The 25 Best Burgers In Hungary

Calling all carnivores: Hungary is a superb country for hearty meats and juicy beef burgers. From funky burger bars in Budapest to local taverns around the country, the burgers in Hungary will leave you drooling in anticipation.

Consider this the burger lover’s guide to Hungary. You ready for a feast?

Best Burgers In HungaryHow do these rankings work?

1. Bamba Marha Burger Bar – Budapest

Bamba Marha is so good that they placed very well on our recent list of the 50 best burgers in Europe. This is a spot that operates at the very top of its game in a city where people seriously know good burgers.

The secret here is super quality beef, mixed with simple toppings and not overcomplicating things. What you end up with is an absolute taste sensation.

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Best Burgers In Europe 2020

2. Tuning Burger – Budapest

Tuning Burger spends a huge amount of time sourcing the very best and highest end ingredients. What you’ll find here is a burger that is as close to perfect as you are ever going to taste.

Add in great home cooked fries and a large selection of craft beers, and there is just so much to love about this place.

Tuning Burger

3. Bitang Joe Burger Bar – Miskolc

The space that Bitand Joe Burger Bar operates in might be small, but their burgers are huge – both in portion size and in terms of flavour.

The patties are cooked to perfection and served inside buns that are as soft as pillows and loaded with toppings that are fresh, crunchy and delicious.

4. GoodBar GoodBurger – Budapest

As the name suggests, they are indeed a good bar and they do indeed serve insanely good burgers. The name is not a lie!

The burgers are perfectly formed and they are known for their huge selection of toppings. Sitting here with a craft beer in one hand and a burger in the other is one of the best things to do in the city.

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5. Kandalló – Budapest

They have a huge two-level bar here, along with one of the best terraces in the city to dine outside in the warmer months.

With a superb atmosphere and some amazing beers on tap the burger lives up to the hype every single time. Juicy, tender and lots of great toppings to add on.

6. Streat Burger & Szendvics – Pécs

This fun spot is known for doing a brilliant combination of grilled sandwiches and burgers. The only hard choice for you is which menu item to go for, but we’d suggest the burger.

Packed with flavour and loaded with melting cheese (that is perfect for dunking the fries into!) this is a serious treat you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

7. W 35 – Budapest

They serve their burgers up street food-style, in little wooden containers that are cute beyond belief. The burgers themselves are a taste sensation and look like works of art, given the colourful sides and imaginative toppings the come with.

You will be in a rush to come back for a repeat visit as soon as you’ve been here once.

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8. Gil’s Burger – Halásztelek

Gil’s Burger is the sort of place that you come if you want your burgers absolutely loaded with toppings. They couldn’t possibly fit more into the buns even if they tried.

With lots of great options or the ability to create your own, you will adore this place. Throw in great fries and friendly staff and it really is the full package.

9. Lucky 7 Burgers And More – Budapest

The burgers, drinks and sides they come up with at Lucky 7 are among the most creative in the world.

Their bacon stuffed mac and cheese burger is something that people come from all over the city to sample. Eating here is like an explosion for your senses; you will fall in love after the very first bite.

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10. Rock Burger Bar – Budapest

They keep things very simple and classical here, relying on the quality of the ingredients they source.

Every burger doesn’t just taste amazing, it also looks amazing when presented at the table. Like a work of art.  Snap the picture quickly though, because you’ll want to bite into that piece of heaven on a plate.

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11. Baan’s Kitchen – Szeged

This gourmet burger joint started off in a tiny space, smoking all the meat onsite and gaining a reputation for serving some of the best burgers in Hungary. They’ve expanded a bit but still retain that passion for a great burger. Toppings such as smoked cheese and onion jam with a perfect meat-to-bun ratio are real highlights.

12. Corner2 Gasztro Pub – Eger

This hip burger restaurant has a menu that’s jampacked with fun burger names (think: the ‘Sugar Daddy’ or ‘Sí Senor’) as well as American icons like the Juicy Lucy. This molten cheese burger is a patty filled with hot cheese that explodes on first bite. There’s not one burger on the menu that isn’t outstanding.

