Best Vegan Burgers in California

The 50 Best Vegan Burgers In The United States

According to recent studies, there are 1.6 million vegans living in the United States. And, Portland, Los Angeles, New York City, and, surprisingly, Detroit, are listed as the most vegan-friendly cities in the United States at the moment.

So, where do those millions of vegans go when they’re craving a juicy burger’s that just dripping with sauces, toppings, and lots of flavours? Well, to the best vegan restaurants of course. Or, honestly, even at places that aren’t fully vegan. But, they don’t all offer the same calibre of a vegan burger.

There are a few places, out of some 970 completely vegan restaurants in the United States, that offer the best of the best in terms of plant-based burgers. Have we got you drooling yet? Good. Now, check out the 50 best vegan burgers in the United States.

Best Vegan Burgers In The United StatesHow do these rankings work?

1. Farm Burger – Huntsville, Alabama

We recently ranked this spot as having some of the best burgers in Huntsville, Alabama. But, vegans can indulge in this impressive health-conscious burger spot, too! While they work closely local farmers to source their meat, they also serve one of the best vegan burgers in the United States, too. Local veggies rave about it as it’s got quinoa, black-eyed peas, kale, roasted mushrooms, and a sweet potato and spices patty.

Best Vegan Burgers in the United States

2. Middle Way Cafe – Anchorage, Alaska

Okay, so not only does Middle Way Cafe serve up a delicious vegan burger, but it’s got BBQ. The cafe itself is dedicated to sustainable food practices and infuses healthy ingredients into their menu wherever they can. But, the Vegan BBQ Burger comes with their house-made black bean-kale patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, pickles, smoky barbecue sauce and vegan mozzarella. Does it get better than this?

Best Vegan Burgers in the United States

3. Green New American Vegetarian – Phoenix, Arizona

Everything they prepare in the kitchen at Green New American Vegetarian is meat and cruelty-free. So, vegans can go wild here indulging in everything from BBQ wings to rice bowls. The Buffalo Bleu Burger is classic and features a grilled beyond burger patty that’s smothered in bleu cheese dressing and spicy buffalo sauce. Then, they top it with fresh lettuce, tomato and tempeh bacon on a toasty sesame bun. Yum.

Best Vegan Burger in Arizona

4. Blue Sage Vegan – Little Rock, Arkansas

Despite Arkansas recently waging war against veggie burgers, there are still plenty of spots all over the state that offer plant-based burgers for veggies to enjoy. However, the absolute best of the best is at Blue Sage Vegan in Little Rock. As they say, their burger “holds nothing back.” Choose to top it with everything from smoked provolone, cheddar, spinach and arugula to grilled onions, grilled mushroom or even grilled jalapeños.

5. Burgerlords – Los Angeles, California

It’s hard to resist the undeniable and very tasty allure of an In N Out burger when travelling through California. Now, vegans can get their fill of this tasty California burger, too! Head over to the Highland Park diner Burgerlords to treat yourself to a tasty vegan version of the Californian classic. It’s got thousand island sauce, vegan American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a perfectly toasted bun.

Best Vegan Burgers in California

6. Santana’s Vegan Grill – Colorado Springs, Colorado

This drool-worthy drive-thru in Colorado Springs is all vegan. Classic diner treats are all plant-based. Enjoy items such as Bacon Cheeseburgers, Chicken Parmesean, Buffalo Strips. So, if you’re after the tastiest vegan burger int the state, this is where it’s at. Amp it up by ordering the all-vegan Deluxe Bacon Cheeseburger or even the Deluxe BBQ Bacon. They’re all worth a try.

Best Vegan Burgers in the United States

7. Bareburger – Ridgefield, Connecticut

Bareburger is a place that caters to carnivorous, veggie-heads, and gluten-free dieters alike. The focus here is on local, organic, and sustainable burgers done up just the way you want them. Try the vegan Golden State burger. It’s got a quarter-pound vegan meat patty, vegan gouda cheese, tasty veggies, and a delectable artisan-crafted “vrioche” bun. You’ll definitely be back to order it again.

8. Drop Squad Kitchen – Wilmington, Delaware

This spot is “unapologetically vegan.” They focus on creating boutique-style, from-scratch food using thoughtfully curated ingredients straight from the Earth. And, if that didn’t already sound delicious enough, they definitely serve one of the best vegan burgers in the United States. It’s overflowing with toppings and flavour, suitable for even the pickiest of vegan to enjoy.

