Burgers In Maine

The 25 Best Burgers In Maine

There are some incredible burgers in the entire state of Maine. So, we set out to find the 25 best for you to add to your foodie bucket list. Do be warned, though, that scrolling through these pictures is going to make your seriously hungry.

From classic cheeseburgers to massive buns loaded with toppings, there is something on this list for everybody. So, grab a friend, work up and appetite and forget about the diet for one day. It’s time to check out the 25 best burgers in Maine

1. Fat Boy Drive-In, Brunswick

Fat Boy Drive-In should be considered an American classic. Honestly, they’re home to one of the best burgers in the entire United States. But, we’ll settle for calling it one of the best in Maine. Their famous “Whoperburger” is a nod to a Burger King Whopper but done ten times better. Oh, and the fries? They’re just as mouthwatering, too.

2. Butcher Burger, Bethel

Butcher Burger not only serves some of the best burgers in Maine, but they’re home to a pretty trendy, laid back atmosphere as well. Sample any one of their speciality burgers and your mouth will be watering even before you take the first bite. There are 10 creations to choose from, including a divine Surf ‘n’ Turf.

3. Primo, Rockland

Primo’s kitchen is run by James Beard Award-winning chef Melissa Kelly, so you get ready to taste one of the best burgers of your life!

Primo grinds its own blend of grass-fed beef from Maine’s Cold Spring Ranch, it’s then topped with aged gruyère, caramelized onions, and a special sauce that blends house-made mayo and hot sauce.

4. Wild Willy’s Burgers, York

Wild Willy’s famously calls itself the home of the best burgers in America. And, while we think you’d have to taste test that for yourself, we can say with full confidence that they’re definitely home to some of the best burgers in Maine. Patties are cooked fresh and served with tasty, crispy fries. You’re going to want to order seconds here.

The 25 Best Burgers In Maine

5. Val’s Drive-In, Lewiston

Craving something super American? You’ll find a variety of scrumptious American dishes at Val’s Drive-In, but we’re here for the delicious burger. Order the classic hamburger and you can’t go wrong. Then, top it off with some deep-fried Oreos or a root beer float. Drive-in food has literally never tasted so good.

6. Nosh Kitchen Bar, Portland

Imagine this: four huge patties made from delectable special-blend patties. They’re all full of chuck and brisket and they’re seared to perfection on a flattop grill. Then seared on a flattop and doused in toppings and sauces. If that sounds like one of the best burgers in Maine to you, it’s because it is. And, you’ll find it at Nosh Kitchen.

7. The Fire House Grille, Auburn

Fancy treating yourself to some elevated pub fare? Spend the afternoon chowing down on one of The Fire House Grille’s pub burgers. They’re so big that you’ll need both hands and perhaps even a whole pack of napkins just to make it through. Crispy cut fresh fries really round out the dish here, making it easily one of the best burgers in Maine.

The 25 Best Burgers In Maine

8. The Upper Deck, Southwest Harbour

Crispy bacon, warm, gooey cheese, and a perfectly toasted bun work to make the burgers at The Upper Deck irresistibly good. Enjoy wicked good music, breathtaking views, and even a few Bloody Mary’s before tucking into a delicious meal of burgers and fries.

9. The Maine Beer Cafe, Kittery

At The Maine Beer Cafe they’re all about crafting new experiences with locally-sourced food and craft beer. Craft beer and great burgers? Sign us up! They offer over 20 craft drafts, over 60 ciders, and a pretty fine bourbon list. Add on to that some thick, piled-high burgers and it’s no wonder even the locals think this spot is so great.

10. Elevation Burger, Portland

Elevation Burger is the place to go if you’re in search of quality. Their burgers are made using 100% organic, grass-fed, free-range beef. There’s nothing about these burgers that doesn’t scream delicious, and that’s not even mentioning their fresh hand-cut fries. Oh, and the sauce that oozes out of the burger? Even better.

11. CowBell Burger Bar, Biddeford

High-quality beef and a superb attention to detail make the burgers here some of the absolute best burgers in Maine. And, they don’t just stick to the basics. They offer 25 different kinds of specialty burgers to choose from. From a Korean BBQ burger to a Jack in the Box burger with a brown butter-seared patty, they truly offer it all.

12. Gridiron Restaurant, Lewiston

IPAs and lagers flow from the taps at Gridiron Restaurant in Lewiston. And, that’s great considering that you’re going to want a tasty, ice-cold beer to wash down the thick, juicy burger you’re about to devour. Thick-cut fries, bacon-topped burgers, and refreshing drinks? It doesn’t get much better than this.

