The 50 Best Vegan Burgers In Europe

Europe is going vegan. Recent studies estimate that about 6% of the total population of Europe is vegan or vegetarian, due to various reasons ranging from health concerns to issues surrounding carbon emissions that veganism helps to alleviate.

And, with Europe leading the meat substitute industry at 39% of global sales, it comes as no surprise that the continent is home to some of the best vegan burgers in the world. But, just where do Europeans go when they’re craving a juicy veggie burger’s that just dripping with sauces, toppings, and lots of flavours? 

Well, to the best vegan restaurants of course. Or, honestly, even at places that aren’t fully vegan. But, they don’t all offer the same calibre of a vegan burger. Have we got you drooling yet? Good. Now, check out the 50 best vegan burgers in Europe.

Best Vegan Burgers In EuropeHow do these rankings work?

50th. Tökmag Vegan Street Food – Budapest, Hungary

Vegan street food in one of the most culinary delightful cities in Europe? Yes, please! At Tökmag, you can enjoy tasty food that’s made without sugar, gluten or yeast. The Zucchini Burger is filled with curry pumpkin cream, arugula, zucchini patties, tomatoes, melted cheese zucchini rings and sage aioli. In short, it’s a total foodie masterpiece.

Best Vegan Burgers in Budapest

49th. TUGG Burgers – Gothenburg, Sweden

TUGG is well-known for serving some of the best burgers in Sweden. And, they make sure to make it possible for veggies to enjoy a tasty slice of their deliciousness as well. They offer both a vegetarian and a vegan burger. With seven locations in Sweden, you’ll find a tasty vegan TUGG burger in other cities such as Malmö and Lund as well.

48th. Zrno Bio Bistro – Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia’s first-ever vegan restaurant, Zrno Bio Bistro is still driving the way forward when it comes to delicious plant-based food in the country. They cook with fresh ingredients delivered directly from a nearby organic farm, and it shows in the fresh flavour of their vegan burger as well. It’s got a vegetable patty base on a chickpea pancake served with marinated zucchini and short cooked green vegetables.

Best Vegan Burgers in Europe

47th. Lily Burger – Berlin, Germany

Not only does Lily Burger serve up some of the tastiest burgers in the game, but they’re also some of the most absolutely Instagrammabe burgers in Europe. They can be pretty over the top, stacked high with pretty much any kind of topping you can dream up. They craft their own homemade vegan patties and let you whip up the burger of your dreams from there.

46th. Tavci Vegan Cafe – Bled, Slovenia

What started out as a tattoo studio evolved into one of Slovenia’s best coffee shops and vegan cafes. Tavci Vegan Cafe can be found in the heart of Bled, one of the country’s most visited tourist stops. While you’re there, you can indulge in one of the best vegan burgers in Europe. In fact, numerous travellers have noted that they’ve planned a stop in Bled solely for the burger. It’s that good.

45th. Vegan Love – Budapest, Hungary

It seems that Hungary’s capital city is just filled with vegan street food spots for hungry veggies. And, we’re not complaining. Swap an indulgent lángos for a vegan burger at Vegan Love. As one of the city’s premier vegan restaurants, they offer everything from a Juicy Lucy to a Mexican Burger and even a BBQ Tofu Burger. Go ahead and try them all.

Best Vegan Burgers in Europe

44th. Beet – Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Beet is a funky, laid-back vegan restaurant and cafe in the city centre that cooks up colourful dishes with organic, consciously-sourced, local and seasonal ingredients. Menu highlights include a range of falafel dishes, but it’s their vegan chilli cheeseburger that’s got veggies everywhere salivating. It’s dripping with ooey-gooey vegan cheese and some of the most delicious vegan chilli you’ll find in all of Europe.

Best Vegan Burgers in Europe

43rd. The Green Garden – Salzburg, Austria

Placing importance on the sustainability of the dishes they create, The Green Garden truly embodies the values behind a plant-based diet. The regional, hand-crafted food ensures that the menu is bursting with flavours and choice. The presentation of their Free Burger is impeccable, but it’s nothing in comparison to the mind-blowing, mouthwatering taste you’ll find in every bite.

