Budapest Chicken wings

The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Budapest

Budapest chicken wings are right up there with the very best in Europe, but with so much choice where to find the very best? Wings that are so good that you will be licking your fingers with a huge smile on your face! We set out to find the best places to eat them in the city.

From the hot and spicy to traditional buffalo and BBQ versions there is something here for everybody. All you have to do is grab a couple of friends, have some nice cold beer and get stuck into the best Budapest chicken wings…

Best Chicken Wings in BudapestHow do these rankings work?

1. Bp BARbq

If you are a meat lover then this is the first place you will want to stop in the city. Everything is cooked “low and slow” and tastes absolutely divine.

You could order the wings on their own but they are best as part of a mixed platter with lots of sides. You will be getting a little bit of the best of all worlds.

The best Budapest Chicken wings

2. Manga Cowboy!

Manga Cowboy! has all the sort of food that we love eating like baked pasta dishes, burgers and meatballs. You’d be foolish to not start a meal here with the wings though, because they are cooked to absolute perfection.

Crispy and tasty on the outside and loaded with tasty meat on the inside. They might just be the best wings you ever taste!

3. Majorka Cafe

Majorka Cafe’s menu is packed with some of the best comfort food in the city. That includes burgers, grilled meats, salads and some of the best wings you will ever taste.

The sticky glaze is so good that you’ll be licking every single last drop and biting the meat from the bone. Divine.

Budapest Chicken wings

4. Budapest Barbecue Company

Feast on a huge range of low and slow cooked meats that are all packed full of flavour. Those include ribs, brisket and pulled pork, but their spicy wings are the star of the show.

You’ll want plenty of napkins as they are a messy-but-delicious eat.

Budapest Chicken wings

5. Epic Burger

They are best known for their burgers which as the name suggests are indeed truly epic. However, if you really want to treat yourself and have a big appetite the wings are the ideal way to start.

You *could* even skip the burgers and double up on a portion of wings as a main course. They really are that good.

6. Bestia

Bestia are known for their precise but fun cooking, and the wings are the perfect way to start any meal.

Add in one of the best cocktail menus in the city and this is the perfect place to come with a group of friends to start a fun night. A restaurant that ticks every single box.

7. Soul Food

They bring American -style soul food to the heart of Budapest that is so good and so authentic that you could easily be in America. Everything they do is superb.

They serve up jerk chicken, tasty burgers and seriously good side dishes, but to come here and not have the wings would be a serious travesty.

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