking spaces, connected community, colourful night scene and unbelievably rich local culture are just a few draws that make Bali the place to be. Thanks to its solidified status as one of the world’s most dense digital communities, wifi is rarely a problem. Additionally, Bali is affordable and an excellent option for those who want to dive into a new culture when they aren’t working. After all, you can snag a cosy cottage with rice terrace views for no more than $400/mo; and enjoy a delicious Balinese feast for shy of $5. 

3. Belgrade, Serbia

Pedestrian streets framed by cafes, galleries and shops galore; loads of new tech and coworking spaces; an ancient fortress and vibrant farmers market are just a few things that will meet you in Serbia’s charming Belgrade. This historic and culturally rich hub is perfect for remote workers. Internet? You’re looking at 24 MBPS no prob. Looking for a coworking space? $100/month. The cost of living is the real appeal here with a monthly average hovering around $1,425. Plus, Serbia’s location makes it a great jumping off point for the rest of the region.

How to get around Belgrade

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2. Tbilisi, Georgia

Over the past several years, Tbilisi has been making big moves in the digital nomad world. Sat in the Caucasus region, the quirky capital has a lot to offer in the way of culture; from its diverse food scene to its long and complicated history, there’s something for everyone. It also serves as a great base for exploring the rest of Georgia. From the frosty Caucasus mountains up north to the pebbled shores of Batumi’s Black Sea coast; the country is as visually appealing as it is affordable. 

Across the city, you’ll find a huge host of cafes perfect for cranking out a day of work along with hot spot coworking spaces like Impact Hub and Lokal. Despite being a relatively small capital city, Tbilisi is chockfull of unique neighbourhoods. Affordable accommodation shouldn’t set you back more than $300-$400 if you play your cards right. 

In light of the pandemic, Georgia has introduced a remote worker visa to enable relocation under the current circumstances. See if you qualify here. 

How to get around Tbilisi

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1. Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia has enacted a new visa in recent years that allows digital nomads to work remotely in the country for up to a year. The capital city is oozing with charm and surprise that will have you living in a real-life Baltic fairytale. More importantly, though, the digital economy here is booming. In fact,  99% of public services available online 24/7, so you’ll never have an issue with internet access. Additionally, the cost of living is relatively low with rent in the city centre falling around $500.

How to get around Tallinn

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