Best Steaks in Germany

The 25 Best Steaks In Germany

German cuisine is personified by nearly entirely meat dishes, so it comes as no surprise that the best steaks in Germany are some of the best you’ll find in all of Europe. 

From bratwurst and sauerbraten to the ever-famous pork knuckle, there’s a lot to love about dining out in Germany. However, we’ve gotta say, the steak reigns supreme. And, you don’t have to go too far to find a great one.

Whether you’re travelling through Hamburg and Berlin in search of foodie delights or simply find yourself passing through Munich and are craving a hefty meal, we’ve got you covered. Here are our picks for the 25 best steaks in Germany.

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25th. Die Kartoffel – Ladenburg

If you find yourself in Heidelburg, do yourself a favour and hop on a train to Ladenburg. There, you’ll find Die Kartoffel, a quaint, charming little steakhouse that’s home to some of the best steaks in Germany. Housed inside of a 17th-century building, the atmosphere is historical and charming. The house specialty is an Argentinian Black Angus steak served on a sizzling slab of lava stone. It’s as good as it sounds.

24th. Ontario Canadian Steakhouse – Dresden

While numerous Canadians have pointed out that the steaks served here aren’t quite like you’ll find in Canada, it doesn’t negate the fact that they’re still pretty world-class. Their sirloin steak is cooked to juicy perfection, overflowing with flavour. However, they’ll cut up and serve you meat from pretty much any part of the cow you’d like. From filet to tri-tip steak and even rump steak, they’ve got it all here.

23rd. Steakhouse Piccolo – Leipzig

Located in a charming beer garden, Steakhouse Piccolo is easily the best spot for a tasty steak in Leipzig, especially during the warmer months. You can order from a pretty extensive menu of varied cuts and styles, but frequent guests rave about their rib-eye steak and T-bone. They’re good about cooking to suit your individual flavour preferences, ensuring that each bite is going to blow your mind.

Best Steaks in Germany

22nd. The Longhorn Steakhouse – Düsseldorf

What makes The Longhorn Steakhouse so great is that they offer a great variety of steaks in different sizes, quality and origin. This means that, regardless of what you prefer, you’ll find something that’ll please your palate. Count on nothing short of excellence in terms of preparation, with each of their juicy stakes, coming out seasoned and grilled well. Add on some pretty great wines for pairing and you’re in heaven.

Best Steaks in Germany

21st. Angus Steakhouse – Vilseck

Not only is Angus Steakhouse the best place for steak in the city, but it’s the No. 1 ranked restaurant in all of Vilseck. On top of serving pretty great cocktails to help you kick off your evening, you’ll find that their steaks are some of the best in Germany. They’re absolutely oozing with juices and flavour. The steakhouse itself is next to a US military base, so the quality and style are similar to what you’d find in America.

Best Steaks in Germany

20th. The Bull Steak Expert – Düsseldorf

Offering primarily two different kinds of steaks, The Bull Steak Expert is well regarded as the best steakhouse in the city. Here, you can indulge and treat yourself to a fillet or butterfly or both. The atmosphere is upscale yet laidback, serving as a great place for date night if you find yourself travelling through Düsseldorf. The intimacy of the restaurant ensures you can enjoy a nice glass of wine and some of the best steaks in Germany.

19th. Pier 51 – Stuttgart

While the name suggests this Stuttgart hotspot is a place full of seafood fare, you’ll actually be surprised to find one of the best steaks in Germany at Pier 51. Order the T-bone steak, but do so only if you’re visiting when extremely hungry. It comes with nearly 900g of steak to devour and enjoy. However, you’ll find that pretty much everything else on the menu is just as delectable, including the Argentinian steak.

Best Steaks in Germany

18th. Beisser – Hamburg

Beisser is, first and foremost, a butcher shop. So, it comes as no surprise that they know how to prepare a premium cut of steak. Stop by to order a cut to take home or stay and enjoy the show they put on when flaming up the grill in their open kitchen. The result is the same regardless, a prime piece of steak that’s flavoured and then grilled to perfection. You’re going to want to carve out time to come back for a second visit.

Best Steaks in Germany

17th. El Gaucho – Munich

El Gaucho is the kind of place you’d go for a special event. The upscale steakhouse serves up superb vibes, there’s no doubt about that. But, their steaks are truly out of this world. They source only the best meat and prepare it perfectly according to taste. As an added plus, El Gaucho has locations in Austria as well. So, if you’re travelling over to Austria next, go ahead and plan on treating yourself to the same quality and flavour.

Best Steaks in Germany

16th. Chacarero Steakhouse – Kaiserslautern

This no-frills steakhouse might be a little unassuming. But, after you take your first bite of their Chilean steak. While they specialise in slow-roasted beef, Chilean style, you can order steak a few other ways as well. They’re extremely careful with how they handle, prepare and cook the meat, honouring the circle of life in the process. It’s the best place to taste South America in this part of Germany. You’ll leave very impressed and full.

Best Steaks in Germany

15th. Theresa Restaurant – Munich

You’ll find more than a handful of locals who think Theresa Restaurant serves the best steak in the city. From the great service to the great wine list and all the way through to the steaks, a dining experience here is a true treat from beginning to end. What’s interesting, however, is that guests often rave about the actual quality of the meat more than the actual preparation of it. Both are close to perfection, however, and warrant a try.