9. The New Vegan – Delray Beach, Florida

There’s not much you lack when visiting The New Vegan in Delray Beach, especially in terms of vegan burgers. They offer their guests a delightful variety of options. From the Falafel Burger to the Shittake Burger and even the Beet Chickpea Burger, they’ve got you covered regardless of what kind of flavours you’re after. Wash it all down with a nice kombucha to really round out the meal.

Best Vegan Burger in Florida

10. Slutty Vegan – Atlanta, Georgia

We recently ranked this spot as one of the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta. And, in terms of veggie burgers, this is one of the absolute best spots in the entire country to indulge. They combine superb taste with plant-based ingredients to bring diners a delightful menu full of everything from thick vegan burgers to buffalo-covered chicken strips.

Slutty Vegan Atlanta

11. The Beet Box Cafe – Haleiwa, Hawaii

Locally-sourced, organic ingredients are the base of the strictly vegetarian here. However, you’ll find numerous vegan and gluten-free options as well. Case in point, their Hello Burger. Get it vegetarian or vegan. Enjoy their award-winning veggie patty served with garlic aioli, dijon mustard, baby arugula, pickled onions and sliced cucumbers. Add vegan cheese for an extra special treat.

12. Boise Fry Company – Boise, Idaho

At Boise Fry Company, you start by choosing your burger base. In your case, you’d opt for the wonderfully flavourful vegan patty. Then, you build off of that. The Heat is a great option for those looking for something super spicy. It’s got a delicious seasonal berry compote, habañeros, lettuce, and spicy ketchup. But, honestly, anything on the menu is worth a try.

13. The Eating Well – Hillside, Illinois

It’s easy to eat well at The Eating Will in Hillside, Illinois. They’re working hard to spread the word about healthy food that’s nutritious and flavourful at the same time. The burgers on their menu are 100% cruelty-free. First, sample the Ooga-Booga Paelo Vegan Burger first. It’s filled with delectable ingredients such as mushrooms, cassava root, coconut milk, golden flaxseed, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, and so much more.

14. Three Carrots Fountain Square – Indianapolis, Indiana

This fun place has all the plant food you could want from dawn to dusk. While they do a vegan brunch that’s absolutely unmissable, it’s their vegan burgers that earn them a spot on this list. The Beet Burger comes with a, you guessed it, beet patty. Then, they top it with tomato jam, miso-caramelized onions, lettuce, pickles, mustard, and garlic aioli.

15. Dirt Burger – Des Moines, Idaho

Burger lovers of any kind can head to this spot and have their tastebuds absolutely tantalised and treated to some of the country’s best vegan burgers. This new spot is a vegan, quick-serve restaurant with flavour and flare. Every burger here is 100% plant-based. But, the Austin BBQ Burger is particularly tasty. It’s got BBQ, vegan cheddar cheese, pickled cabbage, red onions, fried jalapeños and a brioche bun.

Best Vegan Burgers in the US

16. Tallgrass Tap House – Manhattan, Kansas

Vegan burgers and some quality brews? It doesn’t get much better than this! Tallgrass Tap House has repeatedly been named as one of the best beer bars in the entire state. So, stopping by here is a real treat regardless of whether you’re a veggie or not. However, they definitely serve up a mean vegan burger. The Konza Prairie burger comes with wild rice and black bean walnut patty plus bread and butter pickles, smoked tomato aioli and a potato bun.

Best Vegan Burgers in the United States

17. Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse – Louisville, Kentucky

You’ll find that the make BBQ and brew beer on-site at this famous industrial brewpub in Louisville, Kentucky. And, while Against the Grain Brewery definitely smokes some of the best meat in the world, their vegan burger is just as wildly flavourful. The Dirty Vegan is a huge hit with local vegans. Devour the veggie patty, “phony cheese,” shredduce, red onion, pickles, yogi sauce and a toasted potato bun.

Best Vegan Burgers in the United States

18. Vegan Friendly Foods – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Healthy portions of vegan comfort food make this Baton Rouge eatery a pretty popular spot with local vegans. Enjoy everything from baked goods to ice cream. But, first, you’re going to want to try their BackSliding Vegan Burger. Featuring a plant-based patty, they load on nut cheese, coconut bacon, sautéed onions, and avocado on a freshly baked bun. If it sounds out-of-this-world delicious, it’s because it is.

