The 7 Best Buenos Aires Pizzas

The 7 Best Pizzas In Buenos Aires

If there’s one meal that at least 90% of us around the world can agree on as being universally loved, it has to be pizza.

Because of the city’s rich connection with Italian immigrants, Buenos Aires pizza has a long history. Somewhere coming across the Atlantic, the pizza got thicker, inherited more cheese and the base generally becomes heavier. Locals call it “pizza al molde” and it is one of those slight variations in a traditional dish that seriously splits opinion.

Fear not though, as we’ve picked out a mixture of seven very different, yet all equally delicious Buenos Aires pizza restaurants.

All you have to do now is start working your way through this list.

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1. Pizzería Güerrin

This is one of the most famous and buzzing restaurants in the capital. Their pizzas are unique in their own style (with LOTS of cheese) and served with sharing in mind. Look out for their truly spectacular desserts also, which are every bit as good.

Pizzería Güerrin in Buenos Aires

2. Siamo nel Forno

Siamo nel Forno is very traditional and Italian in style, with the dough and the process behind making it over the course of 24 hours being the key element. Add in imported ingredients from Italy and some incredible fresh local toppings and you will be in heaven.

Siamo nel Forno Pizzeria

3. La Pascana

La Pascana is a super popular neighbourhood spot that serves up some of the very best pizza in the city, according to their passionate customers. Their pizzas have super original and unique toppings for the adventurous, as well as the classics for the pizza purists.

La Pascana Pizzas In Buenos Aires

4. La Mezzetta

Their unique “thick” slices of pizza are closer to a Chicago style pizza than an Italian pizza and utterly delicious. Their white ‘Fugazetta’ pizza is a thing of beauty and people come from far and wide to get their pizzas for takeaway.

La Mezzetta Pizzas

5. De Rosa Pizzeria

A wonderfully rich and fulfilling Italian menu where you’ll find some of the best pasta in town, as well as juicy porchetta. The pizza really is the star of the show though, and is what will keep you coming back over and over again.

De Rosa Pizzeria

6. La Más Querida

The Argentinians love nothing more than really good BBQ so this is the spot to come if you want it combined with great pizza. Throw in some seriously quality local beers and this is a once in a lifetime foodie experience.

La Más Querida Pizzas

7. Pin Pun

Pin Pun is one of the best places to eat “pizza al molde” in the city, which means you’ll probably be doing two/three slices at most given the thickness of the base, the richness of the cheese and the density of toppings. You’ll want to come with a serious appetite.

Buenos Aires Pizza

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