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The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Boston

Slow roasting is like slow dancing – you gotta know how to do it properly for the best results. That’s the thing about the first-class ribs you’ll find in Boston – the finest authentic methods of cooking are utilised in ways you never thought possible.

As for the choice of venue – you’ll find grill bars, restaurants and diners to high-end spaces, so there is a special something for everybody on our list of the top places to eat the best Boston ribs. Three words: Go. For. It.


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1. Joe’s American Bar & Grill

Since 1984, Joe’s American Bar & Grill on Newbury Street has been a go-to spot for classic American fare and local brews. Their tempting barbecue baby back ribs are slow-roasted for 10 hours until the meat falls off the bone with just a gentle tug. They come with sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, creamy coleslaw and potato wedges – the ultimate feast.

2. Redbones Barbecue

Dining at this Boston eater feels as if you’ve been transported straight to the South. From beignets to fried pickles, you’ll be tempted to order their whole starter menu before making your way to their tantalising ribs.

Here, you can choose from St. Louis-style ribs or Memphis-style ribs, both offering their own unique yet equally delicious tastes. Go ahead and try them both.

Boston ribs

3. Myers+Chang

Fancy something different to the standard barbecue fare? Myers + Chang will satisfy all your carnivorous cravings with their “Asian-ish” tea-smoked pork spare ribs. These bad boys have the same tender, juicy meat you’ll find in the city’s best BBQ joints, but have the benefit of a unique flavour.

It’s truly something you’ll have to try for yourself, as words fall short of describing just how delicious they are.

4. Buttermilk & Bourbon

This New Orleans-inspired restaurant brings Southern flavours to Boston via the Bayou with its innovative menu of tasty bites. Flavourful and tantalising are just two words to describe the glaze and rub that they use here to make their ribs. The baby back ribs have a coffee char crust and come with maple-chili mustard, bacon jam and crunchy garlic goat cheese.

5. Sweet Cheeks Q

Sweet Cheeks Q serves up sensational dry-rubbed pork and beef ribs daily, so do yourself a favour and make it your mission to sample both. The meat is meticulously hand-rubbed, cured and slow-smoked.

Their recipe for success? The way in which they marinate, roast, and cool the spare ribs. And, of course, the final touch lies in their special dry rub.

Boston ribs

6. The Smoke Shop BBQ

The ribs at The Smoke Shop are 1st place award winners, so you know they’re just about as perfect as ribs can be. The Pitmaster here sure knows how to select only the finest of meats and smoke them until perfectly palatable.

Everything here pairs well with their homemade cornbread with honey & sea salt butter, so make sure to save room for a piece or two.

7. Shed’s BBQ

Hightail it to Shed’s BBQ for authentic Texas-style barbecue, and some of the tastiest ribs in Boston. Their ribs are just juicy enough so that, with each bite, flavour oozes off of the bone.

You can order a half-pound of ribs, but honestly, you’re going to want to get seconds they’re just that good.

Boston ribs

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