14th. Gusto Steakhouse – Saarbrücken

If you’re in the mood for a dry-aged steak that’s cooked to perfection, this is one of the best places in Germany for you. However, excellence doesn’t stop there. You’ll also find that they offer an out-of-this-world Irish Angus steak that’s so juicy you’ll want to stop and savour every single flavour after every single bite. Tender, juicy and absolutely excellent are all words used to describe the steaks here.

13th. Estancia Steaks – Hamburg

It’s easy to find someone in Hamburg who’s been to Estancia Steaks and loved it. They’re consistent with their preparation, delivering quality service and prime steaks each time you visit. Whether you’re ordering an Australian fillet, beef straight from South America, or a boiled fillet cooked from US premium beef, it’s all going to blow your mind and tantalise your taste buds.

12th. Goldhorn Beefclub – Berlin

This place is billed as “one of the world’s most exclusive beef clubs.” And, they mean it when they say exclusive. You can try a variety of beef, including Wagyu, Black Angus, Kôbe beef, Ozaki beef, Galloway or Charolais. They source only the highest quality meat from around the world and it truly shows in the final flavour of whatever you order. Add on the fact that the service here is quality and it’s easy to see why it’s a local favourite.

Best Steaks in Germany

11th. MASH – Hamburg

In Hamburg and looking for a place where you can treat yourself to a complete evening of indulgence and elegance? MASH is one of the most upscale, charming restaurants in Hamburg, serving up superior service and some intimate vibes. Pair any one of their exclusive wines with a steak, of which they offer a delightful variety. Order their Danish dry-aged rib eye and thank us later. It’s one of the most flavourful steaks you’ll ever taste.

Best Steaks in Germany

10th. Buffalo Steakhaus – Frankfurt

This Argentinean steakhouse in the centre of Frankfurt has been serving premium beef to hungry guests since the 1970s. Here, what makes the experience so special is the fact that cut the meat at the table in front of you as you sit there drooling. However enticing it might seem, it also ensures that you’ll be able to request that they cut the meat exactly according to your standards and preferences. The result? Spectacular.

9th. Asador – Berlin

The focus here is on seriously high-quality meat while still trying to keep prices as affordable as possible so that anybody can enjoy their menu. The flame-grilled steaks are just bursting with tenderness and flavour. However, you’ll find that their entire menu is filled with just as much variety and unique flavour as their flame-grilled steaks. Try everything once, or more than once. Trust us, you’re going to want to.

8th. KVR – Munich, Germany

You’re going to love both the presentation and flavour at KVR in Munich. They flame-grill their wide selection of steaks and other meats on a wood-burning BBQ grill. Watch the open flames roast the meat as the delectable aroma of fresh, juicy steak fills the room. You’re going to work up an appetite just waiting for your order, which is great, considering the steaks are served thick and packed with lots of flavours to enjoy.

7th. Steakhouse Tango – Pforzheim

Transport yourself straight to Argentina as you explore all of the wild, fantastic flavours of a traditional Argentinian steakhouse right in the heart of Germany. This Profzheim steakhouse specialises in tango and steak, both of which are traditionally found in Argentina. Flavours taste authentic yet feature an interesting array of local ingredients that work together to create some of the best steaks in Germany.

Best Steaks in Germany

6th. Grill Royal – Berlin

The steak at Grill Royal has been described as being so delectable that you’ll want to head back more than once just to sample various different cuts. Our suggestion is to head here hungry and with lots of friends. Order various different types of steak off the menu so you can graze your way through them all. They’re all fantastic, bursting with flavour, and loaded with the juicy goodness you’d expect of any premium steak.

Best Steaks in Germany

5th. Zum Goldenen Kalb – Munich

This New York-style steakhouse offers a charming atmosphere in which you can enjoy a full evening out, complete with a dive into some of the best steaks in Germany. The cuts of meat they serve are huge and in terms of flavour, it’s just truly dry-aged beef at its best. And, the best part is that you get to actually select your beef from a cooler where they’ve got the meat on display. It’s authentic and unique.

4th. The Classic Western Steakhouse – Düsseldorf

As the name suggests, this is a classic Western steakhouse similar to what you could expect to find in any true meat-loving state in the United States. It’s upscale and intimate, offering guests a truly luxurious space in which to relax and devour some of the best steaks in Germany. Order the impeccable triple star steak. It’s the kind of meal you’ll be dreaming about long after you leave the country.

3rd. OX U.S. Steakhouse – Braunschweig

OX sources its prime and choice steaks from the USA, Argentina and Australia. So, there’s no disputing the fact that the quality is truly superior. However, they know how to prepare it all to perfection while delivering it all with excellent service. From the moment you order your wine to the moment you take your first bite of the steak, you’re going to be impressed every single step of the way.

2nd. Steakhaus Marzahn – Berlin

There are quite a few steakhouses to choose from in Berlin. But, for the perfect mixture of ambience, service, convenience and overall flavour of their steaks, definitely opt for visiting Steakhaus Marzahn first. Their rib-eye deluxe is made using Creekstone Premium Natural Black Angus. And, their Tomahawk dry-aged beef is simply out of this world. Regardless of what you order, you’re going to leave here extremely satisfied.

1st. Abacco’s Steakhouse – Stuttgart

You’re going to have to make your way to Stuttgart to same some of the absolute best steaks in Germany. At Abacco’s Steakhouse, you can order prime steaks from both Argentina and the United States. Choose from cuts such as rump steak or more traditional offerings such as flank steak, rib-eye, or prime tenderloin filet mignon. It’s all bursting with flavour. With other locations in Bonn, Korntal-Münchingen, Cologne and Munich, you’re never too far from a premium steak at Abacco’s Steakhouse.

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