The 7 Best Brussels Pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Brussels

Brussels pizza is among some of the best you’ll find in Europe with a huge selection and diversity of places to choose from. From the traditional classic Neapolitan-style pizza to the casual slice of pizza on the go and everything in between, you won’t be going hungry here.

We wanted to pick the seven places that you simply can’t afford to miss out on for a slice or two in the city. Forget about frites (well, don’t actually) and fill up on cheesy carbs instead. Or how about both?

Grab a friend and start working your way through this list of the best Brussels pizza

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1. La Piola Pizza

La Piola Pizza is home to some of the best Italian cooking in the city. Their meat boards to start are a must and along with a fantastic wine list this is a pizza experience that you are not going to want to miss out on when in Brussels.

La Piola Pizza


If you asked most people in Brussels where the best pizza was you’d hear the answer “Nona”, repeated over and over. They make it in the classic Neapolitan-style but it goes way beyond that; from the sourcing of the ingredients to the passion of their staff. As good as any pizza you are likely to taste anywhere in Italy.

NONA Pizzas In Brussels

3. La Bottega della Pizza

Located in the trendy St Gilles area of the city, these pizzas are ordered for take away just as much as they are to sit in. Both options are great but enjoying it seconds after it leaves the oven is probably the best experience. Pies have amazing dough and a tomato sauce that you would die for.

La Bottega della Pizza

4. La Brace

Right in the heart of the European Commission area in Schuman, this pizzeria has been going strong for decades and that tells you all you need to know. It’s a small room with barely elbow room between the tables but a buzzing atmosphere and great value. The service is fast and friendly.

La Brace Pizza

5. Mamma Roma

You don’t always want the formal setting of a restaurant for eating pizza which is why this is the perfect spot to grab some on the go. Their slices are affordable, tasty and the toppings always changing so you never get bored. Perfect to grab and sit in the park with a couple of slices.

Mamma Roma In Brussels

6. MiTo

MiTo is everything that you could want from a pizza experience. Their oven is the star of the show with the pizzas cooking in less than two minutes, coming out absolutely bubbling with molten lava style heat when they reach your table. Throw in a great wine list and some tasty cocktails and this is the perfect spot to spend time with friends.

MiTo Pizzeria

7. Basils

Basils does brilliantly inventive pizzas with unique toppings. The dough itself is springy and super spongey with big, thick crusts. They do the classics well but this is the spot to try something a little different from one of their specials. If you get a seat on the terrace in the summer you will be in heaven.

Basils Pizzeria

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