The 7 Best Birmingham Coffee

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Birmingham

Birmingham has seen a cultural Renaissance in recent years and nothing defines that better than the current coffee scene in the city.

Everywhere you look somebody is holding their favourite cold brew or meeting up with friends over a good cuppa.

Stick to these 7 spots and you’ll only be drinking the good stuff – just maybe don’t hit them all up in one go, yeah?

Best Birmingham Coffee

1. Boo Boo Coffee

This is a cafe that has absolutely everything. We’re focusing on coffee here – which is absolutely outstanding – but their breakfast and lunch menus are also fantastic. Plus, it’s a great place to chill with some board games in the evening too.

Birmingham Coffee

2. 200 Degrees

Two bar owners set out in 2010 to find a perfect cup of coffee and ended up opening a small roastery in a garage ,which in 2012 became 200 Degrees. A buzzing room on Colmore Row – you’ll always leave satisfied.

200 Degrees Cafe

3. Saint Kitchen

The coffee here is next level and for non-coffee drinkers, there’s an ample choice of loose-leaf teas and single-origin hot chocolate courtesy of Kokoa Collection. Pair your delicious flat white (highly recommended) with a choice of all-day breakfasts, paninis, noodles, soups or cakes.

saint kitchen coffee

4. Quarter Horse Coffee

Their store on Bristol Street serves a light breakfast menu which will get you in the door, but the coffee is the real star of the show. The sort of place where you’ll always have a second cup… and maybe even a sneaky third.

Quarter Horse Coffee

5. Faculty Coffee

A small and wonderful spot in Birmingham’s historic Piccadilly Arcade, serving coffee and tea that’s made with precision and love. One look at the staff here expertly making drinks and you know you are in for a treat.

Faculty Coffee in Birmingham

6. Urban

Since they launched in 2009 it’s totally fair to say that Urban have changed the entire coffee scene in Birmingham. They’re always pushing for better standards by making wonderful cup after wonderful cup of the best beans.

Urban Cafe

7. Yorks Cafe & Coffee Roasters

You’ll find amazing brunch and sweet treat options in this bright room that’s always buzzy. The coffee is made by really top-end baristas who always have a smile on their face. An absolute joy of a place.

Yorks Cafe & Coffee Roasters

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