Best Vegan Burger in Louisiana

19. Sea Dog Brewing Company – Camden, Maine

This New England brewery might be famous initially for their brews. But, you’ll find a pretty extensive menu full of delightful veggie options as well. In terms of juicy, mouthwatering burgers, their Veggie Sweet Potato Burger is where it’s at. Their housemade recipe starts with pinto beans, rice, sweet potatoes, oats, and pumpkin seeds. Throw on some great toppings and sauces and you’ve got one bangin’ burger.

20. Great Sage – Clarksville, Maryland

The Great Sage offers guests a 100% vegan menu that’s inspired by exotic and bold flavours. Their Smoked Cajun Jackfruit Burger is a must-try. To start out, it’s got a house-made Cajun jackfruit patty. Then, they top it with tomato, romaine, pickled beets and fennel and toasted mustard seed aioli. They smush it all between two pretzel buns and serve it with potato-corn hash.

21. Veggie Galaxy – Boston, Massachusetts

This spot recently made our list of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Boston. And, it’s not hard to see why. This retro-themed diner is home to some seriously indulgent dishes and a 100% vegan bakery, too. While their menu is 100% vegetarian, they note that they’ll make anything on it vegan for you upon request. The Kendall Burger comes with a sweet potato and black bean burger base that’ll surely have you drooling.

22. Detroit Vegan Soul – Detroit, Michigan

As mentioned, Detroit is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the United States at the moment. So, you’ll find lots of great plant-based options and tasty veggie burgers. However, Detroit Vegan Soul serves up the most mouthwatering. Order the DVS Burger to indulge in their house-made veggie millet patty. They top it off with pesto aioli and a toasted whole wheat bun.

23. Birchwood Cafe – Minneapolis, Minnesota

This trendy cafe serves up quality vibes and a pretty creative interior. While the spot is pretty Instagrammable, it’s got a lot more going on for it than just photo-taking potential. Their breakfast is truly worth a try or two. But, they serve the best vegan burger in the state. You can get either of their signature burgers, the Birchwood Burger or the Frost Burger, with a black bean quinoa patty. The latter comes with roasted fennel mayo, salt-rubbed kale, pickled red onion, and lemon cream cheese.

Best Vegan Burger in the Twin Cities

24. Bulldog Burger Company – Starkville, Mississippi

The Bulldog Burger Company should earn all of the awards for their regular, juicy burgers. However, they definitely don’t forget about the veggies, either! They’ve created what they call the Veggie 21 burger, and they’ve packed it full of flavour. It all starts with their own housemade 21-veggie patty. Then, they generously top it with melted provolone, creamy basil pesto aioli, and special sweet potato hay. To make it fully vegan, opt-out of the cheese and enjoy the delectable patty.

25. Gratitude Cafe – Kansas City, Missouri

This 100% organic plant-based restaurant supports local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products. So not only does the food taste good, it does good. And, their I Am Magical burger reaffirms flavour and self-worth. A homemade veggie burger patty comes with cashew cheddar cheese sauce on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, dill pickles and onion.

26. Montana Ale Works – Bozeman, Montana

With over 40 craft beers on tap, Montana Ale Works is a top destination for anybody interested in washing their vegan burger down with some quality brews. Their signature veggie burger comes with nine grains, eight veggies, fresh sprouts, pesto aioli, roasted pepper relish. Make sure you ask them to make it fully vegan for you and they’ll do so upon request! It’s easily one of the best vegan burgers in the United States.

27. Modern Love – Omaha, Nebraska

Craving a bit of variety? Head to Modern Love, where they’ve got quite the impressive list of vegan burgers available to try. The Chickpea Bacon Ranch burger, however, is so inventive that it’s well worth getting your first visit there. Featuring a chickpea cutlet and mushroom bacon, they top it with lettuce, tomato, red onion, ranch dressing, and avocado on a ciabatta hoagie. However, their other burgers are just as flavourful.

28. The Modern Vegan – Las Vegas, Nevada

The mission here is to serve delicious food without harming animals. And, they accomplish it with flavour and flare. From skillets to Buddha bowls and even waffles and wraps, they serve it all without sacrificing flavour.  The Cowboy is a must-try, as it’s got caramelised onions, fake bacon, and a delectable BBQ sauce. Also worth a try is the massive Gryo burger, pictured below.