The 25 Best Burgers In Maine

13. Blazes Burgers, Westbrook

Blazes Burgers knows exactly how to cater to burger-hungry foodies. They’ve got thick, meaty options, bacon-topped fries, ooey-gooey tater tots, and even vegetarian and vegan options. Simply put, there’s something here for everybody. You’ll need two hands to hold onto these thick burgers. Just be sure to save some room for hand-cut fries or toasty, golden tater tots.

14. East Ender, Portland

East Ender has been featured all over the Food Network and other top foodie publications for their high-end, world-class creations. And, while we definitely recommend heading here to check them all out, definitely make a stop for their burgers. They serve a mouthwatering house-smoked burger on a Schmaltz bun that’s topped with Monterey jack cheese. Gourmet? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely.

Best Burgers In Maine

15. DaVinci’s Eatery, Lewiston

DaVinci’s Eatery is home to some of the best Italian comfort food in Maine. However, their world-famous DaVinci’s Burger is well worth a taste. It’s made with a half a pound of Angus beef and topped with tomato aioli, pickled red onions, and provolone cheese. Then, it’s sandwiched between toasted brioche rolls. Is this what paradise tastes like?

16. Rosie’s, Portland

Rosie’s claims to have the best burger in Portland. And, we can’t argue with that, but you’ll have to put it to a taste test yourself. Dining here feels extremely laid back and familiar. The neighbourhood hangout offers 15 beers on tap to pair your juicy burger with. And, their patties are always hand pattied and grilled up fresh in-house.

17. Black Cow Burgers & Fries, Portland

Black Cow Burgers & Fries is a restaurant where you’ll find many things. From their trendy cocktail bar to the unique soda fountain and straight through to the numerous variations of gourmet burgers, they offer a little something for everybody. Pair any one of their well-crafted cocktails with Slushburger for a tasty treat. It’s got sloppy meat, pickles, and onion. Yes, it sounds delicious, we know.

Burgers In Maine

18. Shays Grill Pub, Portland

You’re going to need to head here with a serious appetite. As you can see, they load the burgers to the absolute max here. Their menu features a seemingly endless list of appetisers, salads, sides, and more. And, their burger list is no different. Stick with the classic American burger. It’s simply delicious and perfectly simple.

19. The Hamburger Stand, Biddeford

Looking for one of the most filling burgers in Maine? This homey hamburger stand has something for you. Honestly, everything is so delicious that’s hard to know where to start. But, you can’t ever go wrong with a classic cheeseburger. Thick, piled-high patties are sandwiched between toasted buns and served with some of the freshest fries in the entire state.

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20. The Family Dog, Orono

Fancy a tasty gourmet burger? The Family Dog has got you covered. Start with a juicy Angus beef burger and add on creative and toppings such as bacon relish with blue cheese sprinkle, or a blend of sundried tomatoes, goat cheese and roast garlic. How can you pass up a chance to indulge in such deliciousness?

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21. The Dogfish Bar and Grille, Portland

The Dogfish Bar and Grille is an intimate, informal restaurant that just so happens to also dish out some of the best burgers in Maine. Mosey on over to the bar and grab yourself a drink to help you wash down their massive burgers with. Literally, they’re so big you can’t eat them with just two hands.

Best Burgers In Maine

22. Mash Tun, Portland

Head down a quaint cobblestone street in Portland to reach Mash Tun. This local pub serves up elevated bar fare in a truly relaxing setting. Order any one of the craft beers they’ve got and then prepare to tuck into one of the thickest burgers on the entire East Coast. They ooze with warm cheese and the toppings are perfectly balanced between the buns.

Best Burgers In Maine

23. Becky’s Diner, Portland

Becky’s Diner is a Portland waterfront diner serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to locals.

Their double cheeseburgers are a true sight to see, and taste. Served with crispy onion rings, it’s the perfect combo meal for those looking for balanced flavours and true quality taste.

24. Harmon’s Lunch, Falmouth

Hamburgers, hot dogs, and fries are all standard fare at this hotspot, voted as having one of the best burgers in Maine by numerous other publications.  Walk into what looks like an old general store and prepare for an explosion of flavours, toppings, and perfectly toasted buns. Definitely check out the Loaded Burger, which comes with mustard, sweet red relish, and fried onions.

The 25 Best Burgers In Maine

25. The Bag & Kettle, Carrabassett Valley

Heading to the ski slopes of Maine? Fuel up on the tasty burgers at The Bag & Kettle. While they claim to cater to ski bums, the burgers here are nothing short of gourmet.  However, we suggest starting with the Original Bag Burger. They charboil to a crispy perfection and then topped with their special house sauce.

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