The 7 Best Bucharest Pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Bucharest

We so many food options to choose from in the Romanian capital (including amazing burgers), we wanted to focus on Bucharest Pizza and set about finding the best of the best.

When arriving in a new city, opting for the old reliables like pizza is a foolproof choice. You’re hungry and you need carbs like, now. The good news is that the city is packed full of amazing places to eat.

So grab a friend, head out into town and enjoy these Bucharest Pizza restaurants…

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1. Animaletto Pizza Bar

A stripped back room that is always absolutely buzzing at both lunch time and in the evenings. They have single-handedly been responsible for setting a whole new standard for pizza in Romania.

Animaletto Pizza Bar In Bucharest

2. Buoni E Bravi

Sometimes you don’t want all the formality that comes with sitting down for a pizza in a restaurant and want something quick and affordable. Their slices are always super tasty (on the thin and crispy side) with great toppings and served piping hot. Perfect to eat on the go.

Buoni E Bravi Pizzeria

3. Il Peccato

Il Peccato is a wonderfully buzzy Italian restaurant in the Old Town that has a huge terrace which really comes to life in the warmer months. They have a full menu of great traditional Italian cooking, but ordering one of their pizzas and a nice glass of red wine here is the way to go.

Il Peccato Pizza

4. Osteria Zucca

A lovely local Italian restaurant where they make great pasta, grilled meats and fish but also have a keen eye for a pizza. The sort of restaurant that makes you feel warm and fuzzy when leaving. Below is their “Quatro Formaggi” which features Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Emmental and Parmesan with sour cream on top.

Osteria Zucca Pizzas In Bucharest

5. Mamizza

They are inspired by Napoli’s local producers, food culture and craftmanship and keep things super traditional here with their pizzas. Their dough is fermented for over 24 hours before cooking the final product in less than 90 seconds in their oven. Their light, tasty and wonderfully sourced toppings round off this great experience.


6. Sabatini Pizza

Sabatini Pizza has two restaurants in the city and it is all about the buzz of the place. The perfect starting point for a night out with friends because their pizza and pasta dishes, as well as starters, are made for sharing. Along with a great selection of beers this is just a fun place.

Grab a spot on the terrace in the summer for an even more enjoyable experience.

Bucharest Pizza

7. Pizzeria Volare

This place is best known for their big portions of pasta and amazing family-style cooking. They stick to the Italian classics but their pizza, which is cooked in a wood-fired oven, is not one to be missed. Add in a great wine list and some properly tasty appetisers and this is a meal you won’t forget in a hurry.

Pizzeria Volare

Pizza not your thing? You might want to check out the 7 best burgers in Bucharest. instead.

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