Best Vegan Burgers in Austria

42nd. Jilles Beer & Burgers – Bruges, Belgium

Serving up tasty gourmet and vegan burgers that are deliciously different, Jilles is the perfect spot for a meal that’ll feel you up after a day of exploring one of Belgium’s most charming cities. What’s so special about this spot, aside from their world-famous vegan burgers, is that the on-site beer sommelier has paired every burger with a Belgian beer. Sample the Nutty Molly, a hazelnut burger with vegan cheese, guacamole, nachos, cherry tomatoes, red onion and lettuce.

Best Vegan Burgers in Belgium

41st. GYVAS Baras – Vilnius, Lithuania

Guests have said that GYVAS Baras serves not only one of the best vegan burgers in Europe, but one of the best they’ve tried anywhere in the world. The sweet potato patty provides a delectably sweet base that they’ll top with a spicy tomato sauce. Or, opt for the fried tofu patty. Both are absolutely delicious.

40th. Krowarzywa Vegan Burgers – Kraków, Poland

You’ll find a few of these vegan burger spots peppered all over Poland. All of them serve up the same quality and taste as the next, offering multiple options in terms of veggie burgers. The Tofex is a big hit with die-hard vegans, using marinated and baked seitan as a base on which to sprinkle spices and other flavourful ingredients.

Best Vegan Burgers in Poland

39th. Maitrea – Prague, Czech Republic

Just a hop away from the Old Town Square, Maitrea is one of Prague’s proper plant-based restaurants, with vegetarian menus and a huge range of vegan dishes. Their namesake burger uses tempeh bacon to tantalise your senses before delighting your palate with barbecue sauce, caramelised onion, jalapeños and vegan tartar sauce. Be sure to ask them to make it fully vegan!

38th. Simone – Brasov, Romania

numerous vegan travellers have commented on the fact that Simone is home to the best vegan food they sampled in Romania. And, while their entire menu isn’t vegan, their world-class veggie burger sure is. In between two sourdough crunchy buns, you’ll find a sweet potato burger based that’s topped off with veggies and avocado. Simply delicious.

37th. Vincent Vegan – Hamburg, Germany

Vincent Vegan is one of the only spots in Hamburg where you’ll find 100% vegan burgers without having to ask for modifications. The seitan-tofu patty is delightfully thick and just the right amount of juicy. Throw on some optional veg-cheese or veg-bacon, then slather on the turmeric-garlic mayo and you’ve got easily one of the best vegan burgers in Europe.

Best Vegan Burgers in Europe

36th. Olives & Burgers Healthy Cafe – Nicosia, Cyprus

You’re definitely spoilt for choice in terms of tasty vegan burgers at Olives & Burgers. This charming health-conscious cafe in Cyprus serves up some of the most nutrient-packed veggie burgers on the continent. But, you’ll want to start with the Detox Burger, which is served with a special detox patty, avocado, baby spinach and onion pickles.

35th. Durty Vegan Burger Club – Glasgow, Scotland

As the name suggests, it’s all about vegan burgers here. This all-vegan burger joint offers up two burgers on the menu. Sample the Low Jack first, which features a variety of veggie pulled pork. Or, go with The Ringer, which is a faux chicken burger that’ll absolutely blow your mind. Better yet, head here with a friend and share them both.

34th. Flower Burger – Rome, Italy

The vegan burgers here are super colourful and tasty and come with mushrooms, chickpeas and tofu along with other superbly creative toppings. You’ll find other Flower Burger outlets in Bari, Bergamo, Bologna, Marseille, Milan, Palermo, Rimini, Rome, Rotterdam, Turin and Verona. So, you’re never too far from a colourful, tasty veggie burger in Italy.

Best Vegan Burgers in Rome

33rd. Souls – Copenhagen, Denmark

Souls was voted as the best vegan restaurant in Copenhagen in 2018, and it’s easy to see why. Just a hop and a skip away from one of the most charming squares in the city, you’ll find Souls serving up mouthwatering brunch fare and their famous Beyond Burgers. Topped with caramelised onions, pesto, grilled zucchini, lettuce, tomato and a rosemary dressing, it doesn’t get much tastier than this.