Best Vegan Burger in Las Vegas

29. Willows Plant-Based Eatery – Concord, New Hampshire

There’s so much to love at Willows Plant-Based Eatery that it makes it truly hard to decide what you’re going to sample first. We’ll make it easy for you; the North East is one of the absolute best vegan burgers in the United States. It’s simple, with just a black bean patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, and veganaise. But, it’s the simplicity that makes it so tasty.

30. Killer Vegan – Union, New Jersey

Killer Vegan is a fantastic all-vegan eatery serving homemade Latin, Italian and American comfort food made with organic, fair-trade ingredients. Don’t miss out on their vegan burgers, however, as they’re packed full of tasty, world-class ingredients. The Pizza Burger is particularl creative. Enjoy a Killer Vegan patty that’s topped with house-made marinara sauce and melted mozzarella on a whole-wheat bun. It’s worth mentioning that the Spicy BBQ Tempeh sandwich, pictured below, is just as tasty.

Best Veggie Burgers in the United States

31. Grassburger – Albuquerque, New Mexico

The burgers here are unique in that they feature 100% grass-fed beef and they’re served on a non-GMO bun. So, the spot sticks to healthy options where they can, especially when it comes to their vegan burger. It’ll blow your mind as soon as you take your first bite. The BBQ sauce is really what seals the deal. It’s easily one of the best vegan burgers in the United States.

32. Blossom – Manhattan, New York

One of New York’s top vegan restaurants, Blossom has two locations in the city; one in a historic Chelsea townhouse. Their fresh organic ingredients come from local farms and all of the dishes are completely animal-free. Their Blossom Burger is easily one of the best you’ll ever taste. It comes with a Beyond Burger patty, caramelised onions, vegan mozzarella, soy bacon, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, chipotle aioli, and a potato bun.

Best Vegan Burger in NYC

33. Bean Vegan Cuisine – Charlotte, North Carolina

The wholesome food here will excite and surprise vegans and non-vegans alike. From burgers to breakfast, BBQ to buffalo fingers, and everything in between, their menu offers the kind of variety for vegan comfort food that’s missing in North Carolina. The Cowboy Burger, for example, comes with seitan bacon, daiya cheddar, onion rings, pickles, BBQ sauce and ranch dressing. We’re drooling already.

34. Twist – Fargo, North Dakota

At Twist, you can drink and dine differently. What’s that mean? It means they offer a menu that’s totally different from anything else you’ll find in the area. This includes their Impossible Steakhouse Burger, which tastes as if it’s just come straight off the grill. They top it with mushrooms, onions, vegan cheese and a balsamic reduction. One bite and you’ll be converted into a fan for life.

Where to Eat Vegan in North Dakota

35. TownHall – Cleveland, Ohio

TownHall set out to create a NON-GMO menu using mostly organic ingredients, and have a beautiful greenery-filled space. While the menu does feature some animal products, the range of vegan options is outstanding. Ask for the TownHall Veggie Burger without cheese and enjoy indulging in one of the best vegan burgers in the United States.

36. The Red Cup – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Since 1995, The Red Cup has been serving tasty vegetarian food to locals. Now, they’re well-known in the area for serving more than just veggie-friendly food and coffee. Their burgers are also pretty out of this world good. Stick with a classic and just order The Burger. It’s loaded up with cashew cheese and Good Burger sauce that you’ll be dreaming about long after you’ve finished the last bite.

Best Veggie Burgers in the US

37. Homegrown Smoker – Portland, Oregon

What looks like an absolute carnivore’s playground at first glance is actually a vegan BBQ spot in Portland that goes above and beyond when it comes to plant based comfort food. Deliciously smoked seitan transforms into one of the best vegan burgers you’ll ever try. Try the High Time; it’s got tempeh bacon, grilled garlic mushrooms, caramelised onions, nocheese sauce, and BBQ sauce.

38. Root – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Root is an all-vegan restaurant and bar based in Lancaster serving up some truly delectable plant-based eats. And, while they change their menu every six to eight weeks, you’re always likely to find a great vegan burger to devour. The Big Mac is a favourite, as it’s got two seitan patties topped with special sauce, lettuce and cheese. It’s like the original Big Mac but far suprerior.

