Brisbane Foodie Bucket List

Brisbane Foodie Bucket List – 21 Dishes To Try Before You Die

Australia is home to some of the most exciting food and drink establishments in the world, and Brisbane is right in the heart of it. Sure, Sydney and Melbourne are key players, but Queensland’s capital is storming on ahead.

We’ve rounded up the country’s best pizzas and the best burgers, but this time the focus is all on Brisbane. Consider this your check-lis

1. Steak Frites – Les Bubbles Steakhouse

The perfect Steak Frites might be have been perfected in Paris, but Brisbane is smashing it out of the park even more. Les Bubbles flame-grils the steak to your liking, served with a soft leaf salad, plenty of sauce and bottomless frites.

Steak Frites in Brisbane

2. Sausage Rolls – Jocelyn’s Provisions

Juicy, slightly sweet and well-seasoned, these Pork, Apple & Caraway Sausage Rolls are the perfect picnic food. Hot flaky pastry and a tasty filling makes these almost too easy to eat. We won’t judge if you have more than your fair share.

Sausage Rolls in Brisbane

3. Avocado Toast With Poached Eggs – Sourced Grocer

A dish as simple as this can often go so wrong, so kudos to Sourced Grocer for always being there for our basic bitch avo needs.  The avocado here comes on housemade sourdough with smoked labneh; don’t forget to add on the perfectly poached eggs.

Brisbane food

4. Curry – Indian Mehfil

Come with a group of friends to this deliciously authentic Indian restaurant to try as many of the dishes on the menu as possible. You won’t be able to pick just one favourite – from the butter chicken to prawn tikka, they’re all fantastic.

Curry in Brisbane

5. Chocolate Ice Cream – Gelato Messina

This is gourmet ice cream at its best. Gelato Messina has 35 regular flavours, with the chocolate being a superstar. They even make their own chocolate to put into the ice cream, using the highest quality single origin Ecuadorian cacao they can get their hands on.

Chocolate Ice Cream in Brisbane

6. Loaded Fries – Fritzenberger

There’s fries, and then there’s these insane loaded fries. Stacked with cheese sauce, candied bacon, green onions and the house special Fritzensauce and Twisties salt, you’ll need to be wheeled out of here. Worth it.

Loaded Fries in Brisbane

7. Jam Doughnuts – Brewbakers

Brewbakers consistently make the city’s tastiest doughnuts, focusing on the dough and simple but perfect flavours rather than whacky trends. A dusting of icing sugar and a rich and sweet jam filling will have you craving these every day.

Jam Doughnuts in Brisbane

8. Capricciosa Pizza – Corbett & Claude

This is hands down the best pizza in the city. Fact; we’ll have no fighting over it. While all the pies at Corbett & Claude are mouthwatering, the Capricciosa with creamy fior di latte cheese, mushrooms, ham and olives has all the right combos.

Capricciosa Pizza in Brisbane

9. Double Wagyu Beef Burger – Charboys Burgers

Come to Charboys Burgers with a serious appetite and you won’t leave disappointed. Their premium Wagyu beef is tender and juicy and the brioche bun holds it perfectly together. But really, it’s the special sauce that sets Charboys apart. Tangy and ultra-tasty.

Double Wagyu Beef Burger in Brisbane

10. High Tea – Darling & Co

Feeling fancy? There’s only one thing to do: sit down to the High Tea in Darling & Co. for an indulgent afternoon of sweet and savoury treats. Make your choice of tea, Veuve champagne, or a cheeky afternoon cocktail to wash it down with.

High Tea in Brisbane

11. Black Garlic Bread – Gauge

This iconic dish is served straight through from brunch to dinner and locals just can’t get enough of it. The black garlic bread with caramelised sugar and vanilla butter is an explosion of sweet and savour flavours that is utterly unique.

Black Garlic Bread in Brisbane

12. Gnocchi – Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers

If a place only does one thing, then you can be confident that it does it very, very well. That’s exactly the case with the various types of gnocchi dishes available here. It’s the freshest, most delicious gnocchi in the city.

Gnocchi in Brisbane

13. Sushi Rolls – Sushi Kotobuki

Sushi Kotobuki is easily one of the best Japanese fusion restaurants in Brisbane. Alongside traditional Uramaki rolls and sashimi, they’ve created special fusion sushi rolls that combine the best of both. Toppings on the inside and fresh fish on the outside.

Sushi Rolls in Brisbane

14. Long Course Degustation – Deer Duck

Deer Duck is a unique fine dining and degustation experience, serving up degustation menus in a quirky and artistic setting. Their Long Course option is 9 courses and includes dishes such as peppered venison tartare and deconstructed vanilla and cardamom milk cheesecake.

Long Course Degustation in Brisbane

15. Breakfast Carbonara – Morning After

This is the best hangover meal that has ever existed, no doubt about it. A piping hot plate of silky papardelle pasta, field mushrooms, smoked pancetta & manchego cheese with an oozing egg cracked over it all.

Breakfast Carbonara in Brisbane
Image: IG @stateofsteph

16. Seafood Platter – George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant

This incredible seafood platter comes with fresh king prawns, smoked salmon, mixed oysters, barbequed bugs, barbequed prawns, garlic prawns, battered prawns, fish, calamari, lobster mornay and fresh fruit. What. A. Feast.

Seafood Platter

17. Chicken Wings And Beers – Tippler’s Tap

As well as having an impressive selection of craft beer, the wings at Tippler’s Tap are unmissable. Their famous dry spice-rubbed chicken wings come with a blue cheese dipping sauce and are the perfect evening snack.

Chicken Wings And Beers

18. Mac n Cheese Squares – Red Hook

Red Hook might be best known for its delicious duck tacos, but these Mac n Cheese crispy squares are the secret highlight of the menu. Crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, break these apart with your bare hands and chow down.

Mac n Cheese Squares

19. Fish And Chips – Sea Fuel

This family run restaurant has been serving superb seafood for over 30 years, so you know you’re in safe hands. They’ve a wide selection of sustainable fish (including Tasmanian Salmon and Arctic Cod) that are delicious either golden crumbed, succulently grilled or an old favourite – battered.

Fish And Chips

20. French Toast – Smug Fig

This is where to come for a serious cheat meal. The French Toast here changes weekly and is always super creative. Their most recent creation was all about m&ms. Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, French toast rounds, choc waffle cone and smashed m&ms all in one.

French Toast

21. Classic Oysters – Blackbird Bar & Grill

If you want a real treat, come to the swish Blackbird Bar & Grill for their fresh seafood. They use Australia’s top produce, working closely with farmers and producers. Our top pick? Keep things simple with the freshly shucked oysters, served with a lime vinaigrette.

Classic Oysters

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