Best Brunch in Puerto Rico

The 7 Best Places For Brunch In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is home to some of the best coffee shops in all of North America and the Caribbean. So, it comes as no surprise that the best brunch spots in Puerto Rico are famous just as much for their strong coffee as they are the delectable brunch food.

Savoury Instagrammable brunch fare awaits you at any one of these hotspots. Whether you’re exploring Old San Juan or are visiting any one of the other trendy beach towns on the island, we’ve got you covered.

Treat yourself to coconut milk-dipped French toast, omelettes, and other mouthwatering food at any one of the seven best spots for brunch in Puerto Rico. Go ahead and indulge.

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1. Chocobar Cortes

With a name as tasty as “chocobar,” you know you’re getting yourself into something super scrumptious by heading to this Puerto Rico brunch spot. Chocobar Cortes is led by a team of passionate chocolate pioneers who believe in farm-to-bar chocolate manufacturing. They even carry the theme throughout, as their brunch menu features fares such as marble waffles, chocobar pancakes, and even chocolate grilled cheese.

Best Brunch in Puerto Rico

2. Tia

Tia is one of the best brunch spots in Puerto Rico for a few reasons. As the name suggests, the spot is warm and inviting, almost familiar. Palm tree wallpaper adds a trendy tropical vibe to the decor, and their brunch menu is just as hip and cool. Enjoy monkey bread smothered in caramelised bananas and brown-butter maple syrup. Or, opt for something more traditional and enjoy Ropa Vieja served authentic-style.

Where to Eat Brunch in Puerto Rico

3. Caficultura

Caficultura ranked as one of the best coffee shops in Puerto Rico. But, they’re pretty famous for their brunch as well. Enjoy some of the island’s finest coffee as you settle in with a plate of coconut milk-dipped French toast or delicious vegetable quiche. Everything here is so savoury that you’ll absolutely be headed back for brunch round two, or three…

Puerto Rico Brunch

4. Waffle-era Tea Room

Also known as La Waflera, this hotspot is by far one of the best places for brunch in Puerto Rico. The name alone gives it away, but they actually do serve more than just mouthwatering waffles. First, we suggest choosing from their dozens of tea leaves to craft the perfect cup of mid-morning tea. Then, indulge in what they call “Belgio-Boricuan” style cuisine. Their deep-dish waffles come topped with rich selection ingredients that you’ll have to taste to believe.

5. Serafina San Juan

This fine Italian restaurant serves some of the most delicious pizzas, pasta, and traditional Italian dishes on the island. However, it’s their brunch that’s got us buzzing. Every Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy brunch out on their sunny terrace. Treat yourself to such delicacies as Croque Madames, skillet omelettes, and even a Sunny Burger. The last comes with truffle mayo, caramelised onions, fontina cheese, candied bacon and an egg sunny side up. 

6. Gallo Negro

Ask any local and they might tell you that Gallo Negro is one of the best bars in Puerto Rico. But, their brunch is just as tasty as their drinks, making it an absolute can’t miss if you’re on the island. Brunch classics take on a new life as this trendy neighbourhood pub. Expect dishes such as Mexican chilaquiles or even chocolate mole waffles topped with fried chicken. It’s okay to drool.

7. La Estacion

The food here is locally-sourced and cooked with love. And, while they don’t have a specific brunch menu perse, the food is so mouthwatering and well-prepared that it’s worthy of a mid-morning or early afternoon visit. After all, what’s not to love about tropical vibes, superbly smoked barbecue and drinks brimming with Caribbean flavours?

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