32nd. V Vegan Restoran – Tallinn, Estonia

This charming place really is the jewel in the crown of Tallinn’s vegan restaurant scene. A visit to V will get rid of any thoughts that vegan food is boring; even many meat-lovers rank V as one of their favourite eateries. Order the savoury Spicy Peanut Stuff Burger. It’s served with sauerkraut and carrots and made with lots of love and passion.

31st. Vegan Food Project – Lisbon, Portugal

You can’t visit Lisbon and not eat in this vibrant vegan bistro that does daily changing specials. Order something off the daily menu or stick with their set menu of lentil or beet burgers, vegan cheesy sandwiches on homemade bread and desserts. The beet burgers are inventive with the flavours they feature and are well worth a taste.

Best Vegan Burgers in Portugal

30th. Tribal Burger – Belfast, Ireland

Tribal Burger offers up hungry, weary travellers a funky, graffiti-filled space in which to enjoy some of the best burgers in Europe. However, veggies, don’t worry! The sweet potato, quinoa and chilli burger is the best vegan burger you’ll taste in your life. Okay, at least in Ireland. Feel the vegan vibes.

Best Vegan Burgers in Belfast

29th. Beastie Burgers – Antwerp, Belgium

Ask any local where to find the best burgers in Antwerp and they’ll likely list off Beastie Burgers as one hot spot. And, while meat-lovers can’t get enough of their thick, juicy goodness, they note that “delicious vegetarian and vegan options are also on the menu so that everyone can feel at home.”

Image: Happy Cow

28th. Kauppayhtiö – Rovaniemi, Finland

Wander through the review section for this restaurant and you’ll find that travellers from all over the world think this spot serves the absolute best burgers in Europe, if not the entire world. Standard pub fare gets an elevated take at this Rovaniemi hotspot. But, they’re keen on catering to vegans, too. The chickpea-tofu patty burger is out of this world. Ask them to make it fully vegan and they’ll reportedly happily oblige.

Best Vegan Burgers in Finland

27th. Green Pumpkin – Riga, Latvia

The Green Pumpkin caters really well to vegan travellers. This 100% vegan cafe has a menu filled with healthy, sustainable ingredients that they clearly mark in English for travellers to understand. This Old Town restaurant specialises in simple meals done up with a little extra flavour, and that includes their impressive vegan burger as well.

26th. Hank Burger – Lyon, France

Hank Burger is a fun go-to spot for 100% vegetarian fast food in both Lyon and Paris. Whether you’re in for a cheeky brunch or simply want to order a burger to take with you on the go, they’ve got you covered. The buns are made fresh specifically for the restaurant. Then, they pile on vegan and organic steak composed of tofu, mushrooms, rice, cereals and spices. The result? One of the absolute best vegan burgers in Europe.

25th. Bastard Burgers – Stockholm, Sweden

If you’re heading out to dinner with meat-eaters and are looking for a place where you all can enjoy some mouthwatering burgers, check out Bastard Burgers in Stockholm. They offer some of the most inventive burgers in all of Europe and an entirely separate menu that’s 100% vegan. From In N Out animal-style to a Texas burger loaded with flavour, they’ve got it all.

24th. Balance Bowl – Gzira, Malta 

As the name suggests, Balance Bowl offers homemade, healthy, affordable vegan bowls. However, their vegan menu extends to include salads, pasta, grains and so much more. Start off with the Bello Burger. Portobello mushrooms are marinated in a mixture of soy sauce and crushed garlic, leaving it perfectly tender before being carefully breaded and fried. A hefty helping of toppings rounds out the meal, which is sure to delight.

23rd. Edgy Veggy – Sofia, Bulgaria

The mission behind Edgy Veggy is to create beautiful vegan food that perfectly compliments a plant-based lifestyle. The plant-based deliciousness you’ll find here is almost overwhelming, which is why we suggest sticking with their vegan burger. It’s heavenly and served with a special, savoury sauce that you’ll be dreaming about for quite a while.

22nd. Bistro Levél – Madrid, Spain

What’s not to love at this beautiful vegan bistro? The menu includes tempting dishes crafted using incredible ingredients from around Spain. It truly ticks all the boxes, especially when it comes to their vegan burger. Called a Burger Fabrizio, it’s accompanied by Batavia lettuce, caramelised onions, rustic potatoes and soft mustard and rosemary tomato sauces.

