Best Burgers In Colombo

The 7 Best Burgers In Colombo

No matter where you travel to in the world, one dish that you will always find is the humble burger.

With so many wonderful dining options in Colombo in Sri Lanka , we decided to delve a little deeper and find the 7 best burgers in Sri Lanka. There’s some absolutely mouthwatering dishes here for you to try out…

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1. Capital Bar & Grill

Inside the Shangri-La Hotel, this high end restaurant serves up a burger that is unbelievably tasty and a real struggle to get into your mouth in one go. One for the burger purists.

Colombo Burgers

2. Street Burger

Street Burger have a huge varied menu that caters to all burger lover’s needs. Their beef and chicken options are out of this world, and with a huge band of loyal customers they never shirk on quality.

Street Burger in Colombo

3. Flamingo House

Flamingo House is an eclectically driven dining space with an extensive menu; from a prawn burger to an Irish Whiskey blue cheeseburger. There’s something for everyone here!


4. Fazly’s Halal Refreshment

Fazly’s first opened their doors way back in 2000, so you know for sure that after this long they know what they are doing. They’re absolutely at the top of their game when it comes to really top-end burgers.
Fazly's Burger in Colombo

5. Sugar Bistro & Wine Bar

This European style bistro and wine bar is home to relaxed dining be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. They serve up some of the best burgers in Colombo, with a range of toppings and sides available.

6. Dinemore

Dinemore opened way back in 1996 and focus on fast food that is served “quick, clean, flavoursome and hearty”. With several locations around the city, you are never going to be far away from one of their delicious burgers. TG for that.

Dinemore Comlombo Burger

7. The Bavarian

A German-themed bar where it really is hard to decide if the food or the beer is better. Together though, they make an incredible combination. Their burger is huge, meaty and bursting full of delicious toppings and sauces.

The Bavarian Hamburger in Colombo

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