The 7 Best Buenos Aires Coffee

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Buenos Aires

Many people arriving in a new city (or indeed living there) are always seeking out the best coffee shop, so the good news is that Buenos Aires coffee is right up there with the very best in the world.

The city might be best known for its great nightlife, bustling atmosphere and amazing steak and wine combos, but their coffee scene should not be underestimated. We’ve rounded up the seven very best Buenos Aires coffee shops for you to work your way through. Not a bad brew to be seen in any of them!

Best Buenos Aires Coffee

1. NEGRO Cueva de café

A wonderfully comfortable and cosy cafe that does great baked goods, breakfasts and lunch. The food might draw you in at first, but it’s the coffee you’ll be wanting to stay for. While everything they do is superb, look out for their espresso as something that simply can’t be missed.

NEGRO Cueva de café in Buenos Aires

2. All Saints Cafe

They roast their own coffee and as they say themselves “that is at the heart of everything they do”. Their shop is always buzzing and the staff super knowledgeable and friendly.  They train baristas, sell coffee online and generally live and die for all things coffee.

Buenos Aires coffee

3. Full City Coffee House

If you’re looking for a really good breakfast and coffee combination then this is the spot for you. Wonderful bacon and cheesy eggs served with fresh bread. The coffee is just so good. That combined with the great seats for people watching make this the sort of place you’ll be staying for a second cup.

Full City Coffee House

4. Lattente

A quaint little neighbourhood cafe that serves great food and pastries. The place has a very French feel to it and once you taste their fresh coffee you will be finding an excuse to come back day after day.

Lattente Cafe In Buenos Aires

5. Padre Coffee Roasters & Beer

A lovely place to come if you want to spend some time on the laptop working or to eat great food. They roast their own coffee beans and also have a great selection of beer, which along with their avocado toast means this is a Buenos Aires coffee shop that ticks so many boxes.

Padre Coffee Roasters & Beer

6. LAB New American Cuisine & Coffee Shop

A place where it feels as if every coffee they make is scientific and as close to perfection as you are going to get, not only in this city but anywhere in the world. Their cold brews in the summer are an absolute must.

LAB New American Cuisine & Coffee Shop

7. Café Tortoni

This is a a proper Buenos Aires coffee shop, but the place has been and is to this day so much more than a cafe, with regular live shows, music and events. Ever since a French immigrant named Touan decided to open it at the end of 1858 it has been serving some of the very best coffee in the entire city. If the walls could talk there would be some great stories to be told!

Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires

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