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The 7 Best Pizzas In Bonn

The foodie scene in this city is second to none and the pizza in Bonn is among the best in the country. So, like any sane food lover would, we set out to find the very best places to eat pizza in the city.

From classic Italian pizza to the thin and crispy American style right through to a simple slice on the go, there is something here for everybody.

So forget about the diet, grab a friend and get ready to work your way through the very best Bonn pizza spots.

Best pizza in BonnHow do these rankings work?

1. Antica Pizzeria Nennillo

What they do best here is rely on the sheer quality of their raw ingredients to produce a pizza that is true in taste and utterly fresh and delicious.

Their base is thinner than most and the tomato sauce is rich and luxurious, which is what really makes this pizza so good.

2. Cala-Dor Mini Pizzeria

This casual and tasty pizza spot has been going strong for over 30 years. Their restaurant staff are friendly and have really great service. The second you walk in you’ll smell that wonderful scent of baking dough and molten cheese.

Bonn pizza

3. Tuscolo Frankenbad

A cosy Italian restaurant that serves up classic cooking with a broad menu. You should zero in on the pizzas though, because they are wonderfully thin and crispy and loaded with delicious and fresh toppings.

The sort of pizza that fills you, leaves you feeling perfectly content but not bloated and in a food coma. Simply delicious.

4. Italian Pizza & Pasta Takeaway

It’s all about the love and effort they put into their toppings here. With such a wonderful base to start with they really layer the fresh ingredients on top to perfection.

They keep things super classical and you really don’t need to overdo the toppings because the pizzas themselves are absolutely divine. A simply delicious Bonn pizza joint.

Bonn pizza

5. Tuscolo Munster View

They have perfect the Italian methods of making pizza and brought them to this wonderfully buzzing city. It’s a traditional Italian restaurant that’s great for a family outing, as the menu has lots of different things for all tastes. The pizza though, is a must-order.

Bonn pizza

6. L’Osteria

There’s lots of great Italian meat and pasta dishes in this very traditional restaurant but the real trick is to make sure you order the pizza.

A thinner base than most Italian pizzas, which is then loaded with classic toppings that will have your mouth watering as soon as you taste them. Divine.

Bonn pizza

7. Ruland Pizza Pasta

Ruland is an Italian pizzeria, cooking up authentic thin crust pizzas in Bonn that taste as good as they look. There’s eight droolworthy pies to choose from here, with our top pick being the ‘Vitello Tonnato’ – thinly sliced veal with tuna cream and fresh capers.

Bonn pizza

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