Image: HappyCow

39. Luxe Burger Bar – Providence, Rhode Island

The award-winning burgers here are so mouthwatering and irresistible that it’d be a shame if vegans couldn’t indulge as well. Alas, that’s not the case, as they allow you to build your own burger with all of the favourite flavours they offer! Start off with the vegan veggie patty. Then, build from there by throwing on whatever toppings your heart, or stomach, desire.

40. Gnome Café – Charleston, South Carolina

This cute vegan café serving breakfast and lunch in Charleston has vegan versions of all your favourite dishes. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or curious carnivore, this spot will show you just how satisfying plant-based cuisine can be. And, while all of their sandwiches are great, their veggie burger is especially tempting and tantalising.

41. Black Hills Burger and Bun – Custer, South Dakota

The burgers here are so mouthwatering that they might just convince you to go back to eating meat. However, you’ll be pleased to learn that the vegan burgers are just as delightful. From the Loaded Hunter to the Lousy Hunter, they offer veggie options for all. Black bean burgers get topped with things like roasted red pepper and spinach. Opt-out of the cheese or simply ask them to make it fully vegan for you.

42. The Wild Cow – Nashville, Tennessee

The Wild Cow serves vegetarian and vegan fare in a fun, casual environment in the heart of East Nashville. Most of their produce is grown locally and much of it is organic, with everything made fresh daily. So, when it comes to their vegan burgers, rest assured that they’re some of the best in the country. Try the Beyond Burger, which comes with an added special sauce straight from Chef Juan.

43. Counter Culture – Austin, Texas

This food truck turned restaurants serves internationally inspired vegan comfort food. And, they do so with maximum flavour and lots of Austin style. All of the meatless, dairy-free and raw foods served here are absolutely dripping in flavour. The Beet Mushroom Walnut Burger is a great example of that. It’s loaded with red onion, pickles, house-made mayo and ca-shew “cheeze.”

44. Vertical Diner – Salt Lake City, Utah

Who said vegans can enjoy fine dining as well? Vertical Diner is the “home of fine vegan dining” in Salt Lake City. The PETA-approved spot focuses on making plant-based dining fun and enjoyable for all. So, it comes as no surprise that they also serve one of the best vegan burgers in the United States. They’ve got plenty, too, ranging from the Joaquin Phoenix to the Ziggy Marley and even a Guac ‘n Roll that’s absolutely irresistible.

45. Worthy Burger – South Royalton, Vermont

One look at the burgers here and you’ll be drooling for sure. And, they make sure be inclusive of all of the plant-based eaters out there, too. How does a chickpea and brown rice patty sound? Probably even better topped with BBQ sauce, right? That’s exactly what the Veg-Out burger includes. Tell them you’re a veggie and they’ll take good care of you.

46. Hang Space – Richmond, Virginia

Hang Space is a 100% vegan eatery, restaurant, event space, and hang out with awesome food. Their desserts are also rich and indulgent, yet all plant-based. Before indulging, treat yourself to a vegan burger. The Bam Burger is delightfully messy, but the BBQ burger is Southern goodness personified. Try both why don’t you.

47. Cosmos Bistro – Bellingham, Washington

Locally-influenced dishes make up much of the menu at Cosmos Bistro. You’ll find something to tantalise every single one of your tastebuds. However, head here just for the delicious vegan burger and you’ll definitely leave satisfied. The housemade patty is unique in that it’s made differently each season depending on available ingredients.

48. Kelley Farm Kitchen – Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Kelley Farm Kitchen started off as a farmers market vendor and then grew into the charming restaurant it is today. They serve vegan treats and the portions are huge, so bring an appetite. A piled-high veggie burger should be your first choice when dining here. It’s so delectable that there’s no way you’re not going to fall in love with all of the flavours.

Best Vegan Burgers in the United States

49. Cheeze Factory – Baraboo, Wisconsin

The Cheeze Factory serves freshly prepared vegan, non-GMO and gluten-sensitive dishes from their own recipes. You’d certainly drive out of your way for any of their sweet treats. But, they go above and beyond with their Bodacious Beefless Burger. A large “meaty” flame-broiled burger gets served on a grilled ciabatta bun with lettuce, tomato and red onions. Yum.

50. Local – Jackson, Wyoming

All of the burgers here are made to order. So, when it comes to ordering a specialty vegan burger, you definitely won’t have problems. First, start with a veggie patty base, which is made of roasted wild mushrooms, black beans and red quinoa. Then, pick and choose your toppings of choice. The result is a vegan burger that’ll blow your mind.

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