Burgers In Israel

The 25 Best Burgers In Israel

Burgers in Israel are right up there with the very best in the world, so we wanted to get you salivating and drooling with the absolute best in the country. The quality was so high that cutting it down to just 25 venues was no easy task. But hey, that’s what we’re here for.

While this is a country brimming with wonderfully authentic and original food, sometimes when you arrive somewhere new that comforting bite of a burger can be the perfect food to start with.

From huge burgers loaded with toppings to simple street corner joints and high-end restaurants, this is a list that has something for everybody.

So forget the healthy eating for a day, grab a friend and get ready to get stuck into one of the tasitest burgers in Israel…

Best Burgers in IsraelHow do these rankings work?

1. Jozef Burger & Bar – Jerusalem

Jozef Burger & Bar chargrill their burgers for maximum flavour and to say that they stack the portions high would be an understatement.

You are going to want a serious appetite when you come here, especially when you factor in their tasty side dishes like onion rings and tasty fries.

2. Memphis – Tel Aviv

Memphis is small neighbourhood spot where the focus is on getting the very best quality ingredients to start out with. They shape their meat patties daily so the burgers are always of maximum freshness.

Their toppings are simple but perfect – if something isn’t broken, why fix it? Absolute Tel Aviv burger heaven every single time.

Burgers In Israel

3. Burgus Burger Bar – Netanya

They serve classic style burgers that are all hand made on the premises and which come with simple classic toppings. When the core ingredients are this good you really don’t need to over complicate things.

Add in a great selection of beer and this is a brilliant place to bring a group of friends for a night out.

4. 110 Burger – Bet Shemesh

The burgers at 110 Burger come served on simple trays and once you taste them you are going to be addicted for life. It’s one of those places that as you walk out the door you are already planning your next visit.

They do really great fried chicken burgers, but for the real deal you need to focus on the beef. Absolutely superb.

5. Black Burger – Haifa

What sets Black Burger apart is their huge selection of burgers, with so much choice that you will struggle to pick one. They all look and taste absolutely delicious. They also have an excellent veggie burger, if that is your thing.

You can have a single or a double beef burger but be warned: the double is big and will be a serious challenge to finish.

6. 26 Gourmet Burger – Tel Aviv

The founder Myriam Benarouche came from France with a love of cooking and great cheese, so the burgers here use only the best European flavours.

Their burgers are ground daily using three cuts of beef imported from France and Italy and served with freshly cut and twice fried fries. They say the biggest secret though, is the brioche bun which is a strict family recipe. The whole combination is absolutely delicious.

Burgers In Israel

7. Burger Market – Jerusalem

Burger Market is one of the most colourful and exciting restaurants that you will ever walk into and that is before you sample their amazing food.

The burgers feature the freshest and best sourced ingredients, which you can really taste in the end product. World-class cooking by chefs at the very top of their game.

8. Chubby’s – Netananya

Chubby’s are just as well known for their steaks as they are for their burgers in a menu that is packed full of some amazing comfort food dishes.

Their burgers are on the higher end of the scale, with super luxurious ingredients and beef patties that are among the juiciest you will ever taste.

9. Baha’s Burger – Jerusalem

Sometimes the best food is served in the most simple of settings and that is certainly the case here. If you are lucky enough to sit outside in the warmer months eating their burgers you will be in for a real treat.

Customise the toppings as you choose or go for one of their menu selections. Either way they are absolutely divine.

10. Prozdor – Tel Aviv

It’s all about choice in this wonderful burger and beer bar. That means you can create your own burger from over 30 toppings and sauces, so everybody at the table can have something different.

They also focus on local breweries and offering a diverse beer menu. Add in a special burger and beer of the month and you will never find yourself eating the same thing twice here.

Burgers In Israel

11. Benz Brothers – Tel Aviv

Their menus are packed full of all the good things in life including steaks, kebabs, great cocktails and of course delicious burgers.

These are more on the fine dining end of the scale with a huge amount of love put into each burger that comes from the kitchen. Add in a cold beer and this is just about as good as life gets.

12. Crave Gourmet Street Food – Jerusalem

This is a superb restaurant where you come if you really want to treat yourself to the ultimate cheat meal.

Alongside the burgers you will find chicken wings, tacos and all sorts of other delights. We’d urge you to focus on the burgers though because they have absolutely perfected them. Every mouthful will be a delight.

