The 7 Best Wine Bars In Lyon

The city might be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but when it comes to French wine culture and nightlife, you’ll actually find some of the best wine bars in Lyon

Wine bars in this historical city range from the laidback and casual to the elegant and luxurious. However, they all somehow capture the essence of French wine culture and infuse the rich history into every single glass they serve.

There’s no way you’re leaving these bars without a bottle or two in hand. Ready to explore the rich history of Lyon glass by glass? Head to any one of the seven best wine bars in Lyon for a magical night out in one of the world’s most classical cities.

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1. La Cave d’à Côté

It’s easy to see why even the locals think La Cave d’à Côté is one of the best wine bars in Lyon. This cosy little bar acts as an enchanting cave in which you can find over 100 different labels to sip on. From New World wines to digestives and champagnes, there’s nothing here that’s not delightful, especially in such a quaint, dimly lit setting.

Best Wine Bars in Lyon

2. L’Ange di Vin

Guests rave about the social layout of L’Ange di Vin, one of the best wine bars in Lyon. Due to the layout and the energy of the bar itself, travellers note that this bar feels equal parts intimate and open. Expect to enjoy a variety of fine wines from the Lyon region along with some of the most deliciously paired snacks you’ll find in the city.

Lyon's Best Wine Bars

3. Le Ballon

Modern decor and lots of choices are two of Le Ballon’s strong points. The cosy atmosphere of this wine bar is rivalled only by the sheer variety of wines they offer. With over 200 bottles on hand, you’ll be able to sample labels all the way from Chile and New Zealand and back to France. Make sure to head here hungry, as their dishes are as enticing and delicious as the wine.

Wine Bar Lyon

4. Phosphore

In contrast to the classical styles of most of the best wines bars in Lyon, Phosphore offers an updated, modern setting that feels elegant and trendy. Outside on the terrace, however, is where you’ll find some of the best views in all of Lyon. Plan to head here for an entire evening out enjoying some of the finest French wine paired with spectacular views. It’ll be an evening you never forget.

Best Views in Lyon

5. La Voguette

La Voguette is one of the trendiest wine bars in Lyon. Offering a casual, laidback setting, this bar serves up quite a superb wine list. However, they’re also known for their tasty, inventive cocktails. Stop in on a sunny afternoon and snag a seat outside on the terrace. It’s one of the best places in Lyon to people watch as you sip on your wine.

6. Harmonie des Vins

Fancy visiting one of the cutest wine caves in the city? Head to Harmonie des Vins where you can sample a variety of red and white wines by the glass. Each and every one of their wines appears to be carefully selected by their expert staff. And, they know just how to pair them with the most delicious cheeses and charcuterie.

7. Autour d’un Verre

At Autour d’un Verre you’ll find an eclectic mix of elegance and tradition. While the storefront looks classic, the interior exudes modern romance. Not only does their menu feature tapas, tartines and desserts, but they’re home to Lyon’s only self-service wine machine. Pop over and pour yourself a glass of any of the twelve different varieties they’ve got “on tap.”

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