13. Big Daddy Burger Bar – Budapest

Look for the red-white-blue-striped shack at the corner of Mezőkövesd and Fehérvári út and you’ll find this authentic American burger bar. The owner lived in Texas so brings a homemade barbecue sauce recipe and American influences to the menu. In a nutshell, that means big, thick beef patties and plenty of cheese.

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14. Inferno Burgers – Szeged

Inferno Burgers is a no-fuss, all-flavour spot in Szeged that has some of the tastiest burgers in Hungary on the menu. Burgers come with all sorts of toppings – more than you can possible imagine – and you can even double up the patties for a huge feast. Come with an appetite and you’ll be satisfied.

15. Beer & Burgers – Szolnok

Anywhere that specialises in beer and burgers will always be a hit, and this Szolnok eatery is no different. They use their own unique burger recipes for creations that have a Hungarian flair. Expect local cheeses, pickled cabbage and seeded buns for these excellent beef burgers.

16. Burger Market – Budapest

This award-winning burger joint started off as a popular food truck and now also has two other city locations. Burger Market is a dream come true for those of you who like to control every ingredient on your burger, with a tempting range of different meats, sauces, cheese and other toppings.

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17. Meatology – Budapest

With a name like ‘Meatology’, you can be sure that the folk here know more than a thing or two about what makes a great burger. The menu uses local ingredients as well as an exciting Asian burger, crispy fish and classic Angus beef.

For an indulgent treat, order the signature Meatology burger topped with duck foie gras, burger sauce, red onion jam,  provolone cheese and bacon.

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18. Burger Sziget Csepel – Budapest

When you’re in the mood for a fast, delicious burger that won’t break the bank, this place always delivers. The beef patties are nicely grilled to keep in all the flavour, the buns are soft and pillowy and the toppings range from chilli and fried onion rings to melted cheese. What more could you possibly need?

19. OLD Smokey Burger – Keszthely

Locals in the know swear that this is one of the best burgers they’ve ever eaten, and we can’t disagree with that. Old Smokey has 16 different burgers on the menu and when they’re all this good it’s pretty hard to pick just one favourite. From camembert cheese to crispy bacon, you’ll just have to try them all.

20. Borsod Burger – Miskolc

Not only are these some of the best burgers in Miskolc, there’s also some of the best burgers in Hungary. What makes Borsod Burgers so damn good? Well, it’s all the little things combined. From the fresh homemade brioche buns to thick beef patties and ooey, gooey cheese, they tick all the boxes.

21. Peaky Burgers – Debrecen

Peaky Burgers is a trendy burger joint that operates out of a tiny space yet still manages to produce super mighty burgers. You wouldn’t expect to find such show-stopping burgers in Debrecen, but these guys are smashing it. Burgers are full of flavour (double up the meat if you can handle it!) and have lots of tasty topping options.

22. Magic Burger – Budapest

The burgers here actually are magic – how else can they taste this good? Magic Burger has been a go-to burger joint for years and is super popular, so don’t be put off if there’s a line outside as it moves fast. You can build your own burger exactly how you like it from a range of buns, patties and toppings, with lots of vegan options, too.

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23. Westy Király BRGR – Győr

Word to the wise: the burgers here are huge, so either arrive really hungry or come with friends to share a few different bites to eat. They’re stacked high so might require a game plan to eat, but once you do bite in you’ll be rewarded with juicy beef and fresh baked buns. Delicious.

24. Zing Burger – Budapest

Starting off as a food truck and now with eight Budapest locations, Zing Burger shows no sign of slowing for some of the most popular burgers in Hungary. They focus on quality ingredients, from Angus beef patties to buns made using local Hungarian flour. Expect a burger that’s simple yet oh-so perfect.

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25. Streatbox Burger – Gyor

Great burgers in Gyor? Make a beeline for Streatbox Burger’s tasty creations (and must-eat sweet potato fries!). As the name suggests, it’s a street food-style burger, with a menu that also includes loaded fries and other snacks. The burgers here look almost too good to eat, with buttery buns, smashed patties and oozing cheese.

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