The 7 Best Burgers In Brighton

Brighton Burgers were recently voted among the 50 best in the England and with such an eclectic foodie scene in the city it isn’t hard to see why.

There are huge burgers that are packed fulled of toppings, as well as the more manageable classic cheeseburgers. In short, there’s a tasty burger here for everybody.

So grab a couple of friends, ditch the diet for a day and get ready to work your way through the very best Brighton burgers. Apologies in advance for the inevitable drooling.

Best burgers in BrightonHow do these rankings work?

1. Burger Brothers

With a menu packed full of indulgent flavours and creativity, Burger Brothers is a must-try burger joint in Brighton. There’s flash-fried Halloumi, homemade scotch bonnet hot sauce or creamy blue cheese.

As for the patties themselves? They’re juicy and full of flavour.

The 7 best Brighton burgers

2. The Coal Shed Restaurant

The Coal Shed is a steak restaurant in the heart of Brighton where – duh – pretty much everything is cooked over hot coals. This goes for the burger too. There’s just one on the menu but it’s perfection.

It’s a beautiful Black Angus steak burger with Bourbon relish, lettuce, pickles and chunky chips.

Best Brighton burgers

3. MEATliquor

They serve a proper junk food style menu with great fried chicken, shakes and some of the best burgers in the city.

The burgers themselves feature super juicy patties and imaginative toppings that will keep you coming back on a regular basis. Throw in some great craft beers and cocktails and this place is the full package.

Meat Liquor Brighton

4. Martin’s Burger House

Chargrilled beef, chicken and veggie burgers served up in perfect brioche buns. This is a place that has a chilled vibe and delivers every single time.

They also do great hot dogs and top notch beers. If you can nab a seat on the terrace in the summer months you will be in heaven.

5. Lucky Beach Cafe

If we can all agree that Brighton Beach is one of the best in the world, then eating a burger just yards from the strand is as good as it gets.

The food at Lucky Beach Cafe is modern and super tasty, and they have some seriously splendid cocktails to wash these delicious Brighton burgers down with.

6. Smokeys Brighton

The sort of place you’ll want to come with a serious appetite because they pile the burgers seriously high with toppings. The biggest decision (after choosing the toppings): to dive straight in with your hands or to cut it half?

They also do great wings, ribs and cocktails. An all-round good place.

Brighton burgers

7. The New Club

The sort of place where you come and want absolutely everything on the menu. Their brunch dishes, waffles, cocktails and avocado toast are all to die for, but you can’t miss the burger.

Classic in style, it is perfect to match with their huge selection of craft beer and kick the feet back and chill with friends.

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