The 7 Best Budapest Coffee

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Budapest

Like so many things in this great city, the Budapest coffee scene is something that will surprise and delight you when you discover it for the first time.

As a third wave of coffee shops sweep across the world, Budapest is not being left behind and has some wonderful options for coffee lovers – from the small and intimate to the larger spots that are perfect for remote working.

So as well as having two of the best 50 burgers in Europe and some seriously Instagrammable spots, you can now work your way through this list of the best Budapest coffee shops…

1. Espresso Embassy

Run by a group of people who are obsessed with coffee. The baristas are super knowledgable and always happy to talk your through their various brews (you’ll find some great filter coffees here if that is your thing). This is h=the sort of place where they put so much love into the product that you’ll simply never have a bad cup of coffee here.

Budapest Coffee

2. My Little Melbourne Coffee and Brew Bar

Anywhere that is going to compare itself to Melbourne (which many consider the coffee capital of the world) is going to have to set a high standard. The good news is they do just that, by serving up some world class coffee and even having their own barista school. Sitting outside having one of their flat whites is the ideal scenario.

My Little Melbourne Coffee and Brew Bar

3. The Goat Herder – Espresso Bar

Offering a simple and delicious menu, some seriously good coffee and a friendly team – all served in a trendy setting. They also say they have take inspiration from the coffee scene in Australia.

The Goat Herder Cafe in Budapest

4. 9BAR

The place to come if you want some seriously tasty pastries served up with your coffee. Throw in perfectly made coffees and the amazing service and its the sort of place you’d want to stay for a second cup.

9BAR Cafe

5. Kontakt – Speciality Coffeeshop

A small stripped back coffee shop where they let their product do the talking. As soon as you discover Kontakt, you’ll find yourself becoming a regular and wondering what excuse you can find to go back again and again.

If you are lucky enough to bag a seat outside in summer sitting there sipping your favourite brew and people watching is one of life’s great pleasures.

Kontakt - Speciality Coffeeshop Cafe in Budapest

6. Madal Cafe

Madal Cafe began in May 2013 in as one of the first specialty coffeeshops in the city. Since then they have expanded to three locations. They say that the key to their success is only sourcing the best of the best in terms of beans. Plus, they roast their coffee fresh themselves.

Madal Cafe

7. Fekete

A wonderfully bright and airy cafe that serves great food (hearty breakfasts, divine sandwiches and homemade cake). It also has a real community vibe about it. Started as a small space in 2013 but has expanded to the courtyard as word of their amazing coffee spread.

Fekete coffee in Budapest

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