13. Humongous Burger – Kefar Sava

With several locations, this is a restaurant where you come to just have serious fun eating over the top burgers. So, forget about the diet and healthy eating for the day!

They pile the patties high and load them with cheese and even offer the option to inject meat juice at the table. Add in cold beers and this is one of the great foodie experiences in the country.

14. America Burgers – Tel Aviv

America Burgers grind their beef on a daily basis and keep the burgers at the perfect size – so you can just grab it with two hands and wedge into your mouth. Being flame grilled they have a fantastic flavour that goes perfectly with their crispy fries.

Some delicious house cocktails finish everything off in style here, making it a place you’ll be coming back to on a regular basis.

Burgers In Israel

15. Burger Saloon – Haifa

Burger Saloon are all about sourcing the very best beef possible and that is the foundation of a really great burger. The sort of place that you come to knowing that they will deliver every single time on quality, with brilliant service thrown in.

Their toppings are original and exciting and with some super side dishes you will quickly be planning your next visit.

16. Richard Burger Bar – Nazareth

A simple spot where the focus is very much on the food – that means some of the best burgers in the whole country.

A look around as you take that first bite will show people with similar huge smiles on their faces. The burgers are not packed over the top with loads of ingredients, but are instead just perfectly formed for a tasty meal.

17. Texas Florentine (Beer Station) – Tel Aviv

This fun place is one of the best places to drink beer in the city, with a huge selection of brews to choose from and super knowledgable staff.

With beer that good though, you will need some food in your stomach and their burgers are the perfect place to start. The combination of the juicy beef with their house sauces is absolutely outstanding.

18. The Little Burger Shop – Tel Aviv

Unlike their name, there is nothing “little” about these burgers. Piled high with super fresh toppings and ridiculously tasty sauces, you’ll struggle to eat these in one go.

Their presentation skills also make these burgers seriously Instagrammable, with a battle raging between your stomach and the need to wait before digging in and get that epic Tel Aviv burger shot.

Burgers In Israel

19. Oak Burger Bar – Haifa

If you want to come and watch sports, drink cold beer and hang out with friends while eating world-class burgers, then this is your spot.

The burgers at Oak Burger Bar are very classic in style with melted cheese and fresh crunchy toppings. They are also the perfect size to grab in two hands and just get stuck into. Absolute perfection.

20. Q’s Wings & Burger – Jerusalem

As the name suggests, they focus on two of the greatest foods ever invented: chicken wings and burgers.

If you really want to push the boat out and enjoy yourself we’d suggest the wings to start, and a burger for your main course. You are going to be in for an absolute taste sensation and you will savour and enjoy every single mouthful.

21. R&R Diner – Jerusalem

A classic American-style diner where you can get everything from a great breakfast to cheese dogs and loaded fries. In short they serve all the good things in life.

We’d urge you to try one of their burgers though, which all come with super inventive toppings. Add in their gorgeous homemade sauces and you will be in dreamland with a big smile on your face.

22. Susu and Sons – Tel Aviv

With seven locations across the city, Susu and Sons have long been the venue for those just starting a night out or on their way home from one.

The menu is compact with some of their own house burgers or you can choose from a list of toppings and make your own from scratch. Along with some imaginative sides you will not be leaving here in any way hungry.

Burgers In Israel

23.  Port 19 – Tel Aviv

Port 19 are known for great sandwiches, hot dogs and slow cooked meats but to come here and not have the hamburger would be a big mistake.

They keep things simple with the toppings because the quality of the produce is so good. Their own unique thin sliced fries are the final perfect touch.

24. Captain Burger – Haifa

With 11 locations, you are never going to be too far away from one of their outlets in Israel. They have the concept of a fast casual burger that you can grab on the go absolutely nailed and they deliver perfection every single time.

Perfect fries and even soft serve ice cream to finish make this a treat you will instantly embrace.

25. Vitrina – Tel Aviv

Vitrina is one of the trendiest burger joints in the city, and is super popular with the young hip crowd. It’s known just as much for the fried chicken burgers as the beef, but we’d go for the latter.

Their unique party trick? The sweet potato and regular fry combo that makes it super different to 99% of other burger joints. Whatever you do end up ordering from their delicious menu you’ll be leaving a happy camper.

Burgers In Israel

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