The 7 Best Brighton PIzza shops

The 7 Best Pizzas In Brighton

While this is one of those small English cities that has absolutely everything in terms of foodie options, Brighton pizza is up there with the best in the UK.

From classic Italian-style pizza to American and everything in between, there’s a slice here for everybody.

Time to grab a couple of friends, forget about the diet and load up on carbs with these very best Brighton pizza joints…

1. Very Italian Pizza

Very Italian Pizza is a family-run business who say they can trace their pizza making skills back to the 1800s in Naples. When you taste the end product here, it’s hard to disagree.

Fluffy crusts and a beautifully tangy sauce = pizza perfection.

Brighton Pizza

2. Fatto a Mano

With three locations in the area you are never going to be too far away from their pizza, and that is a very good thing.

Pizzas here a classic in style and cooked in less than two minutes for that consistently perfect crust. The second you walk in and smell that wood-fired oven you will be drooling in anticipation.

Best Brighton pizza

3. Purezza

Their pizza is 100% plant based which is hard to believe when you look at it and taste it. You are not missing out in any way whatsoever with this meal; if anything, the clean taste and texture is even better than normal pizza. Quite simply out of this world.

Brighton PIzza

4. NuPosto

Although they serve great pasta and proper Italian-style dishes, their classic Neapolitan pizza has always been one of the best in the city.

The crusts are nicely chewy and spongey all in one and their toppings are fresh and utterly divine.

5. Dodo Pizza

While many love Italian pizza this is more American (and New York in particular) in style. Super crispy crusts and classic toppings.

The perfect place to bring the family for a chilled meal out.

6. Woodbox Pizzeria

They have some of the most colourful and best looking pizzas in the world. They could all be hung on the wall as works of art.

While they may look good though the true sensation here is the taste. Absolutely out of this world and bursting with flavour from their imaginative toppings.

7. Franco Manca

What started in London has now started to grow across the country but this just doesn’t feel like a chain. Their pizzas are so authentic and their attention to detail in terms of sourcing ingredients makes this a winner to sit in or get a takeaway from.

Big 7 Travel Team