21st. Chwast Food – Warsaw, Poland

The star of the show here is vegan burgers with focus on Polish flavours. They make the flavourful patties out of celery, millet, beetroot, tofu, mushroom, seitan, and veggies. As if it couldn’t get any better, they top them with fresh, crispy vegetables and some savoury sauces that really round out the entire burger, vegan or not.

20th. Bread Meats Bread – Edinburgh, Scotland

Although it’s got its roots in Glasgow, Bread Meats Bread has a cosy location in Edinburgh as well, much to the delight of travellers in both cities. Their award-winning burgers have long been tantalising the tastebuds of meat-eaters, but their menu now features three different veggie options. “Veganise” each burger with different substitutions and you’re all set to enjoy a delightfully scrumptious plant-based burger.

19th. Down the Hatch – Liverpool, England

With a menu that’s 80% vegan, allowing for a few halloumi fries, you won’t find any meat t this trendy basement restaurant, appropriately deemed “Seitan’s Basement.” But, you will find some of the best vegan burgers in Europe. Load up on some seriously thick veggie burgers and accompany it with a basket full of fries and other tasty toppings. It’s so delicious it’ll convince even the meat-eaters to go full veg.

18th. Cloud 59 – Florence, Italy

Both meat-eaters and veggies will love the burgers at Cloud 59. The meat-based burgers feature fresh, organic Tuscan beef. But, it’s their vegan burgers that are truly turning heads. They craft their vegan patties by using fresh Tuscan vegetables and then load them up with other delectable toppings. Turn any of their gourmet burgers into a vegetarian or vegan delight.

17th. Belzepub – Prague, Czech Republic

You’re in luck because Prague’s hottest rock and punk-themed bar went fully vegan this month. Serving everything from Beyond Burgers to other house-made vegan burgers and fried “cheeze,” quesadillas and jalapeño poppers, they know how to cater to hungry vegans. And, honestly, it doesn’t matter what kind of vegan burger you get, it’s going to be mouthwateringly delicious, we promise.

16th. Forky’s – Brno, Czech Republic

Forky’s is one of the only 100% plant-based bistros in the Czech Republic. Here, they encourage you to eat differently and they make it easy to do so. They’ve got immense respect for life, and it shows in all of their cuisines. The French Burger is the one to try, as it comes with lamb’s lettuce, French sweet and sour onion and Dijon mustard.

15th. Munchie – Porto, Portugal

Got the munchies in Porto? Check out Munchie, the city’s premier burger joint for both meat-eaters and veggies alike. They prepare exceptional hamburgers here, always served with delicious fries that accompany the juicy burger like, well, some quality burger and fries. The vegetarian burger here can easily be made vegan. Don’t miss out on one of the best veggie burgers in Europe.

14th. Lia’s Kitchen – Berlin, Germany

Everything at this Prenzlauer Bergl eatery is 100% vegan. So, you can rest assured that anything you order will satisfy your plant-based cravings. They specialise in food that some find describe as comfort food. Fill up on their Smokey BBQ Mushroom Burger or the Chicken Cheeseburger, which comes topped with vegan feta cheese that tastes far better than the real thing.

13th. Re:Fresh – Bratislava, Slovakia

While not entirely vegetarian or vegan, Re:Fresh offers up quite the variety on their menu for plant-based eaters. Specifically, their meat and dairy-free versions of traditional burgers are particularly tasty. Order the Bao burger, which comes with a homemade steamed Bao bun, smoked tofu and shitake mushrooms in Hoisin sauce with sesame, sweet-spicy vegetables. It’ll satisfy all of your vegan burger cravings.

Best Vegan Burgers in Europe

12th. L’Embargo – Toulouse, France

L’Embargo offers 100% vegan street food and tapas-style cuisine in the centre of Toulouse. Using only organic and local ingredients, they create some of the tastiest plant-based burgers in Europe. Numerous travellers will tell you that sampling the veggie food here is a must if you’re travelling through Toulouse. Try the Burger Yankee with its juicy, overflowing sauces and red vegetable patty.

11th. Badal Corner – Mallorca, Spain

Badal Corner is an interesting spot on the island of Mallorca where you can craft your own specialty burger to taste. This means that for veggies, you’re able to create the best vegan burger in Europe, specifically suited to your preferences. Load it up with everything you want and nothing you don’t.

