Steak In Phoenix

The 7 Best Places For Steak In Phoenix

This is a city that has a buzzing foodie scene, but we wanted to focus on one tasty dish in particular and find the best steak in Phoenix. We did show you how to make the ultimate steak at home for those in lockdown, but nothing beats having one made for you by the pros.

One thing is certain, and that is that you will want a big appetite when venturing into these restaurants. You might want to find a couple of your meat-eating friends to bring along with you!

Be prepared to drool as you scroll through the pictures…

The Best Steak In Phoenix

1. Steak 44

This fine-dining restaurant has some stunning private dining rooms, making it the ideal place to come with a group.

Their menu features USDA prime grade beef, the highest grade domestic Wagyu, fresh seafood, unique side dishes, and delicious appetizers. Every last detail has been thought of to ensure an incredible dining experience.

2. Arrowhead Grill

Arrowhead Grill serves their steaks on searing skillets, adding to the theatre of the meal. There are a large variety of cuts to choose form and the wait staff will guide you through the choices.

The side orders are every bit as good as the meat and come piled high. Make sure you arrive here ready to eat a massive feast.

Steak In Phoenix

3. Feeney’s Restaurant & Bar

Feeney’s Restaurant first opened in 1965 (although it has changed ownership since then), so the place has historic pedigree.

The restaurant and bar are super cosy with a snug feeling that will have you instantly feeling at home. While they serve up awesome burgers, the steaks are where this spot really shines.

4. The Capital Grille

Located in the luxurious Biltmore Fashion Park, the restaurant offers exceptional cuisine and wine for both lunch and dinner. They are part of a national chain, which means they have refined what they do down to the very last detail.

There are some wonderful seafood dishes on the menu, but the steak should be your only choice. Wash it down with a glass of red wine and you will be in absolute heaven.

5. The Stockyards Steakhouse

The Stockyards Steakhouse first opened in 1947, and then in 2004 a visionary team painstakingly restored the venue. It is now a popular family friendly location that is known for the great atmosphere and even better food.

The portions are big, the service is friendly and the menu is large, with something tasty for everybody and quality steak.

6. Rustler’s Rooste

This is the perfect place to come if you are in a large group and want some comfort food and great cocktails. The menu features wings, ribs and burgers but you would be foolish to not order their incredible steak.

The meat is melt-in-the-mouth good and comes cooked beautifully charred on the outside with a tender centre.

Steak In Phoenix

7. The Rokerij

Their fillet steak with pepper sauce and the giant onion ring is an absolute delight of a dish, and something that you can’t miss when visiting Phoenix.

Along with a brilliant wine list and super attentive and friendly staff, you will be leaving here with a massive smile on your face.

Steak In Phoenix

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