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The 7 Best Steakhouses In Manila

Nothing beats a night out at a great steakhouse; the good news is that the steak in Manila is some of the best you’ll eat. Big, juicy and oh-so tasty.

With such endless choice and so many world-class options, we decided to pick the best of the best, with seven must-visit places in the city. It’s a delicious mix of gourmet steakhouses and creative, modern restaurants.

The Best Places for Steak in ManilaHow do these rankings work?

1. Elbert’s

Not only is Elbert’s steakhouse Metro’s best of the best when it comes to beef, it’s one of the best steaks in the world. Its speciality is USDA Prime grade beef and fine wines; prime cuts are wet-aged and cooked to a perfect medium rare.

Elbert’s has been flying under the radar, popular only with those in the know. So, we almost don’t want to reveal how special this place is. Finish off the evening in the cosy cigar room.

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2. Mamou – A Home Kitchen

Mamou Kitchen is known countrywide for its fantastic cuts of beef, but it’s the Porterhouse to share that steals the show. The dry aged beef is produced in the U.S.A for 28 days and cooked until rich and juicy.

It’s somewhat of a legend at this stage, and you can rely on it for always serving up some of the best steak in Manila.

best steaks asia

3. Hai Chix

They are locally famous for their comfort food, including soups served in bread bowls, burgers and some of the best desserts in town.

Their steaks though are on another level in terms of the portion size,  the flavour and the perfection with which they are cooked. Get ready for an absolute feast when you walk in here.

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4. L’entrecote Bistro and Upper Room

A French-style steak house in the heart of the city that is absolutely brilliant at what they do. What they do is source, prepare and cook some of the very best steak you could ever imagine.

Along with a huge range of tasty side dishes and house sauces, this is one steak experience that you are not going to forget in a hurry. Get ready to feast on some of the juiciest steaks in Asia.

5. I’m Angus

When it comes to really great steak in this bustling city, this spot is like an oasis of calm where wonderful things happen with food.

The portions are big and the serving style is super traditional. Try the ribeye with baked potato, with a glass of red wine to wash it down with. You will be one happy camper leaving here.

6. Smith Butcher And Grill Room

The steaks at this elegant restaurant are grilled over charcoal and wood for a beautifully smokey flavour. They source only the very best steaks from across the world, from Australian bavette, Irish fillets and US Angus to a Japanese rib eye.

With sauces including black truffle, green peppercorn or wild mushroom, this is a serious feast.

7. House of Wagyu

For the finest Wagyu steaks in the Philippines, make your way to one of the several Manila locations of House of Wagyu. This is a dining experience you won’t forget in a hurry: incredible cuts come served on a hot stone to grill to perfection. With add ons such as lobster tail or king scallops, expect pure indulgence.

best steak Manila

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