The 7 Best Restaurants For Valentine’s Day In Madrid

Sure, Barcelona might be beachside, and Malaga’s been made famous after Antonio Banderas cast a sexy shadow over the Southern Spanish city. But, there’s truly something to be said about the pure romance and charm that blankets the entire city of Madrid.

Whether it’s the charming parks, the winding streets, or the unique hustle and bustle of a city that’s somehow always on the go but always so calm…it’s hard to know what makes Madrid so romantic. It just is. And, on Valentine’s Day, you’ll find that restaurants ensure both locals and tourists alike truly feel the passion, the Spanish heat.

Looking to spend a dazzling evening along Gran Via or simply want to treat your lover to a dive into some Spanish tapas and wine? These spots think of it all, from the first drink to the last bite of dessert. Book a table at the best restaurants for Valentine’s Day in Madrid and enjoy indulging in something extra special.

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1. Restaurante Ático

Ramón Freixa is a Catalan chef who’s been globally recognised for his culinary brilliance. And, while he’s undertaken various restaurant endeavours, Restaurante Ático is perhaps one of his most charming. You and your date will sit perched atop the Madrid skyline, between the bright, vibrant rooftops of Gran Via. The experience here is described as having “an elegant ambience, sophisticated but familiar that invites a journey through our culinary heritage.” What’s more romantic than that?

Best Restaurants For Valentine’s Day In Madrid

2. Bodega de Los Secretos

Whisk your date away to one of the most romantic restaurants in Madrid. Wander down into 400-year-old caves that twist and turn and spill out into little, intimate alcoves where you’ll be served dinner and some world-class wine. Dining here is a true gastronomic experience in every sense of the word. Superbly-crafted Mediterranean food will tantalise your senses as you and bae sit tucked away together in a small tiny corner of your own. It’s easily one of the best places for Valentine’s Day in Madrid.

3. El Jardín Secreto

There’s a lot to love about El Jardín Secreto. In fact, there might be too much to love about this wildly eclectic Malasaña cafe. Dazzling lights drape across the already vibrant curtains. Mismatched photos hang from the walls. And, the lighting is always so passionately dark that there’s just enough light with which to enjoy a cosy meal for two. Stop by for post-dinner dessert or spend the entire evening here, it’s going to be great either way.


Looking for a spot that delivers the perfect combination of luxury, elegance, and intimacy? CEBO is easily one of the best restaurants for Valentine’s Day in Madrid. They earned a Michelin Star this year for their emotion-based culinary techniques. Dishes are thoughtful and inventive, and the space is oh-so-elegant and enchanting. Simply put, you can’t go wrong if you plan Valentine’s Day dinner here.

Best Restaurants For Valentine’s Day In Madrid

5. Salvador Bachiller

There are three enchanting locations of Salvador Bachiller around Madrid, and while they’re all charming, El Invernadero is one of the absolute most magical spots for a cosy, romantic evening for two. Walking in here feels as if you’ve just stumbled into a Spanish jungle, a Madrileño Alicía en El País de las Maravillas of sorts. Lush greenery and hidden tables create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy getting lost in your own love story this Valentine’s Day.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Madrid

6. Salon des Fleurs

If dark, hidden treasures aren’t quite your thing then perhaps you’d prefer to indulge in some of the city’s sweetest treats. Or, perhaps you love elegant, beautiful flowers. If that sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day to you then head to Salon des Fleurs. A winding staircase will lead you to their tea room, which is overflowing with vibrant colours and the fresh aroma of seasonal flowers.

7. Paco Roncero Restaurante

Dating back to the 1800s, the Casino de Madrid is one of the most opulent spots in the city. Take your date by the hand and surprise them with a visit to this luxurious spot. Then, head straight upstairs to the terrace, or Paco Roncero Restaurante. It’s helmed by, well, Paco Roncero, who previously headed Sublimotion Ibiza. The gastro-show was the most expensive restaurant in the world. So, you know he’s got a few fabulous tricks up his sleeves during an evening of dining here.

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