Best Vegan Burgers in Europe

10th. Mooshies Vegan Burger Bar – London, England

With a name like “vegan burger bar,” you know exactly what you’re walking into when you dine at Mooshies. In terms of choice, this is the best spot in Europe for a vegan foodie to indulge in some of the most unique vegan burgers in the world. Craving lentils, mushrooms, and flaxseed? They’ve got it. What about spicy jerk jackfruit? They’ve got that too.

9th. Avocado – Athens, Greece

Cruelty-free food and healthy, seasonal dishes make up the menu at Avocado, one of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Athens. They’ve worked hard to create a spiritually-minded, sustainable, caring community that’s in love with their vegan burgers. The Creative Fire features an authentic bean patty with tomatoes, herbs and spices served with a balsamic truffle sauce. We’re drooling.

8th. Melone – Aarhus, Denmark

Melone is one of the most famous vegan cafes in Aarhus, if not all of Denmark. And, while friendly staff and laidback vibe welcome guests into the cosy space, it’s the flavourful food that keeps them coming back for more. The BBQ Burger is where it’s at, with soy steak, barbecue sauce, salad, roasted onions, tomato, pickled cucumber and onion rings. Easily one of the best vegan burgers in Europe.

7th. Mr. & Mrs. Watson – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mr. & Mrs. Watson proves once and for all that vegan food is anything but boring. Cooking “comfort food with a culinary twist,” this is food that makes you curious and happy. Be sure to try the award-winning vegan cheese before getting stuck into the world-class veggie rendition of sloppy jackfruit burger. It’s what would happen if a sloppy Joe met a delectable vegan burger with some high-brow class.

6th. Cat Bar CAT – Barcelona, Spain

The folks behind this bar have to constantly clarify that it’s a vegan beer and vegan burger, not a cat bar. We’ll take it either way! Because what more could you want after using a tasty vegan craft beer to wash down some of the best vegan burgers in the entire city? Nothing, that’s what. We’re not going to recommend anything special as it’s all equally delicious.

5th. Rachel – Brussels, Belgium

Chez Rachel is the go-to spot for vegan burgers in Brussels. The vegan burger meal is so delicious, in fact, that it’s got even non-veggies drooling all over the place. The patty is perfectly spiced, sandwiched between two lightly toasted buns. The lovely dressing that accompanies it tastes great on the burger or on the herbed and roasted potatoes they serve it with.

4th. Sova Vegan Food Butcher – Dublin, Ireland

Ireland’s first vegan “butcher,” you’ll find vegan dishes here that are full of creativity. Case in point? The Bean and Sunflower Seed Burger. Featuring a tomato relish, house-pickled cucumber, sweetcorn cob and a rose sauce, it’s one of the best vegan burgers in Europe for sure. The only fine dining restaurant in the country with a total plant-based menu. Best of all, it’s BYOB.

3rd. Swing Kitchen – Vienna, Austria

The chef behind Swing Kitchen “wanted to be vegan, but not go hungry.” This was the base upon which he began to build a concept around the idea that plant-based traditional Austrian cooking could be, tasty and filling. And, they certainly deliver on that idea. The Vienna Burger is oh-so-filling, featuring vegan schnitzel, garlic sauce, cucumber, chives, and lots of other delicious feel-good ingredients.

Best Vegan Burgers in Europe

2nd. Bun2Bun – Helsinki, Finland

Bun2Bun is the first 100% vegan hamburger restaurant chain in Finland. The base of their burgers is the world’s first plant-based burger patty created by Beyond Meat™ which tastes, looks and cooks like a traditional burger patty. Can’t choose which vegan burger to get? The Cheese is especially delicious, especially if you’re the kind of vegan who really misses blue cheese.

1st. Solita – Manchester, England

You don’t have to look hard to find someone who thinks Solita is home to Europe’s best vegan burger. The food here is mindblowing, plant-based or not. And, they’re quick to cater to veggies looking to enjoy the spot’s flavourful dishes. They serve Beyond Meat, halloumi burgers, and a special bean burger that’s bursting with spices and flavour. All of them are delicious.

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