Burgers In Bulgaria

The 7 Best Burgers In Bulgaria

Traditional Bulgarian food extends to include dishes such as shopkska salad, stuffed peppers and the ever-famous palačinka. But, if you find yourself in this Eastern European country, you’ll be delighted to know that the best burgers in Bulgaria are actually some of the best in all of Europe.

From Sofia to Varana and all the way in between, you’ll find the juiciest, tastiest burgers in lots of little unassuming spots. Hungry for something tasty? Get stuck into some of the best burgers in Bulgaria. You’ll be drooling well before the first bite.

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1. MEAT – Sofia

As the name suggests, MEAT is all about, well, meat. Here, expect nothing short of some of the world’s thickest, tallest burgers. Literally, they’re piled-high and absolutely loaded with toppings. And, the best part is that you can enjoy a tasty craft beer as you devour your burger, too. First, decide which one you’re going to treat yourself to. Then, wash it all down with one of Bulgaria’s finest craft beers. It’s a foodie match made in heaven.

2. Old Buddies Burger Bar – Varna

With something on the menu called a Tripple Burger, it’s easy to see why even the locals think this spot is home to some of the best burgers in Bulgaria. They’re especially well-known for serving some of the biggest burgers in town. But, they’re totally loaded with flavour, meaning that each bite is just as tasty as the next. The great vibes and quality music they play doesn’t seem to hurt things, either.

3. Succuk Burger House – Bansko

For a burger house all the way out in Bankso, Succuk delivers quite the punch, similar to what you’d expect of a huge burger spot in the United States or even Australia. However, this Bulgarian burger spot relies on local flavours and great service to ensure that their burgers are some of the best in the country. They use 100% fresh beef to craft their thick patties. Then, they load ’em up with fresh, crunchy toppings and savoury sauces.

Burgers In Bulgaria

4. Monkey Burgers – Plovdiv

It doesn’t get much thicker than the burgers you’ll find at Monkey Burgers in Plovdiv. These incredibly insane burgers are about as big as your head. And, as they put it, they’re made with a lot of love and a pinch of happiness. The secret? They use only top quality products and Prime Irish beef. So, rest assured that regardless of the burger you order, you’re biting into some prime beef that they’ve taken care to cook up exactly how you like it.

Burgers In Bulgaria

5. Street Chefs Foodtruck – Sofia

Sofia’s loaded with lots of great places to get a burger. So, when we say that Street Chefs serves up some of the best burgers in Bulgaria, we mean it. Truly, these burgers, served out of a local food truck, contend for some of the absolute best in all of Europe. And, the best part is that you’re getting prime quality at a fraction of the cost. As they like to put it, they’re serving burgers that are healthy, quality, affordable and tasty at the same time.

Burgers In Bulgaria

6. Skapto – Sofia

If you’re after variety then Skapto is the spot for you. This Bulgarian burger joint specialises in serving up some of the world’s thickest, most creative burgers. Mouthwatering is actually an understatement. The Bulleit Bourbon, for example, features a fresh, ground all-beef patty, double crispy bacon, melted cheddar, house-made Bulleit bourbon sauce and veggies. Drooling yet?

7. Burger Brothers – Varna

Varna is filled with a surprising amount of great burgers. But, there’s something especially tasty about Burger Brothers. It’s likely due to the fact that they drizzle them with their own homemade sauces. Or, it’s due to the fact that they source only the finest beef. Either way, their burgers are the bomb. After just one bite you’ll be converted into a fan for life.

Burgers In Bulgaria

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