The 7 Best Brunch Spots In Houston

If you’re touring the best brunch spots in America then you simply can’t pass up the chance to indulge in all of the delightful brunch spots in Houston. This southern Texas city is brimming with places to treat yourself to a tantalising brunch…and a Bloody Mary or two.

Whether you’re a fan of the sweet, sugary brunch foods like pancakes and loaded waffles, or you’re looking for a savoury, sumptuous meal of biscuits, eggs, omelettes, and skillets, Houston’s got something to offer you.

Get ready to sleep in this weekend, because brunch is served late. Roll on out of bed and head to any one of the seven best brunch spots in Houston to enjoy a delicious meal you’ll never forget.

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1. The Breakfast Klub

With a name like The Breakfast Klub, it’s not surprising that many people think this is one of the best spots for brunch in Houston. This laidback, low-key Houston eatery is famous for their soulful breakfast food that carries over into brunch hours. You’re definitely not strapped for choice here, with options ranging from wings and waffles and catfish and grits to their scrumptious biscuits.

Best Brunch in Houston

2. Postino Wine Cafe

Wine for breakfast? Um, yes, please! You’ll have to head here early to catch the brunch specials, as it all ends at 1 pm. So, you really will be having wine for basically breakfast. However, we don’t see anything wrong with that. Brunch menu items range from grilled focaccia with over-easy eggs and delectably sweet French toast. To drink? Wine, obviously, or pitchers of mimosas, beer, and bellinis for just $5.

Houston Brunch

3. Dish Society

Farm-to-table brunch has never tasted so good. Visit Dish Society to indulge in one of the best brunches in Houston. Here, everything tastes fresh and natural, likely because they’re super dedicated to using locally-sourced ingredients. They make their biscuits fresh, too, which means you’ll need to order more than a few. Top it all off with something they call a “bromosa.” Don’t ask questions, just order it and enjoy.

Where to Eat Boozy Brunch in Houston

4. Backstreet Cafe

If what you’re after is a Southern-style brunch then look no further than Backstreet Cafe. Serving up Cajun, Creole, and Hispanic-inspired dishes, everything here is rolling in flavour and served to the point of perfection. If you really want to experience an authentic Houston brunch, however, we suggest trying their famous Gulf Coast beignets or orange-chocolate brioche buns.

5. Brasserie 19

Ask any Houston local where to get a quality brunch and they’ll likely list off Brasserie 19 as one of the top spots. This French diner feels just as quaint and cosy as any cafe you’d find on the streets of Paris. And, their quiche du jour competes with those in France as well. Brunch here feels truly luxurious, which is a nice treat after a long, hard week.

6. Beaver’s

Don’t visit Beaver’s without your special eating pants in tow. You’re going to need them in order to sample every single savoury, sweet, and scrumptious item on their menu. Portions here are Texas-sized, including the cocktails. Treat yourself to a candied bacon-studded Beavery’s Mary. Then, work your way into a pecan buttermilk waffle. Hello, food coma.

Best Bloody Marys in Houston

7. Monkey’s Tail

Monkey’s Tail is fairly new to the Houston brunch scene, which means that they can only get better with time. However, there’s currently nothing wrong with their delectable brunch menu. You’ll find huevos rancheros breakfast pizza, bread pudding, and Bloody Marys, to start. Truly, though, their tasty cocktails pair well with any item off their menu. Cheers!

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